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There IS A Free Lunch! And Its On The CRUSADE Channel Listen App!

today01/23/2019 224

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(featured artwork by Boris Valejo from National Lampoon’s Vacation.)

Mandeville, LA – The CRUSADE Channel has some big news for you, our soon to be world-famous listening app now has an offer even tightwads can’t refuse: download the app and you can listen to the CRUSADE Channel Premium stream, which includes every weekday’s Mike Church Show LIVE! & The Barrett Brief Show LIVE! for 30 days, FOR FREE!! That’s right, all you have to do is download The Crusade Channel radio app in the iTunes or Google play store; take 30 seconds  to fill out the registration form and Bam! You get to listen to the Mike Church Show, LIVE!!& The Barrett Brief Show LIVE! for 30 days, FREE! Not even amazon does that!

Join the Founders Pass Today and never miss a minute of the Mike Church Show ever again!

And, if you have a Bluetooth connection in your car, all you have to do is connect your smart phone to your radio via Bluetooth and: BAM! You’re listening to the KingDude just like it was 2015 at the old station in the old country! Folks, can we make it any easier than this?

So, what are you waiting for dude!?! Download The CRUSADE Channel’s app in the iTunes store by clicking this link: CLICK ME!!

Or in the GooglePlay Store by clicking this link: CLICK ME!!

Original artwork by Mike Church. Sherlock Holmes airs weeknights at 9:00 east, 6 west and The CRUSADE Channel.

Then: After you download the app, register for a FREE account, unlock and start enjoying the Mike Church show and 20 other hours per day of the best talk radio on well, you know, talk radio: the CRUSADE channel! Which now includes the revived 1940s radio drama The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes starring Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce!

Mike will also introduce you to his latest radio drama starring, guess who as Sherlock Holmes? Did you guess John Stamos? Sorry, the KingDude makes his first movie length, dramatic acting role as Sherlock Holmes with the one and only Kevin O’Brien as Father Brown in the original radio drama The Last Confession of Sherlock Holmes(available as a CD & On-Demand download too!)

We’ll also introduce you to our brand new talk radio friends, like Richard Barrett who hosts The Barrett Brief, he may not be the best at pronunciations of fancy-schmancy, three syllable words in Latin, but boy howdy can he host a radio show that will make you forget that you ever heard of a guy named Rush…., who is that? There’s also Mike’s old friend David Simpson hosting The True Money Show! Then there’s Mike’s old buddy from the old station in the old country Gregory Junkbond Carpenter who hosts the best weird science, crypto currency, conspiracy theories are for real show in all of radio: Reverse Deception! And last but not least, Mike’s philosophy mentor and dear friend the one and only Brother Andre Marie who hosts Reconquest!

“Well I’ve never seen no talk radio grow out of no smartphone!” – Secretary of Energy, Idiocracy.

“So what you’re saying is you want us to put A radio station app on our smart phones? But the old station in the old country has what our smart phones crave… yeah it’s got you know, old station old country radio show hosts! Well I’ve never seen no KingDude come out of nowhere smart phone!” Well, it’s true, I will and all you Gotta do is download the app! So don’t be a cabinet secretary from Idiocracy,  I’ll see you on the radio tomorrow morning bright and early at 6 AM sharp!

30 DAY FREE SIGNUP INSTRUCTIONS (after you’ve downloaded the app)


1. Tap the unlock button!


2. Fill out the registration form, it takes 22 seconds (yes, we timed it!), then tap register.

PLEASE NOTE: this registration process is UNIQUE TO THIS APP. Your login info from any site affiliated with The CRUSADE Channel or the Mike Church Show WILL NOT WORK HERE!!!

3. NOW you can tap “REGISTER”!

4. You know that email address you just put in the registration form? Let’s go check it and get the code to finish registration.
PLEASE NOTE: The email will come from this address:
If you don’t see the email, check your SPAM folder for this address!!

5. Now the app will send you back to the Registration LOGIN screen, enter the login credentials you entered in step 2, you only have to do this ONE TIME, yes!

6. Congratulate yourself on taking a gigantic step toward saving the FREE WORLD from diabolical, soul destroying, corporate talk radio. Pour yourself a fine, single malt Scotch, lite up an Opus X cigar, sit back and enjoy the best talk-radio on talk radio, you’ve earned it! Oh, and don’t forget, this FREE trial expires in 30 days so why not become a legitimate member of the CRUSADE Radio resistance by joining The Founders Pass and getting access to all the CRUSADE Channel’s downloads-special features podcasts and the commercial free, high quality PREMIUM stream feed. Click here for a special offer.


Written by: jadechampagne

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