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Asking You To Join The CRUSADE Channel’s Mission 300

today09/06/2017 7

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Mandeville, LA – CRUSADE Channel founder Mike Church has ignited the Mission 300, the Channel’s “word of mouth” member recruiting promotion. Mike is asking all current Founder’s Pass members to consider giving a 30 day, 90 day or 1 year Founders Pass Gift Membership to a “friend, family member, business associate or enemy! That equals less than 1/2 of 1% of all monthly listeners and/or users of the CRUSADE Channel’s services.

Check back daily for the latest update on Mission 300’s progress and to pray for our success. As Mike explains in his appeal letter for gift memberships: “adding 300 new members gets us 1/2 of the way to where the company needed to be at this time LAST YEAR” (read the entire appeal below).

My Dear Listener/Owners!

“Word-of-mouth marketing is the best form of Free promotion” goes the adage from Bernard Kelvin Clive. For 21 months The Veritas Talk Radio Network has given the adage a test-run and before we pronounce judgement on it, we thought about giving it one more chance and that chance relies on YOUR participation. Here is what I am personally asking 300 (LESS than 1% of you) of you to do and help The CRUSADE Channel make it to our 2 year anniversary on November 11:

Take 5 minutes and purchase a 30 day, 90 day or 1 year, Founders Pass gift-membership and send it to a friend, business associate or family member (click here for the Gift Membership page).

That’s it, simple and effective “word-of-mouth” marketing that puts much needed new members/listeners/brothuhs/sistahs in our community, but please note!  Those 300 memberships are 50% of what we needed to have on the books to continue our current operations a full one year ago (you read that right)!  If not for the Grace of God working through many of your generosity’s, I would not be writing this request today. We know that not every Listener/Owner can be a CRUSADER level member but we also know that almost every member has a personal stake and connection to the CRUSADE Channel. Isn’t that worth sharing?

I’ve even taken the time to write out a few gift messages you can copy and paste and send to introduce your friend to their gift. This entire process can be completed in less than 10 minutes and as a show of confidence in all who will receive this letter, I am giving you a 50% off coupon code to use in the Founder’s Tradin’ Post…FIFTY PER CENT!!

Here’s how simple giving a Founders Pass gift membership is.

1. Login at

2. Click the Gift Membership Center link.

3. Choose a plan and click “PURCHASE”.

4. Check out with your credit card or Paypal and MAKE SURE you tick the box that says “This is a gift for a friend”.

5. Navigate to your account page (under the Membership menu tab), and scroll to the Gifts Purchased (most recent gifts) tab.

6. Click one of your “show gift link” links and copy the link. Now open your favorite email client and paste that link in the body of a message, write your friend a note explaining the Founders Pass Gift! Or you can consider using one of my cheesy, form letters if you like.

7. Click send then for extra credit, text or call your friend to let them know a gift is coming via email.

8. Sit back, relax, fire up a 10 year old Rocky Patel cigar, pour a “good long drink” and watch the Free World be saved.

I’ve set a deadline of September 8th for this Mission to be accomplished and I know I can count on you to “make it so”, right?

I’ll be updating you daily on this AND sharing success stories with you as well, we are mildly famous for the “conversions” folks experience after 8 weeks of the Founder’s Red Pill!

Join me in this step toward restoring The Order!




Written by: MikeChurch

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