The Breakdown: Juan Williams Is Right – This Election Is About Good Vs. Evil; But On Which Side Does The Evil Live?

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Juan Williams Is Right – This Election Is About Good Vs. Evil; But On Which Side Does The Evil Live?

The New Biden Ad Has Libs All In A Tizzy – And Jaun Williams Is One Of Them

They love this attack on Donald Trump blaming him for everything that has happened:

Juan Williams commented on The Five that this is an election between “good and evil.”  He has finally gotten something right!  This is an election between good and evil.  But the evil is not on the side they think.

BLM is purposely trying to conjure up spirits from the dead.

They are not conjuring up their ancestors – they are calling on demons and these demons are wreaking havoc on the earth while the Satanists and witches cackle into the night.

They do their libation – you’ve seen Boyz in the Hood where Doughboy pours out a drink of beer for his lost homies?  That’s a “libation.”

When you use these hashtags they are invoking spirits and inviting spirits to come into your home, your mind.

What does this say about Naomi Osaka bearing the names of the black men and women killed in police custody?

This brings a whole new understanding to “say their names.”

Richard Barrett retweeted a tweet recently from “Pink News” which simply said this:  “Just a Reminder that Republican lawmakers want to make child drag shows illegal.”

Thank you for the reminder, Pink News!  It’s greatly appreciated because some will forget the exploitation of children.   We are very glad that Republican lawmakers want to make child drag shows illegal.

Juan Williams Just Doesn’t Get It

During the discussion with the other hosts, Greg Gutfeld commented that Jaun suddenly cares about the violence because he read a report on the “Proud Boys” to which Williams incredulously asks, “What violence?”  The other hosts are stunned as such a ridiculous question.

This denies facts completely!  Not only do we see the daily reports from the violence and rioting in the cities proving such ridiculous assertions false; we also know that if there were just an inkling of “peaceful” in any of these protests the media would report that alongside the terror with the chyron “Trump’s America and Biden’s America.”

Where are the violent white protesters?  Where are the violent rioters who attack democratic senators and speakers after the DNC?  Where is the footage of white supremacists who destroy their neighborhoods? Invisible enemies like “systemic racism” or “institutionalized racism” must be created due to a lack of evidence for real white supremacy.

Get all of this and more on today’s episode of The Breakdown.

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