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21m Jack Posobeic New Book – Unhumans

  • They aren’t playing by the same set of rules folks.
  • None of this turn the other cheek thing.
  • It must go to eye for an eye.
  • You cannot simply stop them, you have to eradicate them.
  • Communism is a evil like no other.
  • This is why so many Popes wrote about it.
  • What we are seeing is Communism rearing its ugly head yet again.
  • As long as their insulated group has all the amenities they want, they have control…they don’t care what that cult or culture is.
  • You don’t want to believe you live in a Democracy or whatever that is capable of doing these things.
  California Reparations

  • This is going to happen folks.
  • Black people that were never slaves will get money from white people that never owned slaves.
  • What group of people denounced slavery?
  • The Muslims still traffic slavery.
  • The only reputation of slavery has come from the West.
28m Illegal Immigration

  • There has been yet another tragedy folks.
  • Another illegal has killed another American citizen.
  • When the citizenry begins to get murdered by the non-citizenry, and the citizenry is told stop being bigots, there is something very wrong.

HEADLINE: How non-citizens are getting voter registration forms across the US — and how Republicans are trying to stop it by Josh Christenson 

  • Illegals are told to go to the local welfare offices in the United States and claim their benefits. 
  • What did they do to earn benefits? 
  • When they do this, they are handed a form to register to vote.
  • They aren’t citizens but they are still handed a form to vote.
  • If they register w/o being a citizen, it is immediate deportation. 
6:35am cst SEGMENT 2



AUDIO/VIDEO: Rosemary Jenks – Immigration Accountability Project – We estimate that there are upwards of 30,000,000 non-citizens, so foreign born who have not naturalized and are therefore ineligible to vote under our laws. The problem that we have now is that the Biden administration there’s a Biden EO that orders all federal agencies to provide a voter registration card to everyone they come in contact with. If they do this and they are not naturalized, it is a deportable offense. 

  • To make the citizen the criminal.
  • To make the citizen the problem.
  • To make the citizens the haves.
  • To make the non-citizens the have nots.
  • What kind of fellow citizen is someone that comes here illegally, undermines the citizenry and then to put a cherry on top of it they get to mess w/ the accounting of the vey government we live under?
  • Biden has already told the SCOTUS to go screw themselves. 
  • The SCOTUS could send someone out to arrest him if they wanted to.
  Caller Dr Tom from Arkansas

