The Mike Church Show – Texas Is Told By Mexico That It Can’t Enforce This Policy!

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The Mike Church Show – Texas Is Told By Mexico That It Can’t Enforce This Policy!



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17m Shark Tank – Mr Wonderful

  • He has been making his rounds on MSM outlets talking about the tragedy that has happened in New York w/ Donald Trump.
  • If you make him fire sale Trump Tower or any of his other holdings in NYC, no one with money will ever move into this state.
  • You will shut business down in New York.
  • The major players are all sounding the alarm on this.
  • Eric Adams apparently does not have a peachy relationship w/ Letitia James.
  • The Commercial real estate in NY is dead, COVID killed it.
  • All those tall skyscrapers are sitting empty.
  • You know what happens when these buildings remain vacant for long periods of time?
  • They could do a come up with 10% of what you owe in good faith.
  • I don’t think they care though.
20m Illegal Immigration 

Illegal Criminal Trespassers 

  • There was a Federal Judge that has decided that illegals can now own and carry firearms.
  • It is only a matter of time that someone is going to crack.
  • Some American citizen is going to shoot back.
  • Some American citizen that has squatters in their home is going to shoot.
  • We are in a very dark time in this country. 

HEADLINE: Clutch Your Pearls, This Isn’t The Last Trump ‘Bloodbath’ by David Harsanyi 

  • The media, rather than keeping the mob honest, run with it because reporters are largely incurious or propagandists or both, and they know well that Trump-is-a-Nazis content sells. If the Russia-collusion hoax taught us anything, it’s that there is no repercussion for being wrong about Republicans.
  • If Democrats had any kind of coherent message beyond blurting out “Jan. 6” every few minutes, they would argue about trade with Trump rather than concocting nonexistent threats.
  • Politicians always catastrophize events. Modern Democrats, though, act like they are the last Jewish holdouts at Masada. Joe Biden gives angry prime-time speeches contending that one-party rule is the only way to preserve our liberties from the semi-fascists. The entirety of the Democrat Party’s message is predicated on scaremongering about apocalypses and fascism and the dystopian Handmaid’s Tale. Everything, from tax cuts to internet deregulation to limits on abortion to porn being “banned” in schools, becomes an existential threat to “democracy.”
  • Everything is now a catastrophe and everything is a threat to Democracy. 
  Bernie Moreno Wins In Ohio

HEADLINE: Trump-Backed Bernie Moreno Wins Bruising Ohio GOP Senate Primary by Jeff Louderback 

  TV Series Manhunt on Apple TV

  • Did you know Abraham Lincoln was shot on April 14, 1865 which was Good Friday?
  • Why was the ‘good’ Abe at a theatre on Good Friday?

HEADLINE: In Search of the Real Abe Lincoln by Ludwell H Johnson












Texas and the Supreme Court

  • This is an invasion.
  • We are being invaded by sea, land and air.

HEADLINE: SCOTUS Unblocks SB4, Allows Texas Police to Arrest Suspected Illegal Border Crossers by Debra Heine 

  • What is going to be done about this?

HEADLINE: Mexico Condemns Texas Law, and Says It Will Not Accept Deportations From the State by Emiliano Rodriguez Mega

  • Mexico’s top diplomat for North America rejected the Supreme Court’s ruling, saying that immigration policy was something to be negotiated between federal governments.
  • The ministry condemned the state law, known as Senate Bill 4, saying it would separate families, violate the human rights of migrants and generate “hostile environments” for the more than 10 million people of Mexican origin living in Texas.
  • Is there no Texas border?
  • What is the point of having states anymore then?
  • Why are Mexicans fleeing their home country?
  • The President of Mexico says he knows there are 10 million there and he wants Biden to make legal 5 million?
  • This is an invasion and everyone knows it. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump w/ Nigel Farage, GBN Interview – Illegals – 15 million people, it is bigger than most states. They have allowed them to come in, many of them from prisons. They either hate our country or they’re very stupid. We had the safest border in history 3 years ago. We will drill baby drill, we will close the borders, you can come in but you have to do it legally.

  • There is a headline at the New York Times that states – Migrants Fear Arrest At The Border.
  • They are citizens of another country, and have broken laws to enter this country and they are saying we should feel sorry for them?
  • Migrants ‘newly arrived’ – when did they stop being illegals and start being migrants?
  • There are migrant birds – do they declare homesteads where they nest?
  • They MIGRATE they don’t move in forever!
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1h09m HEADLINE: Trump sues ABC and Stephanopoulos, alleging defamation over Mace interview by Zach Schonfeld 

  • Remember when we played the Stephanopoulos audio and I said, he was going to be in hot water.
  • You are always supposed to say the ‘accused’ or ‘alleged’ this that and the other.
  • Alternate Conservative Alt Media – you knew about all of this because of us. 
  • Referring to the Laken Riley case.
  • The Trump people called ABC up after that interview and asked them to retract it. 
  • They denied.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Stephanopoulos questions Mace’s continued support of Trump















HEADLINE: Thanks To Mail-In Voting, California Still Counting Ballots Two Weeks After Election by Shawn Fleetwood

  • The longer away from the actual election day, the more room for fraud.
  • That is a fact.
  • 95% percent of votes have been tabulated in California’s Democrat presidential primary, versus 93 percent in the Republican contest. In the state’s Senate primary, 92 percent of votes have been finalized, with many ballots in several congressional races also still awaiting tabulation.
  • The actual voting date was March 5th.
  • Are you noticing how everything is in chaos? 
  • There is nothing NOT in chaos right now in this country.
  • Delayed election results also stem from California’s embrace of same-day voter registration. 
  • I’m as frustrated as you guys on this whole democracy thing.
  • BUT until we do we are stuck w/ this system and we need to do whatever we can to combat it.

