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The Mike Church Show-Who Killed The Constitution?! Schumer And The Senate’s Death Cult

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    The Mike Church Show-Who Killed The Constitution?! Schumer And The Senate’s Death Cult Mike Church



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Impeachment Clause

  • I’m not surprised by what I read this morning b/c I have read it before.
  • Show of hands does anyone give a rats furry behind about any of this?
  • When the men that we call Founding Fathers were ratifying the Constitution…
  • I don’t think there are any men in this country that could do what these men did back then.
  • Constitution Convention 
  • After James Madison’s notes were published, it was in his will you could take the Federalist Papers that he wrote and all his notes, he said publish them but be prudent about it.
  • When Hamilton died he left a note that upon his death, in his library he had a book w/ many volumes, he left a little note in another book that he thought his wife would find, but what else was in there was his notes he took.
  • So we have all this evidence and stuff.
  • So you can’t say ‘we have no idea what the Founders thought at that time’ because they left behind ample notes and ledgers on what they truly thought.
  • The Federal Convention – they all took notes as they were putting together the Constitution.
  • Madison took great notes using what we call shorthand now.
  • The Impeachment Clause – 
  • A tragic thing happened on the way to this, Senator Schumer decided he didn’t want to have a trial for Mayorkas Impeachment.
  • He created a new clause stating that the Impeachment power, the Senate must agree w/ the findings before a trial can be held.
  • This is so egregious. 
  • This Biden and his gang flipping off the average American.
  • So basically Mayorkas got acquitted yesterday.
  • No trial, no witnesses, no documents….NOTHING!
  • Dereliction of Duty 
  • For anyone to say the House didn’t do XYZ, that is incorrect.
  • This was SO bad, Mitch McConnell stood up against his friend Schumer on this.
  • This is the most egregious by far in my opinion. 
  • The only thing left to do here is to bust this thing up!
  • No on disagreed w/ the charges brought up against Trump.
  • How will they survive a challenge in states that are overrun by illegals?
  • This does grave damage to any remaining good will that people may have had to OUR Congress.
  • It begins w/ WE THE PEOPLE.
  • I think as the hour goes on, I will walk you through the historical record on how this Impeachment Clause came about.
  • STRAIGHT from our Founding Fathers.
28m NPR

  • How does the NPR have a CEO?
  • It isn’t a company.
  • So why does it have a CEO?
  • A CEO implies business. 
  • But this may be a sign of the times here.
  • NPR – National Communist Radio isn’t exactly a friend to you and I.
  • The fact it can be driven from the battlefield may show us wokeness might be on its way out.
6:35am cst SEGMENT 2













AUDIO/VIDEO: Senator John Kennedy on Senate Floor – Moving to Adjourn on Impeachment Hearing – We find ourselves in the awkward position that Democrats put Republicans in by motioning to adjourn impeachment. I move we adjourn immediately until 12 noon on April 30th and I ask for the yay’s and nay’s. 

  • He got a lot of nay’s on this adjournment.
  • QUESTION: What did they say no to yesterday?
  • ANSWER: The Constitution 
  • I’m going to walk you through WHY this is wrong and goes against the Constitution. 
  • This way in it is brought up to you by a liberal, you have the proper ammunition to combat this.
  • There are rules in society, some written and some not.
  • What is the Constitution at the end of the day?
  • A rule book and owners manual for the most part.
  • Follow them you keep a Republic.
  • Disobey them you get what we have today.
  • Where does impeachment appear in the US Constitution?
  • It appears 6 times.
  • We discussed 3 terms at the Congress – MAY, WILL and SHALL.
  • Shall is an order so when you see shall, that means there is NO GREY area.
  • As a body under this document (the Constitution) the House shall conduct impeachments. 
  • The first clause is who gets to initiate Impeachment Charges. 
  • The Senate has the power to try all Impeachments. 
  • What is a trial?
  • Oath and Affirmation – 
  • House does the impeaching, the Senate holds the trial.
  • This is all in the Constitution – with the SHALL in front of it.
  • All civil officers shall be removed from office – treason, bribery and other high crimes and misdemeanors. 
  • So what they did was, we can’t list all of them.
  • Article 3 Section 2 – 
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  Where Did The P-Diddy Story Go?

