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The Mike Church Show-Trump’s Eviction Plan For The Biden Invasion Force

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    The Mike Church Show-Trump's Eviction Plan For The Biden Invasion Force Mike Church


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16m Donald Trump in Las Vegas Nevada

  • He was only 10 minutes late, the crowd was there 3 hours early just to get in.
  • The line of people waiting was as long as the illegal lines of people trying to get into the US.
  • Even if he is re-elected, lets pretend for a moment the cabal allows all votes to be counted and he wins, what are the chances he will be successful in evicting the illegals that have come across under Biden?
  • Serious question.
  • We all know how difficult it is to find them once they get here.
  • If someone doesn’t want to be found, will they actually be found?
  • 630,000 were flown by Treason Air and that took 9 months.
  • If you had to fly them all out, reversing Treason Air is 160 months.
  • Houston we have a problem.

Dr Phil Interviewed Trump – 

  • He showed the map to Trump of the CCP buying up ‘farm land’.
  • Just looking at the amount of property should be alarming but when you add the layer of our Military bases on top, you find all this ‘farm land’ is very close to our major military bases.
  • Why are they purchasing that land in particular?
  • He asked Trump this question and he didn’t really give him an answer.

HEADLINE: Chinese Companies Keep Buying U.S. Land Near Military Bases by Robbie Gramer 

27m HEADLINE: Gen Z Plumbers and Construction Workers Are Making #BlueCollar Cool by Te-Ping Chen

  • They aren’t influencers like say the Kardashians.
  • They film themselves doing normal day jobs.
  • So we have reverted back to people doing normal tasks has become an amazing thing to ‘watch’ by the average American.
  • I find this interesting, you could find some positive aspect of this too.
  • At least some youths aren’t interested in having their brains filled full of socialism that they know they’d get at University.
  • Laurie Calhoun – Church Doctrine – she thinks the University system is circling the drain.
  • She basically said this thing is now going for them.
  • It works for THEM and it only works for them, the tenured professors.
  • It isn’t working for the students attending.
  • It is a massive echo chamber in other words. 
6:35am cst SEGMENT 2























AUDIO/VIDEO:  Tucker Carlson Shorts – Immigration – Americans are being replaced. That’s not a conspiracy it’s a fact. 

  • We have a problem in the United States folks.
  • Why does it seem the people you see all over the TV are almost all dark skinned?
  • There was nothing more to get it out that Biden is here to save the day.
  • When you look around do you recognize this country?
  • Does it hold the same values you and your family hold?

Declaration of Independence – Last paragraph – Lee Resolution 

  • Let’s unpack this.
  • Appealing to the Supreme Judge of the World = God
  • Do in the Name, and by authority of the good people of these colonies….
  • Where do they get the authority?
  • American History 101 – 
  • QUESTION: Who ran the Royal Colonies?
  • QUESTION: If you were a Royal Governor what was your job?
  • ANSWER: You ran the colonies on behalf of England. 
  • Most of them were Lords.
  • There were some Americans, some royalty and such.
  • William Franklin – he sailed back to England and never came back. He though his father Benjamin Franklin was wrong.
  • They tabled the Lee Resolution, gave them 21 days to go back home and ask their people if they could declare Independence.
  • QUESTION: Do we have the authority to defy the Biden Regime?

HEADLINE: Are States Going To Be Potential Safe Havens From The UN/WHO Anaconda—Or Is It More Hopium? by Celia Farber 

  • During the course of the Biden Regime, there have been at least 12 times that more than 20 Attorney Generals have banned together to tell the Biden Regime NO!
  • They told the Federal Government to go pound sand.
  • That didn’t happen when Obama was president.
  • It has never happened.
  • So maybe we could thank Biden for being so terrible.
  • What is the primary driver in this?
  • The sense, even if not proven and validated, it is the sense that this guy shouldn’t be there and this all shouldn’t be happening.
  • I don’t know how you draw any other conclusion.
  • Where did they get the authority then?
  • The solution becomes clear, they claimed it.
  • They claimed to be sovereign entities.
  • QUESTION: In 1776 what was Virginia called in England?
  • ANSWER: The Virginia Colony.
  • What was Delaware called?
  • Maryland, Georgia, Carolina – they were all called colonies.
  • Then they came in and declared themselves STATES.
  • QUESTION: What did STATE mean back then?
  • ANSWER: A Country
  • That is why we celebrate 4th of July.
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1h14m Joe Biden Campaign