CIVIC 101 Lesson

QUESTION: Voting is really officially and traditionally called what?

ANSWER: Suffrage

  • There is no Democracy in the history of Earth that has had Universal Suffrage. 
  • What were Susan B Anthony and those ladies called?
  • It was never intended for it to be universal.
  • SAME DAY REGISTRATION: Twenty-two states and Washington, D.C., have implemented same-day registration (SDR), which allows any qualified resident of the state to register to vote and cast a ballot at the same time. Of those states, 20 and Washington, D.C., offer Election Day registration, which means voters can both register and vote on Election Day and often during the early voting period. Montana and North Carolina make same-day registration possible for a portion of the early voting period, but not on Election Day (see the note below for more on Montana’s law, which is currently the subject of a lawsuit).
  • The people that lived in Christendom and built these wonderful churches and buildings, they never voted on anything but look at what they were able to do.
  • I am an opponent of any system that has universal suffrage.
  • Idiots don’t have the right to vote on things they don’t know about.
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Tucker Carlson on Ukraine and Ron Paul Who was talking about Ukraine in 2014? Ron Paul. 
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  AUDIO/VIDEO: Tucker Carlson w/ Ron Paul – How Did You Know About Ukraine 

Tucker – How did you see what so many others did not?

Ron Paul – Sometimes the people running the operation give you a clue. Just like in economics, you don’t know exactly when things will happen but you can see them coming. I’m very curious and always ask who benefits form these bombs being dropped? 

  • Progressivism is rooted in violence and war.
  • I hope the people in Trump’s camp sees this interview.











Don from Bronx then Florida

Follow Catholics for Catholics on Twitter – @CforCatholics

Catholics for Catholics – the intent was to have an event on the Feast of St Joseph to pray for Trump and his wife and those surrounding him. 

  • In less than 3 weeks he put together an event at Mar-a-Lago.
  • He had great speakers.
  • The fight against Communism and Marxism, parental rights against the LGBTQ, child trafficking and so on.
  • Kyle Seraphin – FBI whistleblower 
  • EWTN Mexican woman – gave a testimony on how she had 3 abotions as a teenager and coming out of that and to the faith – Patricia Sandoval.
  • Speakers: Michael Flynn, Jim Caviezel, Michael Knowles, Jason Evert, Jack Posobiec, Patricia Sandoval, Tim Ballard and Roger Stone.

HIT PIECE on the event – HEADLINE: New combative faith group to host ‘Catholic prayer’ for Trump at Mar-a-Lago by Brian Fraga 

This was on Saint Joseph Feast Day – 

  • The rosary was prayed and Salve Regina sung on stage at Mar-a-Lago – this is a WIN!!!
  • This is a huge win for Catholicism. 
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2h10m HEADLINE: More than 60% of US abortions in 2023 were done by pill, study shows by Gabriella Borter

  • The survey found over 1 million total abortions were provided through the U.S. healthcare system in 2023, the first time that number exceeded a million since 2012.
  • A healthcare system does not kill people.
  • It is supposed to prolong life. 
2h20m AUDIO/VIDEO: Queens New York  News Report on Squatters Adel Andaloro inherited her family’s home in Flushing, Queens. After her parents passed away and was in the process of selling ti when she noticed that someone illegally moved in. 

(the issue has to be handled w/ the Housing Court not police)

  • So what do you need the law for anymore?
  • These officers are telling the owner of the house, she has to take the squatters to court in order to make sure she regains the house again.
  • Her parents die, and they take over the house.
  • These lawless people do NOT fear the law anymore.
  • They aren’t afraid of cops, jail or public scorn.
  • What does the law say about selling the property?
  • I don’t know the law in New York, but a change of ownership should change that right?
  • I would sell the home to my daughter.
  • This isn’t the only instance here.
  • There is another story about a couple that goes on vacation for 2 weeks and come back home and there are people living in their home!
2h28m AUDIO/VIDEO: Shark Tank Kevin O’Leary on FOX – New York AG Letitia James – This has absolutely nothing to do w/ Donald Trump at this point. This is an attack on America. And I don’t know how you can look at it any other way. This is case setting against the American brand.

Should I Move My Company To America – top podcast a few years ago.