  • Where is P-Diddy?
  • What happened to the story?
  • Have there been any arrests made?
  • Do we even know where he is? 
1h15m AUDIO/VIDEO: Mitch McConnell on Senate FloorWe have set an unfortunate precedent here. It doesn’t make a difference whether our colleges on the other side think he should or shouldn’t be impeached, he was. We have ignored the directions of the House in which we are supposed to have. It is not a proud day in the history of the Senate.

  • Where is the legitimacy of the Senate at this point?
  • Why can’t I just ignore them on taxing like they are ignoring the Constitution?
  • The Senate has amended the Constitution for its own purpose.
  • Why did they do that?
  • Because it is an election year and the information can’t get out just how bad the border is and how bad it continues to be and that this was an orchestrated plan.
  • QUESTION: Could the House stop all productively until the trial is heard in the Senate?



The Impeachment Discussion

  • It all began on June 2 and didn’t resolve it until September.
  • So 3 1/2 months the Founders discussed it so that tells you how important they thought all of this was.
  • The framers spent a lot of time on impeachment.
  • This is what I was telling you earlier, we know what high crimes and misdemeanors meant!

SOURCE: Records of the Federal Convention 

  • George Mason thought if you bought the office of the Presidency through nefarious means, you could be impeached.
  • If you bribed someone to get into the Oval Office, you are subject to impeachment. 
  • The Framers never considered we would have someone like Biden and Mayorkas that would deliberately allow this many illegals into the country knowing it would ultimately harm American citizens.
  • Could the House have impeached Biden?
  • Of course they could have.
  • Clause referring to the Senate, the trial of impeachments against President – Col. Mason. Why is the provision restrained to Treason & bribery only? Treason as defined in the Constitution will not reach many great and dangerous offences. Hastings is not guilty of Treason. Attempts to subvert the Constitution may not be Treason as above defined–As bills of attainder which have saved the British Constitution are forbidden, it is the more necessary to extend: the power of impeachments. He movd. to add after “bribery” “or maladministration”.
  • If you go to the online Law of Liberty – 
  • The entire debates of that day are contained there.
  • I am just giving you the cliff notes here.
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Senate Yesterday 

  • There have been a bunch of times this has looked like the end.
  • The Senate has NO CHOICE.
  • If the House sends Impeachment articles to the Senate, the Senate HAS TO HAVE A TRIAL.
  • There is no grey area here.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Senator Mike Lee – Moving For DeliberationIn making this particular point of order, Article 1 refers to willful defiance by Mayorkas. Article 2 accuses him of knowingly making false statements.  If this is not a high crime and misdemeanor, what is? If this is not an impeachable offense what is? We need to discuss this in closed session to allow for deliberation. 

  • The Senate couldn’t even vote to go to recess to think about and discuss what Schumer just did.
  • Justice demands action.
  • Even if the Senate would have acquitted Mayorkas, the trial should have been held.
  • Rule of law must be followed no matter what you assume the outcome is going to be.
  • Even if justice isn’t carried out the way you think it should, you still go through the process.
1h51m AUDIO/VIDEO: Speaker Mike Johnson on CNN – Ukraine FundingWe’re going to stand for freedom and make sure that Putin doens’t march through Europe. We’re the greatest Nation on the planet and we have to act like it. It doesn’t mean boots on the ground. 

  • So he is saying Trump is for the funding of Israel and Ukraine.
  • I don’t know that Trump is 100% behind him on this play.