Covington Compact

George Webb

Crusader Wellness Company – 











Aristotle on Politics

  • First – The fact that ethics and politics are kinds of practical knowledge has several important consequences. First, it means that Aristotle believes that mere abstract knowledge of ethics and politics is worthless. Practical knowledge is only useful if we act on it; we must act appropriately if we are to be moral. He says at Ethics 1103b25: “The purpose of the present study [of morality] is not, as it is in other inquiries, the attainment of theoretical knowledge: we are not conducting this inquiry in order to know what virtue is, but in order to become good, else there would be no advantage in studying it.”
  • Second – According to Aristotle, only some people can beneficially study politics. Aristotle believes that women and slaves (or at least those who are slaves by nature) can never benefit from the study of politics, and also should not be allowed to participate in politics, about which more will be said later. But there is also a limitation on political study based on age, as a result of the connection between politics and experience: “A young man is not equipped to be a student of politics; for he has no experience in the actions which life demands of him, and these actions form the basis and subject matter of the discussion” (Ethics 1095a2). Aristotle adds that young men will usually act on the basis of their emotions, rather than according to reason, and since acting on practical knowledge requires the use of reason, young men are unequipped to study politics for this reason too. So the study of politics will only be useful to those who have the experience and the mental discipline to benefit from it, and for Aristotle this would have been a relatively small percentage of the population of a city. Even in Athens, the most democratic city in Greece, no more than 15 percent of the population was ever allowed the benefits of citizenship, including political participation. Athenian citizenship was limited to adult males who were not slaves and who had one parent who was an Athenian citizen (sometimes citizenship was further restricted to require both parents to be Athenian citizens). Aristotle does not think this percentage should be increased – if anything, it should be decreased.
  • Third – Aristotle distinguishes between practical and theoretical knowledge in terms of the level of precision that can be attained when studying them. Political and moral knowledge does not have the same degree of precision or certainty as mathematics. Aristotle says at Ethics 1094b14: “Problems of what is noble and just, which politics examines, present so much variety and irregularity that some people believe that they exist only by convention and not by nature….Therefore, in a discussion of such subjects, which has to start with a basis of this kind, we must be satisfied to indicate the truth with a rough and general sketch: when the subject and the basis of a discussion consist of matters that hold good only as a general rule, but not always, the conclusions reached must be of the same order.” Aristotle does not believe that the noble and the just exist only by convention, any more than, say, the principles of geometry do. However, the principles of geometry are fixed and unchanging. The definition of a point, or a line, or a plane, can be given precisely, and once this definition is known, it is fixed and unchanging for everyone. However, the definition of something like justice can only be known generally; there is no fixed and unchanging definition that will always be correct. This means that unlike philosophers such as Hobbes and Kant, Aristotle does not and in fact cannot give us a fixed set of rules to be followed when ethical and political decisions must be made. Instead he tries to make his students the kind of men who, when confronted with any particular ethical or political decision, will know the correct thing to do, will understand why it is the correct choice, and will choose to do it for that reason. Such a man will know the general rules to be followed, but will also know when and why to deviate from those rules. (I will use “man” and “men” when referring to citizens so that the reader keeps in mind that Aristotle, and the Greeks generally, excluded women from political part icipation. In fact it is not until the mid-19th century that organized attempts to gain the right to vote for women really get underway, and even today in the 21st century there are still many countries which deny women the right to vote or participate in political life).

Tyrants – 

Tyrants aims to do 3 things:

  1. To keep their subjects humble.
  2. To have them continually suspect and distrust each other.
  3. Lack of power for political action.
  • This is a playbook!
  • This is exactly what our government has been doing.
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Ryan Cornell, Twin Pikes Coffee

  • Little Louis C Cornell
  • He was Baptized and died very early.
  • He is an official Saint.
  • St Louis Charlemagne Joseph Cornell – you can now pray to a Saint.
  • They did the Mass of the Angels for him this weekend. 
  AUDIO/VIDEO: AOC – For the Many not the Money Rally in the Bronx – Are you ready to win our country back? Are you ready to fight for peace and a ceasefire in Gaza? 
1h21m HEADLINE: Russia blames U.S. for Ukrainian strikes that kill at least 4 and injure dozens in Crimea by Yuliya Talmazan 

  • Russia blamed Washington for a deadly strike on a strategic port in occupied Crimea on Sunday, claiming U.S.-supplied missiles were used in the attack. The strike left at least four people dead and more than 150 injured in one of the biggest attacks on the Russian-annexed peninsula in recent months.
  • Russia’s Defense Ministry said four U.S.-provided Army Tactical Missile System (ATACMS) rockets, were intercepted over the city of Sevastopol, but fragments from the fifth rocket led to “numerous casualties among civilians” on the ground.
  • The people of Crimea is filled w/ Russians.
  • It is what they call a warm water port, it never freezes over.
  • Russia annexed Crimea in 2014 and considers it part of Russia, though it remains internationally recognized as Ukrainian territory. 
  • The governor accused Kyiv authorities of striking “on the sly” at a time when many residents were returning from church and the celebrations of the Orthodox holiday of Holy Trinity or were on the beach with their children.
  • Yes tell me again how Zelensky is so nice and so humble and such a great guy.
  HEADLINE: At the Supreme Court, two cases lay bare New York’s legal wasteland by Jonathan Turley 

  • Just beyond the Hudson River, the response to these cases has been far less positive. James secured an obscene civil penalty of almost half a billion dollars without having to show there was a single victim or dollar lost from alleged overvaluation of assets.
  • Through various contortions, Bragg converted a dead misdemeanor case into 34 felonies in an unprecedented prosecution. New Yorkers and the media insisted that such selective prosecution was in defense of the “rule of law.”
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BACK to Jonathan Turley

