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The Republic of Texas Here is what happening today on the Brief. First, Middle East tensions continue to increase. Second, Tesla is more focused on putting video games in their cars then making sure they Actually run. Third, Comedian Inaugurated as Ukraine’s New President. Also ICE to hire contractor to transport 225,000 migrants to shelters across the US. Also […]

The Republic of Texas Here is what is going on in the Brief. First, Pat Robinson needs to either jump on the Pro-Life Train or get out of the way. Second, Beyond Meat is going to be the next fad your CrossFit doing, Vegan eating friends won’t shut up about. Third, the Saudi Prince continues to bang […]

Winchester, VA – Reuters reports that United Nations Middle East envoy Nickolay Mladenov issued a warning to Jerusalem that a solution needed to be found to the conflict surrounding the Al-Aqsa mosque before the arrival of Friday prayers, lest the conflict escalate even further. Tensions rose when in response to a July 14 shooting which claimed […]

Winchester, VA – Defend Europa reports that The Robert Koch Institute annual report of the state of infectious diseases in Germany was released earlier this month. The report revealed that there has been an across-the-board increase in infectious diseases in Germany since Angela Merkel opened the German gates to mass waves of migrants from Africa, Asia, […]

Winchester, VA – The fight to take back Marawi City in the Philippines—now into the sixth week– from the hands of the ISIS-affiliated Maute rebels is still raging in the Philippies. Gulf News reports that Father Teresito Suganob, who had been abducted with his parisioners from the local cathedral at the outset of the conflict, has […]

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