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Parrott Talk-A Lone Senator Admits The Truth About The War In Ukraine.

Senator Ron Johnson admits that Russia will win the Ukraine war.  Johnson said it does not matter how many weapons we send to Ukraine, they are not enough soldiers to use the weapons.  He also said the Russians have the manpower and the ability to produce munitions faster and cheaper than the west. The average cost a artillery shell in Russia is $600 while it costs Americans $6,000 for one […]

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The Mike Church Show

It Will Be Gruesome Newsom But How Will The Demoncrats Do It!?

SPECIAL GUEST Mahgdalen Rose Political Affairs Correspondent  Ron DeSantis - he has a lot of people in his world that are establishment like Karl Rove, but he isn’t their actual pick. Nikki Haley is the true establishment pick. What kind of neo-conservative monstrosity would be her VP pick? She is the Manchurian Candidate - she is NOT a natural born citizen. When you have a primary field that the front […]

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The Mike Church Show

How The Sun, Moon, And Stars Control The Christian Calendar

SPECIAL GUEST Brother Andre Marie Host of the ReConquest Show aired only on The Crusade Channel. Follow Brother on GAB and Twitter - @Brother_Andre Grant money and big donors -  Church Triumphant Church Suffering  Church Militant Christopher Derrick HEADLINE: In Praise of Triumphalism by Brother Andre Marie  So what’s wrong with triumphalism? I suspect that the enemy of triumphalism has a deeper problem, though. Triumphalism presumes there is something to […]

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The Early Show

The Early Show-The House Of Horrors Dilemma

There is debated regarding the abandoned cottage of media personality Jimmy Saville. At one time he was extremely popular, he was the host of BBC's Tops Of The Pop, and other shows.  But there was always a dark cloud that hung around him. It was not until his death, that the truth emerged.  Now his cottage is abandoned and the target of vandals. People who are angered about the life […]

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Parrott Talk- Cardinal Virtues

The cardinal virtues guide our behaviors, but so few actually know what they are.  Mike Parrott even says that some people's use of a virtue is actually a vice. Listen to this episode of Parrott Talk, as Mike looks at each of the four virtues. 

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The Early Show

The Early Show-Twinkle, Twinkle Little Mars

As you look at the night sky, what do you say to the stars? Do you wonder if there is life out there, or do you imagine what an interstellar explorer would see as they visit new planets.  Fiorella imagines what life would be like on Mars on this episode of the Early Show.  She reveals why she thinks of the red planet and who in her family wants to […]

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