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13m Joe Biden Signs Executive Order

  • Amnesty Bill for all illegals that have been here for 10 years or more.
  • So the steal operation is a go!
  • Remember when Biden used to say “God Bless Our Troops” at the end of every speech?
  • I think they tipped their hand yesterday when they expedited this process of becoming a citizen if you are married to an American citizen.
  • I missed something in the Constitution apparently. 
  • Legislate, execution…
  • Can someone tell me when Congress changed the naturalization law?
  • How you can get a Green Card – it is law, there are immigration lawyers out there. 
  • My brother married a woman from the UK and it took 6 years for her to become a US Citizen.
  • She had to ultimately hire an attorney to get the process sped up to become a citizen.
  • Article 1 Section 8 – 
  • He is trying to buy more votes.
  • Just like he did w/ the students by cancelling they college debt.
  • He tried the same thing w/ women by advocating for abortion. 


Articles of Association 

Articles of Association = are internal documents and rules to specify the regulations for a company’s operations and define the company’s purpose. It outlines how tasks are to be accomplished within the organization, including the process of appointing directors and handling financial records.

  • October 20, 1774 – Insurrectionist would begin their rebellion by stating thus…..We loyal subjects….list all colonies, and in prosecution of the same system….
  • The First Continental Congress adopted the Articles of Association in response to the “Intolerable Acts” the British government had imposed on its subjects in the colonies. These punitive laws were passed in response to patriot uprisings in the north, particularly the Boston Tea Party in late 1773.  The Articles of Association proposed a boycott on goods produced in Britain and its colonies, and also provided for the correct conduct of colonists during the boycott.
  • Clauses within the document announced a ban of the slave trade, severance of all economic ties with Britain, and the desire to improve agriculture and industry with the colonies, and to provide produce for colonists at a reasonable price. There was also provision for the correct conduct for colonists to undertake during the boycott: no “cock fighting, exhibitions of shews, plays, and other expensive diversions and entertainments,” and no purchasing of expensive mourning clothes after the death of a relative.
  • QUESTION: Why don’t we have Articles of Association? 
  • We could easily have representatives from each state do this very thing.
  • We could make demands that the illegals get forced out.
  • They don’t have to listen to us but we could demand that and go from there.
  What’s Going On In Israel?

  • Why do the two sovereign entities that are waging wars right now, how come they can’t wage their own wars w/ their own resources?
  • I’m talking about DIRECT resources bombs and ammunitions.
  • Why do they all start a war and turn to the United States for handouts?
  • They thank us, then demand more and more and more.
  • Is that how allies truly work?
  • There are a lot of people that want this to end.
  • Why isn’t someone telling Trump and his campaign that?

HEADLINE: Netanyahu Dissolves War Cabinet After Collapse of Coalition

6:35am cst SEGMENT 2


HEADLINE: Correcting Unequal Justice: Could Congress Repudiate the J6 Committee? by AG Staff

  • Congressman Thomas Massie (R-KY) made a not-so-subtle suggestion to House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) earlier this month about restoring fairness and balance. 
  • Many Republicans have complained that then House Speaker Nancy Pelosi violated House Rules by refusing to accept then Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s appointed Republicans on the committee. This, in turn, has raised serious questions about the legitimacy of the J6 Committee and what some GOP House members have called a politically-motivated prosecution of Bannon and Navarro.
  • So this is all now in the court of Speaker Mike Johnson.
  • He could bring this to the floor for a vote.
  • What would happen to Navarro who is already in jail?
  • Would he be released immediately?
  • Could he then go sue someone for wrongful prosecution? 

















HEADLINE: Niall Ferguson: We’re All Soviets Now by Niall Ferguson 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Joe Biden Amnesty Executive OrderWe have to acknowledge the patients of the American people are being played on. When he calls immigrants in his words animals, he ripped apart families. He is now saying he wants to build concentration camps. He is actually saying these things out loud. It is outrageous. I’m not interested in playing politics w/ the border, I’m interested in fixing it.

