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ABC Did NOT Leak Epstein Clip, Don Jr Ain’t Woke & How To Bring Back Red ‘Muricahs

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ABC Did NOT Leak Epstein Clip, Don Jr Ain’t Woke & How To Bring Back Red ‘Muricahs – EPISODE 904

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  Marshall Applewhite

Heaven’s Gate Cult

HEADLINE: ‘Bug Macs’? London Eatery Serves Up Worm-Burgers (To Save The Planet) by Steve Watson

AUDIO/VIDEO: London’s First Insect Farm Wants People To Eat Meal Worms To Save The Planet

  • Okay restaurant owner, you go first.
  • Once you get past the gross factor? 














HEADLINE: The Jeffrey Epstein Story Is A Giant Rats’ Nest That Needs Dogged Investigation by Willis L. Krumholz

AUDIO/VIDEO: Project Veritas video of the “hot mic” moment

  • The royal family knowing they had a family member that would be implicated in this…
  • Virginia Guiffre – victim of Epstein’s child trafficking operation.
  • ABC News Did NOT Leak The Epstein ‘Hot Mic’ Clip. The KingDude explains that no one who goes on a TV set thinks their lapel mic is ever “off”. 
  • The KingDude Has Covered The Epstein Conspiracy Here and Here!

HEADLINE: Project Veritas: ABC’s Amy Robach Frustrated On Hot Mic That Network Quashed Jeffrey Epstein Story by Tim Hains

The formation is everything. 

  • If you have solid philosophical formation, you will seem smart to others, plain and simple.
  • Correctly order your thinking.

HEADLINE: Incredible drone footage reveals the details of Jeffrey Epstein’s secluded ‘pedophile island’ including inside of the mysterious ‘temple’ which has fake door painted on the side by Keith Griffith 

HEADLINE: FBI agents seize Epstein’s computers while raiding mansion on ‘Pedophile Island’ in search for ‘sex toys and evidence’, as NYPD is revealed to have joined sex trafficking case against suicide pervert by Cheyenne Roundtreee

55m HEADLINE: When ‘Sexist’ (and Desperate) Democrats Bully Warren by Patrick J. Buchanan

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1h17m HEADLINE: No, Bret Stephens, Let’s Not Do In Mexico What We Did In Iraq by John Daniel Davidson

Trivia Question:

ANSWER: What is Catholicism?

  • Mexico was not at war w/ the U.S. until the Socialist arrived.
  • Over 15 million Aztecs and Incas become baptized after Our Lady of Guadeloupe. 
  HEADLINE: Abby Huntsman clashes with Trump Jr. over whistleblower on ‘The View,’ suggests he acted like a dictator by Sam Dorman 
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 HEADLINE: Immigration, Not White Suburbs, Turning VA Blue. GOP Still Can Win with Sailer Strategy—But Ultimately Needs An Immigration Moratorium by Washington Watcher II

  • If respecting life and advocating against the killing of babies makes me racist, then check that box honey.
  • The Korean show Running Man – they are all Korean. There is absolutely NO diversity whatsoever in this show.
  • A community is just an extensions of the family.


HEADLINE: Are Women Destroying Academia? Probably by Lance Welton



Caller Don in Florida – 

Epiphany Parish Church in Florida – there is a Crusade Channel sticker on the bulletin board!

  • Since I moved here to the Tampa area b/c of the in-laws etc it is undergoing massive development.
  • This lack of community or greater purpose.
  • No commitment to your family – schools teach our children YOU MUST GO OUT AND PAVE YOUR OWN WAY.
  • LOSTAMERICANA.COM – photographer Vincent David Johnson
  • The young millennials have a love for small crafts like beers and liquors.
  Cross Talk with Richard Barrett – host of The Barrett Brief 
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