Donald Trump Jr on X – With a Montage of Speaker Johnson Saying BORDER First Enough already! If you ever even begin to start believing anything anyone in Republican leadership tells you just watch this. Pay close attention to those that don’t seem bothered by this. They’re not our friends.

  • Is he implying that Speaker Johnson is not a friend to Republicans?
  • Was Speaker Johnson lying about having Trumps support?

AUDIO/VIDEO: Senator Rand Paul on Spectrum News – Vacating the SpeakerI think Thomas Massie’s doing the right thing. I think the Republicans need real leadership. Why aren’t we using the power of the purse. Our people are upset. We need someone w/ courage and fortitude.

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2h12m  NPR 

  • National Communist Radio as TKD calls it, the funding comes from CPB.
  • What is public broadcasting?
  • If you are in your car w/ an AM radio and just happen to tune in, you are hearing the Mike Church Show – how did you pick it up in your car?
  • Tower bounces the radio wave to the ground then to where you are.
  • That wave bounces around in PUBLIC.
  • So how come 1010WXKG not public radio?
  • QUESTION: Why does NPR get designated as public radio?
  • ANSWER: They get government grants.
  • This is offensive to me, a professional broadcaster.
  • The government needs it’s own media outlet apparently.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Katherine Maher CEO of NPRThe “the number one challenge” in her fight against disinformation is “the First Amendment in the United States,” which makes it “a little bit tricky” to censor “bad information” and “the influence peddlers” who spread it.

  • Can someone explain to me what is fair about any of that?
  • They basically have a radio/TV sugar daddy.
  • This defies the very essence if you will that makes Don Jon of Mar-a-Lago.
  • They hate Trump b/c he has actually made things and designed things.
  AUDIO/VIDEO: NY City Councilwoman Vickie PaladinoTorches illegals who came to complain about the city’s accommodations: More, More, More. How much more are we supposed to do for you? I have to ask you all: What motivated you to come here thinking the streets are paved in gold? They are not!

  • Now Donald Trump is saying he is going to deport them all.
  • What about the ones that are just fat and lazy?
  • What about those that are just here for the debit card and free phone?
  • They are protesting they want better living conditions, better food and more interpreters. 
  HEADLINE: Widespread 911 Outages Are Reported in Four States by Yan Zhaung

  • A large-scale outage on Wednesday affected residents’ ability to call the 911 emergency number in parts of Nebraska and Texas, the entire state of South Dakota and Las Vegas, according to local authorities.
  • It was not immediately clear what had caused the outage. In February, a widespread AT&T outage temporarily cut off connections for users across the United States for many hours, leaving FirstNet, the emergency communications network, out of service. Police forces like the New York Police Department were unable to make calls or send emails.
8:33am cst SEGMENT 6
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Joe Biden in Scranton PAYou know my grandfather Ambrose, he was Army Aircore that was before there was an Airforce, single engine plane, he volunteered and got shot down in an area where there were a lot of cannibals at the time. They never recovered his body. What I was thinking about when Trump went to the Veterans memorial and he said they were a bunch of suckers and losers.

Mahgdalen Rose

Political Correspondent 

  • Biden just isn’t aggressive w/ campaigning b/c he isn’t good at it.
  • Trump can’t because he is bogged down w/ this trial.
  • RFK Jr however is gaining in the polls and he is broken through in terms of being relevant. 
  • I don’t know if the pollsters are doing this intentionally but they aren’t asking who you will vote for w/ all 3 candidates.
  • What is happening in PA, it isn’t being attacked by Republicans like the Democrats are.
  • There isn’t an effort to win PA.
  • Biden has an edge b/c of that.
  • It isn’t a shiny state in a lot of ways.
  • There wouldn’t’ be a shock value as in if Trump won NY.
  • The Housing Market – the Republicans need to talk about this more often.
  • We need to be setting the agenda about what needs to be discussed.
  • Inflation, border security and housing.
  • We need to go on the offensive not what we are currently doing.
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