Wednesday-The Triumph of Trump’s SOTU IS the Triumph of Many Americans

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28m AUDIO: C-SPAN of the SOTU Address – President Trump: Every human life is a sacred gift from God.
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  AUDIO/VIDEO: CNN Van Jones – the last 24 hours have been a wake-up call for Democrats

AUDIO: SOTU – President Trump “We will never let Socialism destroy American healthcare!”

43m HEADLINE: Stop Bernie Sanders Now by William A. Galston

QUESTION: You know why he polls so low among men?

ANSWER: Men don’t like other men that have anal sex.

  • This is just not going to happen.
  • Pete Buttigieg fails miserably among black voters.
  • The anti-Sanders vote.
  • Hatred of Donald Trump is what is happening here.
  • Last night our President called on late term abortion bans to be passed by Congress.

AUDIO/VIDEO: President Trump calls for a ban on late-term abortions 


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AUDIO: Fox and Friends – Vice President Mike Pence discussing Rush Limbaugh

“God is working in all of this” – Rush Limbaugh

  • Nancy Pelosi starts murmuring something to President Trump during the speech.
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Lindsey Graham – if you were a socialist, you hated this speech and to Nancy Pelosi, you can rip up the speech but you cannot erase the accomplishments in it. 
  Impeachment – 

  • 67 Senators say guilty or remove then the President is gone.
  • They won’t get anywhere NEAR that.
  • It isn’t a 51%
  • The vote to acquit will be bi-partisan. 
   HEADLINE: The Devil Devours His Own by Joseph Pearce

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Special Guest Brother Andre Marie

Host of the ReConquest show.

Follow Brother Andre here: @Brother_Andre

  • Jeffrey Epstein – 
  • Transhumanism – 
  • Scientism – science higher than God
  • Newly acquired – he can now critique the trends of modern physics. 
  • Imperial Scientists 
  • Cartesian thinking – I think therefore I am
  • He dismissed St. Thomas – 
  • He was attempting but his solutions stunk to high heaven, he cast out St. Thomas’ ideas.
  • From cause to effect – 
  • Theories to explain how things work.
  • Wave/Particle Theory 
  • Substance form argument? No a failure to communicate b/w the pure mathematical sciences and metaphysics. 
  • It cannot be and not be at the same time.
  • We don’t fully comprehend how electricity works, they come up with models as close to what they KNOW and it produces the electricity but there isn’t a complete understanding of it.
  • Prime Matter – 
  • What is b/w the atmosphere of the moon and the Earth?
  • James Martin SJ – Tweet Ursuline Catholic School 
  • He is holding up St. Mary Magdalene as a model of leadership in the Church paving the way for women Bishops and Priestess. 
  • There was a tomb, there are no Jesus bones b/c he was ascended into Heaven…bones and all.
  • Having cut her breasts off as punishment – St. Peter the Apostle appears to her in prison and heals St. Agatha.
  • The next day the same thing is done to her and she finally succumbs.

HEADLINE: Saint Agatha’s Breasts by Brother Andre Marie

  • Saint Agatha is the Patron Saint of : Sicily, bellfounders, breast cancer, against fire, Palermo, rape victims, and wet nurses.
  • I’m not saying women who aren’t virgins aren’t complete.
  Crusader Monastery Prayer List

Please in your charity remember the following people in your prayers – 

Christopher Jude Pigg – is still intimated and they are performing tests on his lungs to see if there is an underlying genetic condition that isn’t allowing his lungs to heal properly. 

Richard – who continues to battle sepsis.
Caleb – who has down syndrome and was just diagnosed w/ Crone’s disease. 

Lizzie Reezay – that she grow in her faith and not lead devout Catholics astray.

Father Harkins – who committed suicide.

Stacey Cohen – fell off a horse and is believed to have broken her hip, updates to come.

Rush Limbaugh – stage IV lung cancer, pray for his conversion to the One True Faith.

Brian K – he has 3 sick children w/ a sick momma who is pregnant w/ twins!


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