  • In  Gonzalez v. Trevinothe court held in favor of Sylvia Gonzalez, who had been arrested in Castle Hills, Texas in 2019 on a trumped-up charge of tampering with government records. She had briefly misplaced a petition on a table at a public meeting.
  • This was a blatant case of selective prosecution by officials whom Gonzalez had criticized.  She was the only person charged in the last 10 years under the state’s records laws for temporarily misplacing a document. She argued that virtually every one of the prior 215 felony indictments involved the use or creation of fake government IDs.
  • Unlike the Trump case, the criminal charges against Gonzales were thrown out before trial. For Trump, selective prosecution claims were summarily dismissed, even though no case like Bragg’s appears to have ever been brought before.

HEADLINE: Former Gov. Cuomo hits Trump conviction: If he wasn’t running, ‘case would’ve never been brought’ by Gabriel Hays 

‘If his name was not Donald Trump and if he wasn’t running for president … that case would’ve never been brought,’ Cuomo said on HBO’s ‘Real Time’

  • Is this a moment of clarity by former Governor Cuomo?
  • Is this his attempt to stop the bleeding in New York?













REEL 1h50m

BACK to Jonathan Turley

  • Another case decided this week was Erlinger v. United States. The justices ruled 6-3 (and not along the standard ideological lines) to send back a case in which Paul Erlinger had been convicted of unlawful possession of a firearm as a felon. He was given an enhanced sentence for having three prior convictions for violent felonies or serious drug offenses. However, the court denied him the right to have a jury rule on the key issue of whether these prior offenses occurred on different occasions.
  • The court ruled that a jury had to decide this issue unanimously under a standard of beyond reasonable doubt. This is in contrast to how the Trump case was handled, in which jurors could disagree on key aspects of the crime yet still convict the defendant.
  • Despite spending little time on these secondary crimes at trial, Merchan told the jury that they could convict if they believed that invoices and other documents had been falsified to hide federal election violations, other falsification violations or a tax violation. 
  • Those are very different theories of a criminal conspiracy. Under one theory, Trump was hiding an affair with a porn actress with the payment of hush money before the election. Under another theory, he was trying to reduce a tax burden for someone else (that part was left hazy). As a third alternative, he might have falsified the documents to hide the falsification of other documents, a perfectly spellbinding circular theory.
  • If those sound like they could be three different cases, then you are right. Yet Merchan told the jurors that they did not have to agree on which fact-pattern or conspiracy had occurred. They could split 4-4-4 on the secondary crime motivating the misdemeanors and just declare that some secondary crime was involved.
  • You have the SCOTUS telling this lower court you are wrong.
  • You have the Biden Regime telling the SCOTUS go pound sand.
  • Who is going to blink first?
  • We don’t want your kind of citizen anymore.
  • The irony is these people aren’t even citizens!
  • Italians and Irish Catholic – 
  • Bloody O’Reilly – 
  • O’Reilly held trials and severely punished those French Creoles who were responsible for the expulsion of Spain’s first colonial Governor Antonio de Ulloa (1716–1795), from the colony. He is remembered in New Orleans as “Bloody O’Reilly” because he had six prominent rebel French colonists executed, in October 1769.
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Elon Musk – Journalism – The thing a lot of traditional journalist doesn’t like is being put on the same platform as the average citizen. I think it’s very important to elevate citizen journalism. I think it’s very important to hear the voice of the people, the actual voice of the people not the filtered voice.  



Trump VP Pick

JD Vance – He is the least of the war-mongering members of the Senate, he is newly Baptized & Confirmed Catholic and I think on most things we agree w/ Vance.

Dr Ben Carson – I don’t anyone on Earth that doesn’t like Dr Ben Carson.

