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The Healthcare System – Democratic Debate 

AUDIO: last nights CNBC coverage of the Democratic Debate

  • Here we have the 1st candidate now publicly saying “every single healthcare provider should also pay for your abortion too”.
HEADLINE: Viral Photo Shows A Father And Daughter Who Drowned Crossing The Border. The Story Behind The Image Proves Why We Need A Wall. by Matt Walsh

From the Crusader Room VIP FB Page – JAS WIL: “While I am saddened by their deaths and will pray for their souls, this is NOT an issue of immigration nor of hard-heartness. This is an issue of prudence and patience and ultimately justice. The parents decided to flee from their country and take upon themselves mortal danger in a journey that is fraught with peril. They decided to be impatient with the long lines at the border crossing and tried to swim across a river which added to the danger and ultimately cost the father and daughter their lives. The justice lies in the existence of laws and procedures and the total disregard for them combined with the aforementioned imprudence and impatience cost two people their lives. Nothing could have changed in policy nor through charity that would have altered this sad outcome. Please do not try to argue emotionally with me until you can tell me the dangers they faced in El Salvador were any less than those of the journey and decisions that cost two lives. Unfortunately, there are groups and agitators who have lied to and convinced these poor people that the peril at home is greater than the journey and that somehow the “American dream” is a 3 weeks walk and an asylum claim away.”

17m Back To Last Nights Democratic Debate – 

AUDIO: Gun Control, 9/11 and War






HEADLINE: First Debate Proved The Democratic Party Has Gone ¡Loco! by David Harsanyi  

  • “Democrats keep offering added enticement for thousands of Central American migrants to risk their lives, and the lives of their children, crossing deserts and dangerous rivers to enter an already overtaxed immigration system.”
  • You live in Texas, your country is Texas.
  • Texans should have their National Guard out in full force on that border.
  • They should be patrolling that thing every second of every day.
  • Everyone on the stage last night said it is a RIGHT to abort your child up until death.
38m HEADLINE: The Wild West Of Male Sexual Desire by Rod Dreher

  • “And yet what actually happened? Gay rights grew more powerful, not less; the AIDS crisis resulted in stories that showed gay men as suffering victims who cared for and loved each other as they died in terribly tearjerking ways.”( Think of the movies Longtime Companion & Philadelphia)

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BACK TO HEADLINE: The Wild West Of Male Sexual Desire by Rod Dreher

  • You have Drag Queen story hour etc popping up all over the United States.











Author of The Death of Liberty, A State of Treason, Purge on the Potomac

  • Let’s go back to the beginning, I was audited every single year of the Obama administration.
  • I spent more on tax auditors etc than I have ever spent on taxes!
  • I was even on the no fly list and held for 12 hours in Mexico.
  • How did the best country in the world allow this KGB type IRS group to come to power?
  • This is what led me to writing this book.
  • When I saw the photos of that dead father and his daughter, it is absolutely horrible. Unfortunately I have seen a ‘real’ drowning victim. I’m not trying to say this man and child didn’t drown but they don’t look like any drowning victim I have ever seen.
  • What was the Founders intent?
  • Federal Taxes
  • What if you could allocate your taxes?
  • If you said you wanted zero to go to Planned Parenthood, zero to foreign aid etc?
  • How many useless organizations would shrivel up and go away
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 Special Guest – Joseph Pearce


  • It is 92 degrees here and I had to shut the window so there will be no rooster today.
  • Did you know you were being signed up for this much talking? 900 minutes this year!
  • I actually have to work this year, but don’t worry there will still be plenty of time for drinking.
  • You will be able to listen to ALL FIVE days of this conference HERE on the Crusade Channel.
  • His first book was in 2009 GC Dilsaver.
  • 2,783 books have been written….no just kidding about 25 or so I have authored.
  • Beowulf – I learned from your recent book on this.
  • The Battle of Lepanto – nobility, foolishness and knighthood
  • Beowulf movie 2007 starring Anthony Hopkins, and Angelia Jolie
  • Owen Chase – In the Heart of the Sea w/ Chris Hemsworth

AUDIO/VIDEO: In The Heart Of The Sea 

  • NOLA the heart of the Catholic faith.
  • Southern Hospitality comes from the Catholic roots.

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