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  • Hillary Clinton Goes After Tucker Carlson
  • Immigration Bill Dead But Humanitarian Aid Still Alive
17m HEADLINE: White House says ICE will reduce deportations, detention capacity if Republicans don’t pass border bill by Chris Pandolfo 

  • Press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters that because Republicans have not passed the bipartisan border security agreement with funding for Israel and Ukraine, the administration is left with no choice but to pull back from the border.
  • Where did you get the $10 million to forgive student loans?
  • Where did you get the money for the LGBTQ clinics?
  • Don’t tell me the ‘government’ can’t find money to confiscate for the border.
  • They are literally waging war against the American people.
  • Did you ever think the person that is in charge of running this country is doing everything they can to ruin said country?
  • Did you ever think our government would pass laws and bills that directly harm the American people?
  Tucker Carlson and Hillary Clinton

  • She called him a ‘useful idiot’.
  • He has officially arrived. 
  • So why is this interview so important?
  • Are people that ignorant as to what is happening in Ukraine?
  • The information is out there but it is NOT in MSM.
  • They only seem to report on ONE side and that is the Ukrainian side.
  • No one seems to be trying to get the Russia side of this conflict.
  Peacock Series The Traitor 

  • This is a true demonstration in why democracy doesn’t work.
  • It shows how people can be duped, it shows how people truly don’t trust fellow humans and it certainly makes you lose all hope in humanity.


HEADLINE: James Risen on NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden: He Sparked a New National Debate on Surveillance by Democracy Now

  • New York Times investigative reporter James Risen faces jail time if he refuses to name a whistleblowing source, but he insists the actual whistleblowers, including Edward Snowden, are “much more courageous that we reporters are.” Risen won a Pulitzer Prize for his reporting about warrantless wiretapping of Americans by the National Security Agency. “We revealed the framework for … how the Bush administration turned the NSA on the American people,” Risen says. He argues Snowden revealed that “under Obama and in the years since we had first written about it, the American people had become much more of an online citizenry … as a result, the NSA had grown dramatically in their ability to watch the online presence of Americans.”
  • Also do you remember Judith Miller?


HEADLINE: Trump is accused of being ‘bought out’ by Anheuser-Busch after pleading for Bud Light to get a ‘second chance’ – as it’s revealed he is attending fundraiser hosted by groups GOP lobbyist by Bethan Sexton and Nic White

  1. I have no love for companies that buy little breweries and then never make their beer again.
  2. They have never apologized.
  3. They willingly went into the social realm w/ Dylan Mulvaney instead of just making the best damn beer they can. 
  • Who speaks for the average American middle class?
  • He should hear from the MAGA faithful on this one.
  • New Glarus in Wisconsin – Founded in 1852, the Potosi® Brewing Company became the fifth largest brewery in Wisconsin and distributed coast to coast. The brewery survived prohibition but closed in 1972. Following a $7.5 million restoration, the Potosi Brewery Foundation, a non-profit organization and sole owner of the Potosi Brewing Company, reopened the brewery in 2008. The facility is home to the National Brewery Museum™, a brewpub, restaurant, beer garden, gift shop, and Great River Road Interpretive Center. The Potosi Brewery’s mission is to channel profits into its markets served to support historical and educational based initiatives, and charitable causes.




Immigration and Melting Pots

  • We are protected on several sides by oceans.
  • You have to really want to get here if you are willing to cross those oceans.
  • Keep an eye on what is going on in El Salvador.
  • If diversity strengthens – 
  • Now diversity in the abstract might work in some instances. 
  • Diversity does not strengthen and Western culture survives as Western culture.
  • This destruction coming from the South, whey didn’t the Hondurans fight to keep them from leaving. 
  • Why don’t they stay in their home country and fight for opportunities there?
  • They have NO loyalty to their own homeland so why should we take them on?
  • What makes you think they will have love for their NEW homeland?
  • William Briggs Twitter – I spoke to an old-time Team Reality player yesterday who was chagrined professional conservatives are moving in our space, now that it’s safe, and taking credit for arguments that are decades old to us. Galling, I admitted. But ultimately cheering. What matters is that we win.
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HEADLINE: Hillary Clinton on Tucker CarlsonHe’s like a puppy dog, he has been fired from so many outlets here in the US, he is a useful idiot. I wouldn’t be surprised if he emerges w/ a contract for Russian outlet. I don’t see why Putin wouldn’t give him an interview b/c he can continue to lie about his objectives in Ukraine. This is a sign there are people out there like a 5th Column for Putin. 

