CRUSADING Against Devils In The City of Angels, With Jesse Romero

Written by on 09/30/2019

CRUSADING Against Devils In The City of Angels, With Jesse Romero

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Special Guest Jesse Romero author of The Devil in the City of Angels

Jesse Romero website:

ABOUT JESSE: With the same passion and commitment that made him a three-time World Police Olympics boxing champion, a former U.S.A. middleweight kickboxing champion and a retired veteran of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, Jesse shares Catholic teaching with an exciting style that is guaranteed to strengthen, edify and fortify you with a deeper love for God! 

  • The majority of these guys said in their reports they did what they did b/c they were Satanists or devil worshipers etc.
  • 60% of them had claimed they did it for Satan.
  • Just say Jesus is Lord, and they would get a Captains meal. 
  • #LowInformationCatholic
  • They simply couldn’t say it. Their bodies began to shake, their knees started buckling and their mouths were basically closed shut. They had no control over it.
  • You should always take advantage of adoration. 
  • Take every opportunity to spend time with the Divine.
  • Demons are real, Satan makes humans do terrible things to other humans.
  • One thing the Demons hate, they hate her…Mother Mary. They FEAR her. They are in perpetual fear of Mother Mary.
  • The worship of Satan, Santa Muerte (female skeleton) 
  • This is straight up devil worshiping happening. This is evil and demonic.
  • Primary Evil & Secondary Evil
  • Primary Evil – principalities rulers in high places he is referring to demons (St. Paul)
  • Secondary Evil – you and I that are humans or useful idiots
  • Jesus 911 â€“ all of us are serious Catholics we  put out a strong message everyday to the first responders. We talk about taking their faith seriously.
  • Rosary prayer groups are making a comeback, you have men getting together to study their faith…all of this is uplifting. 
  • If you stay in a state of grace, the demons are lazy, you are too difficult for them.
  • The best shield of armor against demons is to live in a state of grace.
  • Living in a rightful path with God. Living without mortal sin and constantly trying to keep the temptation of venial sins away.
  • Stay protected from the Diabolical! 
  • Feeling the “presence of evil” – sometimes when you encounter evil, it will linger around you for a few days. It will crop up in thoughts of sin, bad dreams etc
  • You must keep praying the rosary every day, especially in Latin!
  • 3 Hail Mary’s when you wake up and 3 Hail Mary’s before you go to bed. (Protect me purity and chastity)
  • The 3 Hail Mary Devotion â€“ I will protect you throughout the day from mortal sin. I will protect you from mortal sin throughout the night and she will appear to you at the time of your death.
  • An AR-53 

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