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The Mike Church Show-LIVE!

Dispensing Founder's Red Pills Since 1992

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For 28 Years Now, Mike Church offers commentary on the moral & political catastrophe of the modern world AND The Cure.

The longest running radio talk-show in the history of satellite radio. Mike Church offers no-holds barred commentary on the moral & political decay of the modern world but unlike all other hosts, Mike offers solutions to these ills, solutions rooted in the wisdom of the Fathers, founding and Church! With his regular rotation of A-list guests and their expertise, there is simply nothing else like it on LIVE! talk-radio today. Now independent & proud to be “Too Catholic For Satellite Radio!” tune in and take Mike’s “8 week challenge”; unplug from the matrix of modernity and “become members of THE, self-governing people of THESE united States, its not a job, its a way of life!”

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The Mike Church Show-LIVE! crew

Candace Church has been with our parent company, BlackHat Studios since 2009 and has managed the company's online store, The Founder's Tradin' Post ever since. Now Candace takes on her biggest challenge yet, managing our Founder's Pass member services and providing tech support as well. Candace is a graduate of McNeese University, is a native of Louisiana.