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Cross Dressing – The Way It Should Be

The "Radio The Way It Should Be Company Presents: Cross-Dressing The Way It Should Be! Mandeville, LA - In response to the inconceivable outpouring of support for the "rights" of men to use facilities including showers, reserved for women and girls, the shows on the CRUSADE Channel including the Mike Church Show and The Mark Kreslins Show, urge CRUSADE Channel listeners, with Faith, Hope and Charity in their hearts, to take […]

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“Rolling Stone’s Most Wanted: Marc Morano

Mandeville, LA -  Marc Morano has been appearing on the Mike Church Show since 2006 (a decade!), offering his biting commentary and scientific knowledge on every alleged environmental "crisis" Mike has covered. Since moving to Veritas Marc has appeared 3 times including once from the Paris Climate summit. Marc's bio from The Heartland institute: Marc Morano is the publisher of the award-winning, a global warming and eco-news center founded in […]

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Testimonial From Our FIRST Crusader Member/Supporter Ryan Campbell

Mandeville LA - Our exhortations to the CUSADE Channel faithful to spread the word of the Word's  FIRST, Independent, dedicated to the pursuit of the Truth radio station to those who have yet to hear it!  The letter below was penned by our FRIST EVER Crusader level member - @$1095" - coming forward with WHY he would donate 4 figures to an unproven, radio fantasy!?    I became a crusader because […]

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How To - Tech Help

How To Force The FP Player “Cloud” Button To Download A File

Mandeville, LA - Since implementing the new RSS, preview and download functions provided by Blubrry, our Content Delivery Network, we have been asked dozens of times "why doesn't the download cloud button work?" We have not been able to offer a direct solve but there IS a workaround as explained in this Twitter Conversation.   @JeffSchaffer13 The cloud button can be FORCED to work 4 downloads, with a RIGHT click: […]

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How To - Tech Help

Founders Pass-How To Update Your Credit Card

Members can update their billing details by following the instructions below: Members need to log into their account on your MemberMouse site and go to their My Account page.   On their My Account page they'll see a section called Subscriptions (this is the name of the subscriptions area in the default MemberMouse My Account page template so keep in mind that you may have changed the name). All active and overdue […]

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Too Catholic For Satellite Radio-Chris Ferrara

Mandeville, LA - Chris Ferrara is the most frequent, Catholic guest and the longest running Catholic guest for the Mike Church Show. Chris is also author of Too Catholic For Satellite Radio, a bio of the fall of the Mike Church Show from SiriusXM. From the ACLA website: Born New York, New York 1952 BA Fordham University, 1973 JD Fordham University School of Law, 1977. Mr. Ferrara was engaged in […]

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Veritas All Stars

Our DC Takes On D.C. – DC McAllister

Mandeville, LA - DC McAllister is a regular guest on the Mike Church Show and one of Mike's favorite opinion writers. Denise C. McAllister is a journalist based in Charlotte, NC, and her work has appeared at Conservative Review, Real Clear Politics, Hot Air, Instapundit, and Ricochet. She has been a guest on Fox News, Sean Hannity Radio, BBC Radio, One America News Network, Newsmax TV, Trending Today with Rusty […]

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ReConquest Episode XIII – Distributism, What Is It & Why You Should Be Demanding It!

Mandeville, LA - Join Brother André Marie for part I of his provocative look into Distributism with author and internationally recognized speaker on the topic John Sharpe. If you are looking for the One, True solution to the incredibly corrupt income inequality that we see in America today, Distributism is it and it is spiritually sound too. Don't miss part II of this amazing discussion, long overdue in American politics and […]

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