Westerns On Wednesday

Westerns On Wednesday-Gunsmoke- Buffalo Killers

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    Westerns On Wednesday-Gunsmoke- Buffalo Killers Westerns On Wednesday

An albino buffalo skin is the clue to the murder of two buffalo hunters, and their father. Part of one promotional announcement has been deleted.They all drifted here to Dodge City one time or another, the buffalo killers, the saddle bums the spoilers. It was the end of the track and the start of the wilderness, a place to stop and take the kind of pleasure you need. It’s a place to pass through and sometimes it’s a place to die. Ten buffalo were found skinned and left. Captain Quince knew that this was not the job of Indians as the Indians used up all the buffalo and in this instance there was a lot of meat left on the carcases and furthermore there were wagon tracks and Indians don’t hunt buffalo with wagons. If buffalo hunters were moving up top the high plains Quince was afraid there would be trouble.

Westerns On Wednesday