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The Lavender Buck Stops Here: Church & Voris Demand Bishop Accountability-The Mike Church Show

Mandeville, LA - Mike Church welcomes the Church Militant’s Michael Voris for a candid discussion, demanding Catholic Bishop accountability and censure in the post-McCarrick era. Joseph Pearce's latest helps Mike explain why the Russians are progressing in Christian piety while 'Muricans and the rest of "the west" flounder about with Baphomet et al. Time  Red Pill Topics & Headlines 6:16 Welcome to the Mike Church Show on Call the […]

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Mike Church Show – Father’s Day Special Target at it Again This Time Stocking Baby Daddy Cards for its Racist Customers

Mandeville, La - It's a Free Phone Friday, Fathers Day Weekend Extravaganza! The PC, TrannyMammy™ pimps at Target will expose your children to a sodomite shopping section, 8 year old girls being ogled by 43 year old perverts in "genderless" changing rooms but a Fathers Day greeting card is a lethal slang too far! Today's Bee Gees marathon includes newly released remixes from Bee Gees Greatest. Mike's  closing monologue imploring […]

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Netflix Binge? I Think I’ll Pass.

Winchester, VA -  In this Celestial Musings... the “Netflix binge” has become a cultural phenomenon wherein the stressed out, looking to escape their present reality and unwind a bit, settle down with Netflix, or the streaming service of their choice and watch episode after episode of a season of some series. But is it a good thing? Writing for the New York Post, Hannah Rose-Yee recounted her experience of increasing stress […]

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