  • Just because he is soft spoken don’t think he is a lightweight. 
  • He is genius, he ticks the minority box and the down side to Ben Carson is almost nothing.
  • Could you imagine a debate b/w Dr Ben Carson against Kamala Harris?
  • Dr Ben Carson did want to be President but he won’t stab Trump in the back, there is zero chance of that happening.
  • Tim Scott is over the top Lindsey Graham, he likes Ukraine and is big w/ AIPAC.


AUDIO/VIDEO: Jewish-American investigative Journalist Jeremy Loffredo on Kim Iverson ShowThey were already trying to get rid of those people in Gaza. Following October 7th they had already used the military equipment that the Israeli government had given them to ethnically cleanse 18 towns/settlements. They were terrorizing them. 

  • There are crimes against humanity being committed here.
  • The life in Israel is not what the MSM is pretending it to be.
  • We told you folks about the incident in Crimea in the first hour of the show.
  • This is Ukraine poking Putin into retaliating against this so they can go to NATO and say see, look how terrible Putin is.
  • There are Ukrainian boys dying that don’t need to die.
  • Trump talked about this on Saturday in Philadelphia PA.
  • Is it possible Putin is just holding territory until Trump gets elected?
2h23m AUDIO/VIDEO: MSNBC’s Symone Sanders – Illegal Immigrant Criminals

Guest – What do you tell the parents of those children that have been killed?

Symone – We don’t use that term illegal, they’re undocumented individuals. What is the difference b/w them committing a crime vs anyone else that commits those types of crimes.

  • This is what Aristotle was talking about.
  • This is arguing over terminology instead of addressing the crime.
  • These people are not humans.
  • The enemy must be treated like the enemy they are.
2h28m AUDIO/VIDEO: Reverend Al Sharpton w/ LA Mayor Karen Bass – Keeping Trump Out of the WH – I’m going to double and triple down my efforts to make sure that Trump never gets close the the WH again. He has told us over and over again the type of leader he is going to be. We had 4 years w/ him and he would come back and be 10x worse than he was before. If he gets back into the WH it would have devastating impacts for cities b/c he would rally for the criminalization of immigrants and the poor.

  • Are you telling me you don’t have enough native Californians to repopulate?
8:33am cst SEGMENT 6




AUDIO/VIDEO: Rep Maxine Waters on Donald TrumpDonald Trump has said that is he does not win, it’s going to be fraud, and b/c it’s going to be fraud there’s going to be blood in the streets. He threatens about a civil war and the threatens there is going to be violence.

  • When did he threaten civil war?
  • When did he tell people to pick up arms and start the ‘blood in the streets’?
  • All you have to do is let them talk at this point.
  • Your position is illegals should be running the US.
  • Your position is the illegals are more “American” than the American citizens.
  • I hope these people get to live in a city that is run by MS-13 or by a cartel. 
  • Then you will REALLY have something to FEAR!
  • It is all about reciprocity. 
  • Can we just Make America America Again?
  • 61% now in new Gallop survey says they want illegals deported.
  • So why is the Democrat party attempting to import more and make them ‘legal’?
  • This is a continuation of the coup.
  • We should be thankful for COVID.
  • COVID made them put their cards on the table.
  • They showed us to our face who they thought was the enemy.
  • And that enemy is us.
  • The Ace isn’t up the sleeve anymore. 
  • The only cards they have left can’t be played inside the United States.
  • They have to import their other cards.
  • They keep talking about war…I was at the Detroit Trump rally, I never heard him even HINT about a war.
  • They are planning a war, they are projecting what they are planning to do.
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Katharine Birbalsingh (Headmistress and co-founder of Michela Community School in London) Intelligence Squared Event – Slavery was common to all civilizations, only one civilization developed a moral revulsion against it, the Western Civilization. Rather than be ashamed as Westerners, we should stand proud for having led the world out of a mentality where slavery was the norm.
2h55m HEADLINE: NBC’s Chuck Todd Pushes Back On Trump ‘Losing Streak’: Has 2016 ‘Swagger’ — ‘Loose And Funny’ At Recent Events by Tommy Christopher

  • He wasn’t trying to be funny in Detroit Todd, he was funny.
  • He was personable. 
  • He was a formidable candidate.
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