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Demoncrats: “Reality Is What WE Say It Is & Trump Colluded With The Guy From Ancient Aliens & Russians!”

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Inspector General Report

FBI Did In-Fact Spy On Donald Trump During Campaign 








HEADLINE: FBI Knew The Steele Dossier Was Highly Dubious As Early As January 2017, But Still Relied On It For FISA Renewals by Erielle Davidson

  • If you know anything about this, it could be used against myself or you.
  • FISA Warrant – 
  • Christopher Steele – once British spy
  • The Democrats have redacted the name in the report, for all we know it is this guy Christopher Steele.

HEADLINE: A Trail of FBI Abuse by The Editorial Board

  • I know several ‘former’ FBI agents. They all retired at a very young age.
  • I know many ‘former’ military personal that retired early b/c they couldn’t take it any more. They say the military is some kind of sexual experiment and that isn’t what they signed up for.
  • SIDE BAR – Facebook can go to Mordor, hire a couple of lobbyist, pay them a couple of million and get bills passed in Facebook’s favor.
  • Now imagine a scenario where the Federal Government goes bankrupt b/c the states take back their sovereignty. 
  • Now Facebook would have to hire lobbyist in EVERY SINGLE STATE!
  • A far larger task!


 HEADLINE: 5 Infuriating Takeaways From The ‘Afghanistan Papers’ by Barbara Boland  

  • The United States allocated more than $133 billion to build Afghanistan.
  • U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)
  • By the way USAID comes up when I talk to Michael Hichborn all the time.



  • Investigation into, at the time civilian, Donald Trump.
  • This citizen had been filing multi-billion dollar tax returns for YEARS.
  • QUESTION: What evidence was there that warranted the full force of the FBI to be brought down upon his head?
  • QUESTION: No matter how they spin this, what occurred here?
  • QUESTION: Who was President at the time?
  • ANSWER: Barack Obama

Congressional Budget Process – Titles I through IX of the law are also known as the Congressional Budget Act of 1974. Title II created the Congressional Budget Office. Title III governs the procedures by which Congress annually adopts a budget resolution, a concurrent resolution that is not signed by the President, which sets fiscal policy for the Congress. This budget resolution sets limits on revenues and spending that may be enforced in Congress through procedural objections called points of order. The budget resolution can also specify that a budget reconciliation bill be written, which the Congress will then consider under expedited procedures.


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Impeachment Hearings Continue –

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  • It will continue to crank out more error.


AUDIO: Impeachment Hearings

AUDIO/VIDEO: Rep Louie Gohmert R-TEXAS 1st Disrict

  • President Trump can fire anyone he wants! He is the President. 
  • 2 Direct Evidence Witnesses
  • #KangarooCourt 
  • Rep Louie is 100% spot on with his assessment of this Impeachment circus.
  • Nixon actually committed a crime. 
  • President Trump hasn’t committed a crime.
  • FROM THE CRUSADER STADIUM: Our system of gubmint is irrevocably broken. Too many entrenched thieves and too much money and power are at stake. Nothing can fix it, short of divine intervention because they will fight to the death to keep their privilege. 
  • QUESTION: What have the Democrats done since they got it back?
   Pornography Ban – 

Amanda Prestigiacomo Tweets: I (wrongly imo) accepted the libertarian position on porn as the conservative position. While considering & exploring arguments to regulate/ban, the backlash by pro-porn folks on the right has really cemented my thinking that I was very wrong to accept porn as accessible as is.

QUESTION: Can you watch porn without the mortal sin?

ANSWER: NO because there was a mortal sin in creating it.

   HEADLINE: Porn isn’t free speech — on the web or anywhere by Sohrab Ahmari
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House Democrats Announce Articles of Impeachment

  1. Abuse of Power
  2. Obstructing Congress 
  • Constitution? Fat Jerry couldn’t find it even if it was in a Big Mac.
  • They think this is going to swing middle moderates to the Democratic side.
  • I think this is going to have the opposite effect they hope for.
  • These Dems have just told the world reality is what THEY say it is.
  • There is nothing credible here.
  • These are just made for TV moments.
  • Who ran it in 1998? Congressman Lindsey Graham @LindseyGrahamSC
  • They said he has already proven to have colluded w/ the Ukraines…but he hasn’t!

HEADLINE: IG Report: FBI Doctored Evidence To Falsely Paint Carter Page As Russian Spy by Sean Davis

  • Political bias is on display here.




















 Special Guest Michael Hichborn founder of the Lepanto Institute 

Follow Michael Hicbhorn here: 

  • This is all going to fall in the dust those that survive will persevere and push forward toward Christ.
  • It isn’t depression but we can certainly think, gosh how much worse can it get?

HEADLINE: Survey of Amazon Synod Final Doc: Vatican II with an Amazonian Face by Matt Gaspers

  • Here it comes, we are going to have Bishops go against Traditional Priests now.
  • They are going to refuse to abide by these ‘new’ rules like women performing the Priestly duties.
  • “We assure women’s place in leadership and formation. We ask that the Motu Propio of St. Paul VI, Ministeria quaedam (1972) be revised, so that women who have been properly trained and prepared can receive the ministries of Lector and Acolyte, among others to be developed.” (n. 102, emphasis added)
  • QUESTION: How do you go back and EDIT an existing Motu Propio?
  • HICHBORN ANSWERS: You don’t you have to submit a NEW Motu Propio.
  • “The notion that women could validly “receive the ministries of Lector and Acolyte” – roles which have always been reserved to men – is absolutely opposed to Sacred Tradition and canon law.” 
  • The smoke of Satan – 
  • Everything we are seeing now from Pope Francis is poisonous fruit.
  • They have been saying this is were we are going and it is here.

HEADLINE: INTRODUCTION TO POWER ANIMALS by St. Mary Monastery Sisters of St. Benedict Rock Island, Illinois

AUDIO/VIDEO: Open Invitation to Ralph McCloud for Public Dialogue

  • Only an insane person would say we should be funding our enemies, but that is what the CCHD does as well as CRS.
  • USAID – 
  • Gemma Anastasia Hichborn – will be coming soon in the next 5 days
  • Gemstone of the Resurrection 
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  CrossTalk with Richard Barrett host of The Barrett Brief 
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