  • Can the Brits take $500 million pounds from a private citizen?
  • I think Mr Wonderful is correct, this is a disaster. 
  • He is right, where are all the adults in this situation? 
  • Stay away from the Northern states come here to the Southern states.
  • Why are they so committed to a world w/o Donald Trump?
  • They don’t care what they destroy in the process to kill Trump.
  • They aren’t satisfied w/ him just losing, they want to beat this man into submission and take everything he has ever worked for in his life.
2h38m AUDIO/VIDEO: Tucker Carlson w/ Ron Paul – The Day We Lost Our Government – The date is say it was concrete that there was a coup, and we lost our government was November 22, the assassination of John F Kennedy. 

  • What happened that day?
  • It was all planned.
  • When you go to war, you preposition your assets right?
  • Did they intend for what happened in the aftermath, the deep state becoming what it did, did they intend for that to happen?
  • Did they intend they would determine elections all over the globe?
  • Let’s fast forward to 2016, the Russia Russia Russia for Trump.
  • We now know the FBI and CIA were running scams against the Trump administration.
  • This is the SAME entities that facilitated the JFK assassination. 






















How Did Lincoln Become “Saint” Lincoln?

HEADLINE: In Search of the Real Abe Lincoln by Ludwell H Johnson

  • Americans see is the legendary Lincoln, who began to take shape when he was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth on Good Friday. The legend-making that followed must be understood within the context of the religious currents of the day, in particular millennialism. This was the belief, then pervading much of American Protestantism, that the Revelation of St. John the Divine was about to be fulfilled. The promised battle against Satan was at hand, and when Satan was bound there would begin the thousand years’ kingdom of God on earth, followed by the Second Coming of Christ and the Final Judgement. From the time of the settlement of New England, prominent divines such as Jonathan Edwards had connected the coming of the millennium with the founding of the colonies and had identified Americans as the Chosen People of God and America as the place where the millennium would begin. But the way for this great event had to be prepared by purifying society. This meant battling Satan, whose principal manifestation, to northern Protestants, was the slaveholding South.
  • For many, Lincoln became a symbolic Christ, for some, perhaps, more than symbolic. They could scarcely help themselves, the parallels were so striking. He was the savior of the Union, God’s chosen instrument for bringing the millennium to suffering humanity, born in a log cabin (close enough to a stable), son of a carpenter. (Later on, incidentally, there were those who believed that such an ordinary man as Thomas Lincoln could not have fathered such a son, that there was a mystery about Lincoln’s paternity.) He was a railsplitter (close enough to carpentry), a humble man with the human touch, a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief, called by his followers to supreme greatness, struck down by Satan’s minions on Good Friday. Said one minister in his Black Easter sermon, “It is no blasphemy against the Son of God and the Saviour of Men that we declare the fitness of the slaying of the second Father of our Republic on the anniversary of the day on which he was slain. Jesus Christ died for the world, Abraham Lincoln died for his country….The last and costliest offering which God demanded has been taken.” Another spoke of his “mighty sacrifice ….for the sins of his people.” Yet another proposed that not April 15, but Good Friday be considered the anniversary of Lincoln’s death. “We should make it a movable fast and ever keep it beside the cross and grave of our blessed Lord, in whose service and for whose gospel he became a victim and a martyr.” For years after the war the rumor persisted that Lincoln’s tomb in Springfield was empty. Lincoln was also frequently compared to Moses, who led his people to the Promised Land that he was not allowed to enter, and, like Moses after viewing Canaan, was taken by death.
  • They killed 3/4 of a million Southerners. 
  • The English ended it w/o a war. 
  • They didn’t kill anybody over it.
  • There was definitely another way.
  • What did they need the South so badly?
  • It was an economic war that turned into a military conflict and then it turned into a ‘bloodbath’ dare I say.
  • The preachers did have one awkward problem: the martyred president had been shot while in a theater. To the pious of those days a theater was little better than a bawdy house. What was the chosen of God doing in a place like that on Good Friday? Of all the tortured explanations and fabrications, perhaps a Springfield Baptist minister came up with the best. He testified that Mrs. Lincoln herself had told him that her husband “paid little or no attention to the actors on the stage that night. Instead, he talked with his wife about his future plans. He wanted to visit the Holy Land to see the places hallowed by the footsteps of the Saviour.
  • The Union needs to fear the states again.
  • What Texas is doing is heroic.
  • There is a movement in Iowa on separating themselves too.
2h57m HEADLINE: Our Perilous, Magnificent, Perilous Future by Edward Ring 

  • Human progress has always fitfully advanced, with setbacks along the way that at times lasted for centuries. That doesn’t have to be our fate in this era. We may cure disease, eliminate hunger and poverty, negotiate peace, explore space, extend life, deliver inexhaustible energy and abundant water, nurture wilderness and wildlife, and preserve a decentralized economy where wealth and ownership are broadly distributed among a population in which the vast majority of people enjoy middle-class lifestyles. Things may actually just get better and better. It is possible. It is a choice. 
  • We must find this vision, embrace it, negotiate its particulars, and fight for it. Or it will be defined for us by people who have demonstrated no wish to share the wondrous products of innovation that are just around the corner.
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