  • I think his campaign is done.
  • I know they have a plan and I know they will inject millions of votes.
  • I know they still think there is a possibility of a 2nd big cheat.
  • I don’t know if they are willing to do it though b/c Biden is incapacitated. 
  • He has never had an original thought in his life. 
  • He gave his speech Friday at Normandy. 
  • It was so similar to Ronald Reagans speech that you simply couldn’t turn away from it. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Ronald Reagan Speech at Normandy vs Joe Biden Normandy Speech

  • First of all Ronald Reagan wrote that speech.
  • The only difference in Reagans speech and Biden’s is Reagan didn’t use the term Nazi and Biden did several times.
  • Joe Biden is done, he is finished.
  • What are they using for ad campaigns?
  • They want women to kill their children and Trump will lock everyone up.
  • There is nothing for him to run on, he has accomplished nothing.
1h22m Small Businesses Feeling The Pain

  • Local hardware store this weekend – he just built this place. 
  • He spent about $2.5 million dollars.
  • It took him about 9 months to build it.
  • I told Maggie that guy is in trouble.
  • I am a small businessman and we are fighting to remain alive.
  • He is trying to liquidate inventory.
  • The two things I went there to get from him he was out of.
  • How can you run out of top soil?
  • I bought the last 7 bags of dirt he had. 
  • The struggle out there is real folks.
  Trump Campaign Donations

  • The average donation to the Trump campaign was $71.
  • They raised the most ever in a single day.
  • That means the average American is donating and they are donating what they can.
1h25m HEADLINE: Indictment Of Texas Doctor Who Exposed Kids’ Transing Proves No One Is Safe From Biden’s Weaponized DOJ by Jordan Boyd 

  • Shortly  after Texas Gov. Greg Abbott ordered his state’s Department of Family and Protective Services to investigate the transing of children as abuse in 2022, Texas Children’s Hospital — the largest children’s hospital in the U.S. — claimed that it would no longer offer chemical castration and other body-butchering services to pediatric patients.
  • As 33-year-old whistleblower Dr. Eithan Haim soon discovered, however, at least three Texas Children’s physicians continued to castrate children as young as 11 years old after the program was allegedly halted. The hospital also promoted procedures to cut off the breasts and genitals of physically healthy people.
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1h46m AUDIO/VIDEO: Biden Campaign Senior Advisor Adrienne Elrod on MSNBCTalking about the freedoms that we have under President Biden, the freedoms that we won’t have if President Trump wins this election, that’s really core to this campaign. (With Biden New Campaign Ad)

  • What is economic freedom?
  • What is she talking about?

AUDIO/VIDEO: Biden Campaign Senior Advisor Adrienne Elrod on MSNBCDuring these challenging times on the foreign policy front, on the global front, can you imagine having Donald Trump back in the White House trying to manage all of this?

  • I don’t belive it is Biden doing all of this on his own.
  • However this man, his entire life has been a GRIFT.
  • This guy is the greatest grifter in the history of grifters.

AUDIO/VIDEO: CNN Jake Tapper – Trump was right, Hunter Biden did take money from China and Ukraine.

  • This is ultimately going to be up to the states.
  • The states can fix this.
  • In Louisiana we have a portal called GeauxBiz. 
  • The Secretary of State will give you all the information on each business in the state.
  • Let me pose a question to you – 
1h55m AUDIO/VIDEO: Lara Logan w/ Senator Ron Johnson – NGO’s Laundering Money & Censorship –  I was attacked by one of those NGO’s. Media Max for America, I’m sure there are doctors here that have been attacked by them as well. David Brock, runs Facts First USA which is designed to make sure research never reaches the public. This is all paid for by tax payers. 
2h12m AUDIO/VIDEO: Celtics Coach Joe Mazzulla – Royal Family Attending the Game – 

Reporter – How do you feel about the Royal Family attending the game?

Coach – Jesus, Mary and Joseph?

Reporter – The Prince and Princess of Wales.

