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Facebook has experienced worldwide outages

Winchester, VA - Just breaking in the last hour is news that Facebook has experienced worldwide outages this morning. The Daily Caller reports that the social media giant was registering 2,000 outage reports every twenty minutes, according to Facebook's outage reporter. Some of the areas experiencing the outages were the United States, Canada, Turkey, India, Russia, Australia and multiple countries in Europe. A Facebook representative could not identify the source of […]

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Winchester, VA - In food and ecology news, the Independent reports that salmon farms are experiencing a plague which is threatening salmon farmers around the world: Sea lice. The little parasitic critters find hosts—in this case farmed salmon-- and attach themselves to the hosts, feeding on them. The sea lice are rendering the salmon unmarketable and in many cases, are killing the salmon. These “sea lice” are actually tiny crustaceans which […]

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Canada is exploding to capacity with Muslim migrants

Winchester, VA - The Rebel is reporting that last Monday, around 500 border jumpers crossed into Canada through Quebec via an illegal border crossing, and in the following 48 hours another 300 illegal aliens also entered by the same route. Quebec officials claim that its province is taking in 200 illegal immigrants per day. Back in April, when the Rebel was at the Roxham Road border crossing, they saw 15-20 illegals […]

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Ontario Catholic Schools Cave To Secular Demands

Winchester, VA - Church Militant reports that the Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School Board and Ontario Catholic School Trustees Associates had a complaint filed against them with the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal by Claudia Sorgini, a non-Catholic high school student. Sorghini, a non-Catholic student, refused to attend religion class, and was granted an exemption from it, but because she “felt pressured by the school” to take the class, she filed the […]

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