Celebrating Mother’s Day is A Celebrating the Creation Story; Happy Mother’s Day Eve! – The Mike Church Show

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Mandeville, La

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It’s Mother’s Day Weekend:

  • The celebration of genealogy.
  • Mother’s Day you could say, especially for the Christian, we came from Adam and Eve. A celebration of the creation narrative.
  • We didn’t come from apes, if we did, why are there still apes? Wouldn’t they have evolved by now? Wouldn’t there no longer be apes if that were the case?
  • Celebrate the power God gave to woman to create life, to carry life, to nurture life.
  • If there is no Saint Monica, there would be no Saint Augustine.
  • There are no women before Eve!

EXCERPT from Humility of Heart

  • Acknowledge the debt owed to your mother and to God for blessing us with the first mother.


Golden Truth Ticket Soundbite

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Humility of Heart excerpt – Lesson 100

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HEADLINE: A Centerfold and a Lesson From Mom by Mike Kerrigan




The 2nd Amendment

  • Your state Constitution has a clause in it, the right to keep and bear arms. You don’t really need the 2nd amendment.
  • We weren’t meant to have a standing army.
  • Read Article I Section 8 and show me where it says there is supposed to be a standing army.
  • If you remove the standing army and read the 2nd amendment again what does it say?
  • How would you defend yourself if there is no standing army?
  • Doesn’t God play a role in your right to defend yourself?

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 HEADLINE: Boy Scouts Lose 425,000 Boys 1 Week After Announcing Name Change by Joe Saunders
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Special Friday Guest Debbie Schlussel with her weekly movie reviews –

  • I feel it may be good for the girls to do more of the things with the boys because the Girl Scouts is terrible. I hope this KILLS the Girl Scouts!
  • Breaking In (worth seeing)
  • Life Of The Party (not worth seeing)
  • Disobedience (not worth seeing)

Discussion on Avengers – Infinity War

Discussion on The Summit


 Ya momma was Preaux Life, dawlin!  Best bumpersticker ever!


HEADLINE: With great ‘Pride,’ 23 Major League Baseball teams to host pro-homosexual nights by Calvin Freiburger

  • Homosexuality means the end of the species! Why would you celebrate that?
  • Who enjoys going to the ballpark in the summer? KIDS


Caller Tony from Georgia –

  • Twins are doing very well and the mom is doing very well also.
  • Both are over 3lbs and they are eating, pooping, sleeping and growing and that’s all we keep praying for.


Back to HEADLINE: Major League Baseball

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 Academy of Philosophy and Letters

HEADLINE: Catholic Universities


Caller Roy in Ohio

  • MLB mentioned some of the teams that are going gay do you know which ones aren’t going gay?
  • The pay it forward program for the Golden Truth Tickets is a great idea!


How to get more youths into the school. Results are there need to be horny boys and more slutty type girls and that will attract more Catholics to the university.


HEADLINE: It’s Bolton’s and Bibi’s Agenda Now by Pat Buchanan

  • What we did was an act of war!
  • So who is the actual ‘bad’ guy?
  • I think they intend to start a war, they want a war and they will get one even if they have to lie to start one.
  • Regime change in Iran, what business is it of ours?
  • How many lives and souls have been lost?
  • What are our accomplishments?


Caller Dan

  • Catholic University
  • Claes G. Ryn professor at Catholic University
  • You would expect to see a crucifix in every classroom. This university still has all of that.


HEADLINE: Israel Nudges Trump Towards War With Iran by Robert W. Merry

  • The Russian people don’t hate Americans. They want peace, they don’t want war with the US.
  • Why we think their leader is so evil when Putin hasn’t attacked anyone.
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