Testimonial From Our FIRST Crusader Member/Supporter Ryan Campbell

today05/04/2016 1

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Mandeville LA – Our exhortations to the CUSADE Channel faithful to spread the word of the Word’s  FIRST, Independent, dedicated to the pursuit of the Truth radio station to those who have yet to hear it!  The letter below was penned by our FRIST EVER Crusader level member – @$1095″ – coming forward with WHY he would donate 4 figures to an unproven, radio fantasy!?

   I became a crusader because you [Mike Church], and your program[the Mike Church Show], are worth it.  From heartfelt and impassioned pleas for your listeners to educate themselves, to the soundbites of Monty Python, you have drawn me in, engaged me, and moved me to question.  I have seen you speak live, and I have often thought of driving from my home in Texas over to Mandeville just to drink a beer, smoke a stogie, and eat some barbecue.  Listening to you is the closest thing I get to listening to a long held friend who shares the same interests that I do.  Now that my die is cast, I can start examining your cohorts.  I hope they will live up to the high standard that you have set.




Written by: TheKingDude

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