Congratulations Gal Queda: Now Women Objectify THEMSELVES… To Teenage Boys

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Mandeville, LA – With special guest Brother André Marie, Mike covers the biggest stories of the day including the ridiculous adult cowering before the “Match For Our Lives” teens. The tragedy of what Gal Queda has done to the family and the women who were its backbone.



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HEADLINE: Mass Media, Mass Movement by Rod Dreher

  • Fundamental foundational problem in that there doesn’t seem to be an off switch.
  • The solution to the fall is the faith. If you accept that, then there is an off switch.
  • We are existing on the fumes leftover from Christendom.
  • Why aren’t we discussing the laws that prevent children that have issues be kicked out of school?
  • The 2nd amendment per say is NOT one of these!
  • Simple explanation of how the 2nd amendment is meant to be applied.
  • If we applied the 2nd amendment correctly, this situation we see ourselves in wouldn’t be happening. Thanks NRA for misleading the American public!
  • Where are the survivors of the children that were actually killed during this Florida shooting.
  • Emma Gonzalez – image of her ripping the Constitution (that was totally a fake) meant to drive you into a frenzy.
  • The TRUTH has become the ‘casualty’ in most conversations these days.
  • This all goes back to bad philosophy.


The Young Karl Marx – the movie

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VIDEO/AUDIO: Judge Napolitano

“John Bombing Bolton”



HEADLINE: John Bolton’s History of Tirades and Dirty Tricks by Daniel R. Depetris

  • He takes the national security bureaucracy by the horns and is not afraid to play dirty.

Replay of Judge Nepalitano audio/video

  • Absence or organization, don’t you think that is the problem to begin with? If that is true…If there is only anarchy, then the Constitution does not apply. This is absolute nonsense.

Back to Headline – Depetris

War drunk madness!

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 Caller Brian from Long Island –

  • Trump is surrounding himself with knuckleheads. All they want to do is bomb, bomb, bomb!
  • Joe Bolton from the 3 Stooges
  • Trying to gain my faith back. Praying the rosary is the best way to get back to your faith.
  • Our Lady of Perpetual Help


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Back to Headline: Depetris

  • Bolton is unfit for the job because he acts upon the things that he threatens.



 Special Guest Brother Andre Marie –

  • I agree with Patrick J Buchanan, Russia is part of the West
  • The French and the Germans were struggling, have various movements wanting to pull Russia.
  • Russian orthodox mind is a complex beast!
  • Firm in the convicted opinion it will take the Russian Orthodox into communion of the Catholic Church.
  • What I saw at the (w)REC in LA
  • Cardinal Kasper – Africans think homosexuality is taboo. Read an article about this here: Africans Criticize Cardinal Kasper’s Remarks by Matthew Schmitz
  • Germans and Prussians
  • Why is today known as Spy Wednesday?
  • What is Tenebrae? (Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday) The Tenebrae Mass and the 15 candles that are extinguished.

Tonight on ReConquest The Harrowing of Hell

He Descended Into Hell by Brother Andre Marie

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 HEADLINE: Teacher Allegedly Performed Oral Sex on 13-year old in School Classroom

  • How does this fit in with the #MeToo Movement?
  • Why aren’t the students marching on this? Stop the perverts!


  • Angelina mentioned she didn’t think there would be a need for a father in her kids lives.
  • Chris Pratt and Anna Faris example
  • God himself is the author of ‘marriage’. It is NOT a purely human institution.
  • This is straight out of Catechism teaching from the Vatican website.
  • God’s law is eternal and transcendent.
  • This all stems from disordered thinking.
  • Women wanted to be equal so they can commit crimes of immoral men?



Caller William from NY –

  • Why are the numbers in line with historical averages? Why aren’t the early teenage numbers growing?
  • With what we see as aberrant behavior, has now become something normal and good.
  • There is very little Catechism in the homes today, proper role of sex and marriage.
  • Girls that identify as lesbians and/or Trans-N-abler’s. Girls are being pressured into having sex at such a young age this has a lot to do with it.
  • What difference does it make? Let them do what they want to do? Moral Anarchy
  • Best anti-war movies The Sound of Music and Fiddler on the Roof


 Special Guest on Skype Rick Barrett –

  • On Today’s Barrett Brief: Mark Noonan author of “The Worst President In History”
  • Where should we go with Trump and Bomb Them All Bolton as a Catholic?
  • Bolton is an absolute maniac! He doesn’t have a single issue with killing people.
  • Bolton is the ultimate beta-male


 Special Guest Gregory Carpenter aka Junkbond

  • Bomb Them All Bolton
  • He doesn’t have a problem sending YOUR kids into war. His will be safe and sound in DC.
  • Today’s Reverse Deception – TWA flight 800 that exploded over Long Island, we will discuss with these new declassified files, how badly the FBI lied to us.
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