  • Why is Alejandro Mayorkas who is standing to his left clapping at this?
  • He has said on National TV that the border is SAFE AND SECURE.
  • To me that implied the border was fixed does it not?
  • When did it occur to them that the average American became too stupid to understand what is happening at the border?
  • 5 Women have been murdered recently Joe, by the illegals you allowed in!
  • We, stupid Americans KNOW THIS!
  • When Trump says animal he is talking about these illegals that are murderers and rapist.
  • He knows that, you know that but here he is telling us Trump thinks all immigrants are animals.
  • I must have missed it and I watch every Trump campaign event.
  • This is what someone does when all their other policies have failed. 
  • This was his policies let’s not forget that he is claiming to fix.
  • They are now in lock step on National TV telling us that what we have seen w/ our own two eyes isn’t real.

BACK to Niall Ferguson 

  • China is clearly not only an ideological rival, firmly committed to Marxism-Leninism and one-party rule. It’s also a technological competitor—the only one the U.S. confronts in fields such as artificial intelligence and quantum computing. It’s a military rival, with a navy that is already larger than ours and a nuclear arsenal that is catching up fast. And it’s a geopolitical rival, asserting itself not only in the Indo-Pacific but also through proxies in Eastern Europe and elsewhere.
  • Are we the baddies?
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AUDIO/VIDEO: Joe Biden Amnesty Executive OrderWe have to acknowledge the patients of the American people are being played on. When he calls immigrants in his words animals, he ripped apart families. He is now saying he wants to build concentration camps. He is actually saying these things out loud. It is outrageous. I’m not interested in playing politics w/ the border, I’m interested in fixing it.

  • The Devil doens’t come out in plain sight w/ a pitchfork to your throat.
  • People think that evil makes a grand entrance and can be spotted outright.
  • Any injury upon it is obvious.
  • When you have a stain on your soul your vision and thinking is impaired.
  • It gets darker and darker if you don’t do anything about it.
  • So when they go down this path and think like this…you become someone like Biden.
  • Someone that is incapable of decreeing evil.
  • You can look at abortion and think it is charity.
  • They are committed to the execution of this evil.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Clayton Morris his show RedactedConspiracy theories are just 6 month spoiler alerts for what’s to come. America is covertly constructing large-scale detention facilities across all 50 states, but they’re not for housing illegal immigrants. 

  • What do you want your gulag name to be?
  • TKD’s gulag name today is Maximus Jailbreakus.
  • Why would they want to do this?
  • We produce food for these people.
  • We clean their homes, we fix their cars, why would they want to take us out?
  • It is a lot easier to remove us than to deal w/ us.
  • Joy Reid and Rachel Maddow are always calling us a ‘Threat to Democracy’. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: FLASHBACK2016 Hollywood Elites Begged Electoral College to OVERTURN the elections in 2016.

  • Any person who is eligible fo the Presidency, an elector may cast his/her ballots for.
  • Wait a minute that isn’t even what Trump was saying.
  • He was saying the certifications should be delayed.
  • He never once asked the electors to change their vote.
  • He was asking to delay certification while process is moving through the courts.
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Back to Niall Ferguson: We’re All Soviets Now

  • The recent data on American mortality are shocking. Life expectancy has declined in the past decade in a way we do not see in comparable developed countries. The main explanations, according to the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, are a striking increase in deaths due to drug overdoses, alcohol abuse, and suicide, and a rise in various diseases associated with obesity. To be precise, between 1990 and 2017 drugs and alcohol were responsible for more than 1.3 million deaths among the working-age population (aged 25 to 64). Suicide accounted for 569,099 deaths—again of working-age Americans—over the same period. Metabolic and cardiac causes of death such as hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and coronary heart disease also surged in tandem with obesity.
  • Even  more striking to me are the political, social, and cultural resemblances I detect between the U.S. and the USSR. Gerontocratic leadership was one of the hallmarks of late Soviet leadership, personified by the senility of Leonid Brezhnev, Yuri Andropov, and Konstantin Chernenko. 
  • Shall have a Navy, can have an army is what our Constitution says.
  • Build officer core up, shrink the size of military down and recall the troops from around the world.


Democrats That Hate Us

AUDIO/VIDEO: CNN’s Erin Burnett gloats that Steve Bannon will likely serve time next to violent criminals and “sex offenders” or even the infamous Rikers Island. Steve Bannon is a nonviolent, first-time offender for a sham “crime.” 

  • They want Bannon’s time served to be a death sentence.
  • She is smiling while broadcasting this.
  • This is what happens when your soul is stained.

