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Mike Church Show – Pope Frances Welcomes Serial Adulterers While Hillary Schemes to Kill Their Kids

Mandeville, LA - Mike reacts to Pope Francis' GATES OF bombsHELL conspiring, Amoris Latitia Pastoral Exhortation. That this document is problematic is the understatement of Christian history. "Is it any coincidence Mrs Clinton feels free, nay, confident she can go on international television and pronounce that 'our law' permits a woman to murder her baby, hours before it is to be born?... there will be population control...eugenecists are always Elites, […]

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CRUSADE Channel Preview Podcasts

Mark Kreslins Show: Donald “Gandalf” Trump Won’t Be Defeating Mordor On The Potomac

Mandeville, LA  - The image of Donald Trump dressed in wizard attire and charging down the hill on horseback to take back Helm's Deep from the Orcs is brought to life as ridiculous comedy because the premise that "Mordor on the Potomac" can be "fixed by Trump or any other "conservative" is as ridiculous as pixie dust curing cancer. Support the Veritas Radio Network and the CRUSADE Channel, Radio The Way It […]

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