Conversion Story: How I Learned Martin Luther Wasn’t SpiderMan And I Was Actually A Catholic

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Mandeville, LA  – Long-time Mike Church Show listener Will Stowe shared his conversion story on air and backs it up with this written testimony. If you are moved by Will’s story please consider supporting The CRUSADE Channel and the Mike Church Show by becoming a Founder’s Pass member and/or making a donation in any amount. Without your support (if you’re reading this, that means YOU!) the CRUSADE Channel cannot continue our mission of broadcasting The Truth and applying it to the events and controversies, joys and triumphs of life in 2017 ‘Muricah!

“Howdy King Dude!

Thanks for the conversation this morning, really appreciate it.

Just to recap, I started listening to your show a few years back on Sirius, and as I mentioned earlier my first impression of the show was “disruptive” to say the least. If memory serves, I had been listening to Glenn Beck (gah!) the prior day and the radio was still on 125 the following morning when I left for the gym. At first the dialog was just background noise during the drive. Then, by providence I suppose, I heard you rip into the NRA and ‘Mericans view of the 2nd amendment. Mind you, I am a lifetime NRA member, so for me I took this as a shot across the bow if you will.

“How DARE this bozo (love ya Mike!) talk ill of the beloved NRA! How DARE he not agree with the time honored tradition that the 2nd amendment is our bulwark against the liberals trying to take all our guns!” This did not sit will with me, and I grumbled under my breath for days at the notion, the nerve! This was the spark.

Over the next few months of listening to the show my perspective began to shift. Over time I began to question my stance on Christianity. Not from a questioning the foundation of whether Christ died for our sins, but more around what makes me favor one denomination over an another. Was it the service, was it a certain belief? I was raised Baptist and had been visiting a Methodist church. Truthfully, I really didn’t have a firm grasp on why I was staking a claim in either camp (Baptist or Methodist). Then the second spark; as I Baptist/Methodist/Church of God/Laser Pew Pew Light Show Jesus Fest I am by definition a Protestant. As in to protest “something”. What exactly am I protesting against?

During church services at our local Methodist church, we would recite the Apostles Creed. At the end of the creed, the minister would “add clarification” around the word “catholic”. Lots of verbal bobbing and weaving to explain the Methodist stance on the term catholic. This added to even more confusion, as again I really didn’t get what the rift was all about.


Mike Church, the anchor and Founder of The Veritas Radio Network in the Bulldog KIA Studio during a recent Mike Church Show.

I decided to open my heart, and mind, to getting a better understanding of why I believe what I believe. For me, this process has taken a few years. Chalk it up to be stubborn, or a slow reader perhaps? My goal was to be able to make a firm argument of why I felt that for 1500 years the church that Christ founded on Peter had really goofed up, thank goodness for Martin Luther swinging in to save the day like some comic book superhero to save us all from those crazy catholics.

Now, I reaffirm the quote from Cardinal Newman; to be deep in history is to cease to be Protestant. I’ve attended my first Mass and am working on the my conversion from Baptist to Roman Catholicism.

I certainly do not have all the answers, but I do know and trust in the Lord and I am eager to further my own understanding of the faith guided by the Church.

In closing, I want to reaffirm what you and the rest of the VRN team are doing daily. Your programming, your efforts, do not fall on deaf ears. I guarantee there are other men and women listening every day that struggle with how to make sense of the modern world. Talk radio was my security blanket for years, where I listened every day with the mindset (the prayer!) that once we get the “right people” into office, this ship called ‘Merica can be turned in the right direction by our power alone. Today I see the error of that thought. We must focus on the small kingdoms first. I must first get myself in line with the proper order and God, then I can help guide my family. Without the correct order you’re a rudderless boat floating on the ocean. As you quote often on the show, God

Veritas has been a true blessing in my life to help correct the order, and I wanted to share my story. Feel free to share this content if you like. I’m by no means the next G.K. Chesterton but hey you gotta start somewhere!

Will Stowe – Founder’s Pass member since 2015


Written by: MikeChurch

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