AUDIO/VIDEO: TombstoneYou tell ‘em I’m coming and hell’s coming with me you hear?


the whole segment



BACK TO – HEADLINE: Niall Ferguson: We’re All Soviets Now by Niall Ferguson 

  • In the United States, by contrast, “Every symptom of despair has been defined as a disorder or dysregulation within the individual. This incorrectly frames the problem, forcing individuals to grapple on their own,” they write. “It also emphasizes treatment by pharmacology, providing innumerable drugs for anxiety, depression, anger, psychosis, and obesity, plus new drugs to treat addictions to the old drugs.”
  • Rasmussen Poll – which sought to distinguish the attitudes of the Ivy Leaguers from ordinary Americans. The poll defined the former as “those having a postgraduate degree, a household income of more than $150,000 annually, living in a zip code with more than 10,000 people per square mile,” and having attended “Ivy League schools or other elite private schools, including Northwestern, Duke, Stanford, and the University of Chicago.” 
  • Asked if they would favor “rationing of gas, meat, and electricity” to fight climate change, 89 percent of Ivy Leaguers said yes, as against 28 percent of regular people. Asked if they would personally pay $500 more in taxes and higher costs to fight climate change, 75 percent of the Ivy Leaguers said yes, versus 25 percent of everyone else. “Teachers should decide what students are taught, as opposed to parents” was a statement with which 71 percent of the Ivy Leaguers agreed, nearly double the share of average citizens. “Does the U.S. provide too much individual freedom?” More than half of Ivy Leaguers said yes; just 15 percent of ordinary mortals did. The elite were roughly twice as fond as everyone else of members of Congress, journalists, union leaders, and lawyers. Perhaps unsurprisingly, 88 percent of the Ivy Leaguers said their personal finances were improving, as opposed to one in five of the general population. 
8:33am cst SEGMENT 6
2h39m BACK to Niall Ferguson

  • Will these Ivy Leaguers give up their deliveries of Hello Fresh to their doorstep?
  • Will they forgo public transit and walk everywhere?
  • Will they be willing to give up some of their heat during winter in NY?
  • Yet we also need to contemplate the possibility that we have done this to ourselves—just as the Soviets did many of the same things to themselves. It was a common liberal worry during the Cold War that we might end up becoming as ruthless, secretive, and unaccountable as the Soviets because of the exigencies of the nuclear arms race. Little did anyone suspect that we would end up becoming as degenerate as the Soviets, and tacitly give up on winning the cold war now underway.
  • We don’t have to take this!
  • We don’t have to buy from super stores.
  • We can always support our local farmers and small business owners.
  • We should be attending Mass each Sunday, heck daily if you can.
  • The Children are the future.
  • Remember the song?
  • The Greatest Love of All by Whitney Houston.
  • Go to your city council meeting and make your voice heard.
  • Do what is best for your community.
  • We will fight them at every turn.
  • They are relying on your mailability. 
  • Screw that!
  • Stand your ground.
  • I still cling to the hope that we can avoid losing Cold War II—that the economic, demographic, and social pathologies that afflict all one-party communist regimes will ultimately doom Xi’s “China Dream.” But the higher the toll rises of deaths of despair—and the wider the gap grows between America’s nomenklatura and everyone else—the less confident I feel that our own homegrown pathologies will be slower-acting. 
  AUDIO/VIDEO: My Dinner with Andre: Conspiracy Theory Scene
2h53m AUDIO/VIDEO: Senator Elizabeth Warren In Congress Hallway 

Reporter – Do you plan on attending Netanyahu’s speech to Congress on July 24th?

Warren – No, I do not. Netanyahu has created a humanitarian catastrophe. He has also made it clear he doesn’t support a two state solution. Look we need a ceasefire, we need humanitarian relief and we need to give both parties a shot at getting to the table. 

  • No foreign entity should get the gavel in the United States Congress.
  • Senator Elizabeth Warren is actually correct on this one.

HEADLINE: Vera Sharav Is A Child Survivor Of The Holocaust. What Does She Feel About The Post Oct. 7 Israeli Bombardments Of Gaza? Has Anybody Asked? by Celia Farber

  • What does it mean when Netanyahu says he will finish the job?
  • What is the job?
  • Killing every single Palestinian? 
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Written by: candacechurch