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Author: Aaron B

Time  Red Pill Topics & Headlines 6:03am cst Welcome to the Mike Church Show on Call the show            844-5CRUSADE   Make Canon212 your first place to get news each day. Canon212 – News of the Church and the World.   WELCOME – Glory and Shine to the Crusade Channel […]

#FreakyFriday Edition – Kayleigh McEnany Scorches Reporters, and Your Kids Dolls Are Grooming Them President Trump and Melania Test Positive for COVID-19 – So? Many are up in arms about President and First Lady Trump having tested positive for COVID-19.  But all they need to do is get on the Zelenko Protocol: “My name is […]

The Breakdown: TrumpZilla Dominates Creepy Joe Biden In The Debates. A Hands Down Victory For America Trumpzilla Scorches Joe Biden and Leaves Liberal Lies In His Wake Trump did exactly what he needs to do to shut up the lies of the liberal left. Joe was on adrenaline or adrenochrome or something like that.  That […]

No-Knock Warrants Are Unethical – And So Are Riots And Destructive Protesting Protests and Riots Heat Up in Louisville  Are no knock warrants ethical?  In a Biblical worldview (yes, the Bible does touch on this) do they present an ethical dilemma?  This is discussed and we talk about Brett Hankison: Ex-cop charged with shooting at […]

The Breakdown: The Democrats Are Planning A Full-On Coup Against Donald Trump With the Media, BLM, and Antifa in Full Tow! We Must Realize That The Dems Want Trump Gone at Any Cost The Dems have this fantasy that Trump will lose this election. Not simply losing but losing miserably. They’ve set out to ensure […]

Juan Williams Is Right – This Election Is About Good Vs. Evil; But On Which Side Does The Evil Live? The New Biden Ad Has Libs All In A Tizzy – And Jaun Williams Is One Of Them They love this attack on Donald Trump blaming him for everything that has happened: Latest @JoeBiden ad […]

Trump Wants to Stop Funding Cities Where Riots Are Raging.  Andrew Cuomo Took it Quite Well   Trump Orders Feds To Begin Process Of Defunding Lawless Cities “Our cities, and the millions of Americans who we represent, are not President Trump’s political pawns.  [No – but they are political pawns in your system] We are […]

Let all those who wish to defund police watch Portland and let that be your example When you defund police it won’t help. They’ll scale back to the bear essentials – ammo, guns, and protection for themselves.  Body cams?   Sorry, you defunded Dash cams? Sorry, you defunded Clean jails? Sorry, you defunded Better training for […]

The Breakdown: The Rioting Is Not Trump’s America – It’s The Demoncrats Route To Violently Overthrow the American Way Of Life It’s Time To Call Out the Demoncrats For Their Attack on America As much as the Demoncrats and leftist pundits want to say it, the state of the union as we now see it […]

The RNC Was Exactly What Our Torn, Beaten Down Country Needed  We All Need Some Positive Joy in Our Lives It was a great second night at the Republican National Convention (RNC) as speaker after speaker brought excellent points highlighting how American is the “Land of Opportunity.” What a great evening at the RNC.  Fantastic […]

The Breakdown: As School Starts Remember- Your Kids Are Racist And They Don’t Even Know It, And So Are You! Facebook Steps Up to Remove 1,000 Antifa and Riot-Affiliated Groups This is a stunner!  Facebook removes the terrostic groups and profiles.  But on wonders why they waited to long?  Perhaps the Democratic Convention held last week […]

DNC Has The MSM So Excited They Can’t Contain It Joe Biden Was On Something Look, there is NO WAY that Joe Biden wasn’t on something last night.  They gave him a shot of adrenaline.  Or maybe even some adrenochrome.  Yet the reaction from the left is reminiscent of an Obama-era second-coming-of-Jesus moment. Check out […]

Don’t Get in the Way of The Deep State PsyOp! They’ll Take Your Kids! The Deep State Does Not Want You Exposing Their Works of Darkness Millie Weaver, a correspondent for Infowars, was arrested on Friday for alleged burglary and domestic violence charges.  She was taken in front of her children with no paperwork, no […]