  1. At least Tucker has held down a job or jobs.
  2. The average American does have to work and we get hired and fired a few times in our lives.
  3. Just because someone disagrees w/ your narrative that doesn’t make them a Putin stooge or apologist. 
  4. Useful idiots – those that worked for Barack Obama.
  • A useful idiot is someone that is so dumb their heads hurt. 
  • What do we know about what is actually going on w/ this conflict that makes us useful idiots?
  • Is it because we know the truth?
  • What is going on here?
  • Why are all these reps out there pitching fits demanding more money to Ukraine or else?
  • What does Zelensky have that they are so afraid of?
  • Someone has photographs or something.
  • This seems like extortion of some sort.
  • None of this seems logical.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Senator Chuck Schumer Immigration Bill Donald Trump wants chaos. Donald Trump does not want success at the border. We want them to pass the border bill. If they don’t the people will know who wants a border and who does not. We have always been for a fair and open process. The majority of the Rep in the House say they want to do Ukraine and Israel so if we pass it in the Senate the House will rise to the occasion. 

  • Hard right, right winger – in 1980 – they were Soviet Communists
  • So here we have Schumer calling MAGA people hard right, hard-liners.
  • He is calling seated House members like Marjorie Taylor Greene a communist. 
  • Let us discredit everyone that disagrees w/ us so when we decided to wage war on them we have just cause.
  • After all they followed a criminal, and he was charged 91 times you know!
  • They literally thought that since McConnell sent Opie in there, this would get passed.
  • Lankford got completely hosed by Schumer.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Senator Mike Lee on the BorderWe know Joe Biden created this humanitarian crisis at the border. He is willfully refusing to enforce the border. They wanted this to be a Namaste moment and just pass this bill. This was negotiated over 3-4 months and they refused to share details w/ us throughout the process. It was NOT in good faith.

  • Let’s break this down here.
  • These people are blaming Speaker Johnson, like Thomas Massie.
  • There are difficulties and this is how the sausage is made.
  • There are fights, there are conflicts and you win some and you lose some.

HEADLINE: Dems Wheel In Hospitalized Rep To Save Mayorkas From Impeachment While ‘Wearing Blue Hospital Clothing And Tan Socks’ by Brianna Lyman 

  • Democrats wheeled Texas Rep. Al Green to the House floor Tuesday night to save Department of Homeland Security Sec. Alejandro Mayorkas from impeachment – while Green donned hospital clothing.
  • Green was in the hospital Tuesday recovering from an emergency abdominal surgery Friday but spoke to his doctors to be cleared to leave his room temporarily to go to Capitol Hill.















Frank DeScushin Twitter – Earlier this week Al Sharpton called mass migration an invasion, and now Ben Shapiro talks about inborn differences and the realities of nature to explain group gaps. Ben wouldn’t touch genetics as he built his career, but will now that now that it’s safer. 

The reason it’s safer to now discuss mass migration as an invasion or group gaps as a product of genes is because people pushed those truths for years in the face of resistance, ridicule, and racism accusations. Some lost their careers, others are still banned from this site. 

Alt-right messages were never hate, but truth — and simple ones at that. Namely:

  1. Migration is too high and it’ll burden the state, cause conflict, and ultimately change the nature of America and the West.
  2. Genes help explain group gaps. Genes aren’t the complete answer because nurture plays a role, but the idea that nature isn’t a significant factor in group outcome differences was always absurd. 
  • Those simple truths were deemed racist to prevent them from being aired, and many mainstream conservatives went along with that rule to save their careers. In the meantime, there’s no acknowledgement for the people who paved the path to make that conversation more palatable. Those people are still treated as beyond the pale just like the simple truths they told were mere years ago. 
  • The alt-right deserves an apology, but we know that’ll never come. The people cancelled for speaking the above taboo truths will have to take solace in seeing Sharpton call the border surge an invasion and Shapiro mention inborn differences as a factor in group gaps and know that they helped make truth mainstream.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Ben Shapiro Show on inborn racism or wokeness.

