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The Barrett Brief- It’s October, Do You Know Where Your Whistleblower Is?

It's October, Do You Know Where Your Whistleblower Is? Here is what is happening in the Brief. First, October is here and the craziness that comes with it. In addition, I will talk about the latest "whistleblower" nonsense that has befallen Washington.  Second, Boeing is adopting new measures after the 737 Max mess. Moreover, Flydubai says grounding has set it back 5 years.  Third, New Papers Provoke Controversy. Additionally a […]

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The Barrett Brief – Studies show that people who spend all on Twitter at lonely!

The Republic of Texas Here is what is happening today in the Brief. First, we cover the  crisis of American loneliness. Second, Study Shows How Republican, Democrat Tweets Differ After Mass Shootings. Third, Disney shares slump after earnings disappoint and Fox merger dings profits. Also, Ads Pulled for Gory Universal Thriller 'The Hunt' in Wake of Mass Shootings and don't forget the World Famous "You Gotta Be Kiddin Me" The […]

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The Barrett Brief

Every Comedian and Reality Host Wants to Rule the World

The Republic of Texas Here is what happening today on the Brief. First, Middle East tensions continue to increase. Second, Tesla is more focused on putting video games in their cars then making sure they Actually run. Third, Comedian Inaugurated as Ukraine's New President. Also ICE to hire contractor to transport 225,000 migrants to shelters across the US. Also don’t forget the world famous “You Gotta Be Kiddin Me”. Listen to the Crusade Channel Now! […]

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The Barrett Brief

The Barrett Brief-Amazon Vs. The Mall Rat

The Republic of Texas Here is what is going on in the Brief. First, Tucson high school students walk out to protest Law & Order. Second, Why is Amazon gobbling up failed malls? Third, U.S. Jews say Trump favors the Israelis too much. Also, the Norwegian Health Minister says people should be able topeople smoke, drink and eat red meat. Don’t forget the world famous “You Gotta Be Kiddin Me”.   Listen to the […]

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