People Are Waking Up to the Social Media Company’s Who Have to Much Influence Over Politics A recent article in Zero Hedge shows that 75% of adults believe that social media companies wield too much sway over the politics in the United States. From the article: A new poll from Pew Research finds that 72% […]

The Time Of Demonic Attacks Is Upon Us – It’s Pandemonium There is a massive amount of demonic and spiritual attacks that are being leveled against all of humanity.  The country of origin doesn’t matter, nor does the particular political party.  There is no one who is safe from this onslaught of attack, not even those […]

The Breakdown: Kneeling Baseball Players, The National Anthem, and Politics in Sports Cincinnati Reds Players Knelt During the National Anthem – Snowflakes Melted It’s said that politics should be kept out of sports; but is addressing systemic racism political?  Or is it just about human rights?  Many have huge disagreements with sports players kneeling during […]

Federal Overreach In Portland Should Be A Big Concern for Everyone Personal COVID-19 Update So my family has been exposed to a couple of people that may have COVID-19 and we are anxiously awaiting to hear their results.  As such, it’s hunker down time which, to be honest, can get kind of boring.  However, if we are […]

Nick Cannon Was Fired – Are The Snowflakes on the Right Happy? The cancel culture has crept its way over to the right as we see Nick Cannon canceled for comments he made.  Why would the right freak out so much over the sacred right of free speech? Redemption is a quality lost completely on […]

Is Trump Pushing It Too Far With Social Media? Donald Trump Tweets That The Gentleman Who Was Pushed Over by the Police ‘Could Be’ an ANTIFA Protestor President Donald Trump made waves when he posted up an incendiary Tweet saying that Martin Gugino, a protestor pushed down by police causing him to hit his head […]

Rioting In Minnesota is Not Social Justice Outrage following the death of George Floyd in police custody has resulted in massive rioting.  Citizens have taken to the streets in largely peaceful protests to stand against racial injustice.  However, there were potentially foreign actors causing harm and damage which would give a bad name to those […]

The Breakdown – States Are Preparing to Knock on your door and whisk you away in the name of public health Benjamin Netanyahu Wants to Chip Children Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has faced severe backlash from privacy advocates after suggesting that children should be microchipped.  The chips will be used to ensure everyone is […]

The Breakdown – Freaky Friday Edition: Tracing and Forced Isolation are coming to a neighborhood near you Contact Tracing Goes to the Church Neighborhood Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas has introduced a new “10/10/10” rule for neighborhood businesses and churches.  You can only have ten people in your church or business, operate at ten percent […]

The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates with Matt Trewhella America is at a Crossroads There has never been a time in the history of our country like the epoch we are facing with the Coronavirus. Businesses have been required to shut down.  Some will never reopen their doors Nearly 30 million American’s are out of work […]

What is God Doing For You Through The Coronavirus? Arizona Sheriff’s Refuse to Enforce Unconstitutional Shutdown Orders Two sheriff’s in Arizona have stated that they will not enforce unconstitutional shutdown orders which gives us a great reminder that we need to develop relationships with our law enforcement officers in the community. Governor Cuomo Shows His […]

Protests In Michigan Didn’t Work; What’s The Next Move? Protesters stormed the capitol in Michigan on April 30th, 2020 to show their displeasure in the governor’s overreach during the COVID-19 crisis.  Yet it looked more the beginnings of a coup d’état in Michigan with armed citizens showing up in force.  However, even though they were […]

THE EVIDENCE IS IN: IT’S TIME TO GET BACK TO WORK AND RESTORE OUR ECONOMY Mike Dewine made his daily COVID19 TV appearance on Monday giving the normal, morbid, information about the current “pandemic.”  In his desire to get the economy rolling again he and the Ohio Department of Health said all Ohioans should wear […]

What is the future of voting in America? The Demoncrats are pushing for “mail in voting” and Faux New’s Juan Williams thinks it’s a great idea. Do the moves toward technocratic voter registrations in Zambia give us an inclination of what may be our future here in the United States? Not only are they capturing […]