  • How do you get to the point you kick someone out b/c of their genes?
  • When and how do you get there?
  • At the end of the day that is what this is.
  • Who is identified as being worthy of being protected?
  • Those that suffer.
  • They suffer under gender dysphoria, they suffer all manner of their own existence. 
  • They only withdraw and destroy. 
  • Extraction Migration is immoral.
  • It is a way to keep the developing world underdeveloped whether you intended it or not.
  • You change the genes of the civilization.
  • This goes across oceans.
  • Look what is happening in Ireland.
  • Look at England.
  • They are already being taken over by the Muslims.
  • It won’t be long before Sharia Law is in full swing.
  • What about that dingbat that holds office in Arizona?
  • What about Katie Hobbs?
  • We have Cartel bought and paid for governors in these border states.
  • How do you combat that?
  HEADLINE: Five Marines Died in Helicopter Crash in California, Military Says by Christine Hauser 
  HEADLINE: Five trans players dominate women’s college volleyball game, sparking outrage and claims of ‘cheating’ by Yaron Steinbuch
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  LGBTQ & Puberty Blockers

  • When you start a teen on puberty blockers, certain things stop growing.
  • It does not simply PAUSE puberty.
  • Some of these teens cannot reverse this.
  • Some of these boys will have a micro penis or a penis of a small child for the rest of their lives.


AUDIO/VIDEO: Senator John Kennedy on Immigration BillFor several days the border bill has been dead. It’s been as dead as Woodrow Wilson, and now it’s official. We just finished voting. There will be some who want to continue to talk about this bill. It’s their right, but I think they’ll just be grooming a corpse. 

Article III Section 3 – 

  • What happens when a war breaks out over territory?
  • Are the people crossing the border alien enemies or alien friends?
  • This border issue is very easy to fix.
  • We have Navy Seals, Army Rangers and Special Ops – 

HEADLINE: Thousands of Salvadoran Gang Members Rounded Up in Brutal ‘Megaprison’ by Victor Swezey 

AUDIO/VIDEO: El Salvador president Nayib BukelePraises God in his reelection speech. What is happening her in El Salvador is a ‘miracle’. 

HEADLINE: ‘Never return’: El Salvador locks up gang-bangers in new mega-prison with promise of no release by Peter Aitken 

  • The government has swept up roughly 65,000 suspected gang members since approving Salvadorian President Nayib Bukele’s emergency powers in March 2022, which also allowed it to approve and build the mega-prison. 


America’s Cincinnatus – Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus was a Roman patrician, statesman, and military leader of the early Roman Republic who became a legendary figure of Roman virtue—particularly civic virtue—by the time of the late Republic.

The first born sons of Washingtons Officers – 

  AUDIO/VIDEO: Nikki Haley on Nevada CaucusWe knew it was rigged from the start, we didn’t  spend a dime in NV. We are focusing on South Carolina. Look at what happened this week. We cannot defeat Democrat chaos w/ Republican chaos and that is why we need to see a change. 












Mahgdalen Rose

Political Correspondent 

  • Ronna McDaniels – is going to resign after the South Carolina primary.
  • Kevin McCarthy is also in the running.
  • The money wasn’t going to where it should have been and it has been that way for years.
  • RedState did a report and $70,000 spent on flowers vs the DNC spending $700.
  • Who replaces her?
  • Will it be someone just like her but w/ a learning curve?
  • It never happens w/ Pelosi!
  • Al Green – they rolled him in w/ no shoes and in hospital scrubs to vote. 
  • That is the level of evil we have going on over there on the left.
  • This didn’t happen to Nancy b/c their people are SCARED of them!
  • We don’t do anything to Republicans that betray us so they just keep betraying us.
  • Nancy Pelosi will have your butt removed from the political theatre forever if you cross her.
  • You know that if you vote against Nancy, that will be your LAST vote in any elected office.
  • We may be – is there anyone as smart as Gingrich was?
  • Half the country hates each other and it is okay to go ahead and know that.
  • Remember in 2016 – Marco Rubio, his support of immigration was a problem and McConnell put a target on the backs of any Republicans that worked on it.
  • The Chairman of NC Rep party – Trump might endorse him.
  • None of these people are specific enough.
  • I don’t want to hear general language about making the party stronger. 
  • I want to hear how we are gonna win Michigan, Wisconsin and other states.
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