Coach – No, I only know one Royal Family. I don’t know too much about that one.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump in Las Vegas, NV – Biden Cognitive Issues – Biden should have a cognitive test, and before the debate in 2 weeks he should take a drug test b/c I’m willing to take one.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump in Las Vegas, NV – Fundraising – We just have the largest fundraising effort in a period in one week than anybody has ever had. Hundreds of thousands fo people contributed. The people are watching and they know a fake deal when they see one. Our poll numbers are higher now. 



HEADLINE: Why I’m Backing Donald Trump by David Sacks 

4 Main Reasons:

  1. The Economy
  2. Foreign Policy/ Ukraine War
  3. The Border
  4. Lawfare
  • The voters have experienced four years of President Trump and four years of President Biden. In tech, we call this an A/B test. With respect to economic policy, foreign policy, border policy, and legal fairness, Trump performed better. He is the President who deserves a second term.
  • Yes this is a less damage than the alternative vote.
  • He isn’t a savior, I already have one.
  • I need someone that will tackle the smaller issues that have become big.



AUDIO/VIDEO: Tucker Carlson ShortsAmericans are being replaced. That’s not a conspiracy it’s a fact. 

  • This again folks comes down to the states.
  • Make hiring illegals immigrants a federal offense.
  • Make it to where that only certain people will take the risk to hire them.
  • Under normal circumstances I don’t have an issue w/ truly migrant workers.
  • The ones that come and do a job for a season and then go back to their country of origin.
  • I can see a need being filled.
  • You don’t have a state that has a flag and motto and song if you don’t have people that love it.
  • Those people aren’t coming here to LOVE your state.
  • So get out, you are not welcome.
  • This idea we have to welcome everyone, that is preposterous. 
  • Are you here to assimilate? 
  • Are you here to become a good citizen of my Louisiana or of Barretts Texas?
  • People don’t like living in places they aren’t wanted.
  • Democrat socialist never works for the people.
  • QUESTION: Who dies in that process?
  • ANSWER: The middle class.
  • Mexico used to be Catholic and Christian.
  • What are they now?
  • So the invasion force Tucker is talking about is real.

HEADLINE: France Rises Up Against Macron, Le Pen Poised For Landslide Win, Macron Dissolves Parliament, As Anti-Globalist Rage Sweeps Europe; Belgian Prime Minster Resigns, Workers Chant To Macron: “RESIGN! by Celia Farber 

  • See they love the term far-right.
  • Maybe we need some far-right.
8:33am cst SEGMENT 6


Dr Phil and Donald Trump

  • He was a lockdown lover, he was a mask person and now he has done a complete 360.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump and Dr Phil 

  1. My question is why, why do you continue to fight? – 
  2. Chinese Government Bought Farmland –
  • Okay so what can we do about this?
  • Your state can stand up to China and say you are not allowed to own land in our state.
  • We don’t need their investment.
  • I see what he is talking about w/ foreign investment.
  • But again, we are recourse wealthy.
  • If we can’t figure out how to use our states recourses why should we be open for foreign investors?
  • It comes down to the fundamental question of what a state is.
  • We should be able to preserve what each state has to offer.
2h51m  AUDIO/VIDEO: Senator Lindsey Graham – Ukraine Critical Minerals – What did Trump do to get the weapons slowing? They are sitting on trillions of millions in critical minerals. They are sitting on a ‘gold mine’. Let’s help them win a war they can’t afford to lose. We don’t want Putin to get in there and share this w/ China. 

  • So there it is my fellow American.
  • He just said the quiet part out loud.
  • We want Ukraine’s critical minerals.
  • We want them and we don’t want Russia to have them.
  • We are telling Ukraine how to run its country and that if we help you, we want YOUR resources. 
  • How much iron ore is in the United States?
  • We have more than enough resources.
  • But now you see the justification of the war. 
  HEADLINE: String Of Unanimous SCOTUS Decisions Confirms Proliferation Of Activist Lower Courts by Jordan Boyd 

  • 21 of 32 court cases have been unanimous. 
  • Wait I thought the SCOTUS was off the ‘Conservative’ rails?


HEADLINE:  Where Is Democrats’ Outrage at Biden’s Authoritarianism? by Jack Hunter 

  • So devout had (have) Democrats become to the inherent righteousness of censorship and the dangerousness of free speech, in 2022 the Biden administration even proposed a new federal agency: The Disinformation Governance Board, to exist under the Department of Homeland Security.
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