A 4th Birthday Celebration Of How Our REAL Friends Saved The CRUSADE!

Written by on 11/12/2019

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 Caller Doug from Chicago – 

  • Doug has been our 1st caller for every milestone of the Crusade Channel.
  • QUESTION: Where do we wish to be one year from now?
  • I’m heading to the school board meeting to ask them what they plan on doing for the Pro-Life month of January.

HEADLINE: The Trial Of Conservative Catholicism by Rod Dreher



 QUESTION: What name did He use for the Apostles? 

ANSWER: He called them FRIENDS!

HEADLINE: Even Saints Need Friends by Auguste Meyrat

  • “This is because friendliness is not the same as friendship, which is what organizations neglect and undermine when they institute what amounts to surface-level remedies to deep-seated problems.”
  • True friendship matters.
  • When I left Sirius/XM I had tons of friends that fled. I only hear from them when they are me to pimp something of theirs.
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   BACK TO HEADLINE – Even Saints Need Friends

  • Brotherhood, true friendship, laying your life down to save your friend.
  • Knights of the ROUND table.


Back to Caller Cindy from Florida – 

  • Texting vs Calling
  • Tech Support – over the phone is far superior than email  
  BACK TO HEADLINE – Even Saints Need Friends

QUESTION: What is the greatest gift a MAN has to give?


  • “13 Greater love than this no man hath, that a man lay down his life for his friends. 14 You are my friends, if you do the things that I command you. 15 I will not now call you servants: for the servant knoweth not what his lord doth. But I have called you friends. because all things, whatsoever I have heard of my Father, I have made known to you.” John
   Caller A-aron from Illinois =

  • 3 Marks of Manhood
  • We have let these things happen as men.
  • We need to get out of the recliner and handover the clicker.
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   Caller Our Favorite Farmer Mitter Mundy from New Jersey – 

  • It is a rainy, snowy day for us here in New Jersey.
  • I have tons of Turkeys ready for your auctions!
  • I have from 4-6 turkeys for you this year.
 2h7m  HEADLINE: YouTube says it can delete your account if you’re not ‘commercially viable’ by Matt Binder

















 Special Guest Michael Hichborn founder of the Lepanto Institute

Follow Michael Hichborn here: @MichaelHichborn @LepantoInst www.lepantoin.org

  • The Lepanto Institute is 5 years old too!
  • Updated/New Message from Our Lady of Akita
  • Meteor exploded over 3 states last night in Missouri.


AUDIO/VIDEO: Meteor that exploded

HEADLINE: Our Lady of Akita :  Akita-Shi, Japan 1973

  • Sister Agnes Katsuko Sasagawa

HEADLINE: Vatican envoy tells U.S. bishops to get in line with Pope Francis in ‘bomb-drop’ address by Lianne Laurence

PDF FILE of ADDRESS : Address of His Excellency Archbishop Christophe Pierre Apostolic Nuncio to the United States of America USCCB General Assembly, Baltimore, Maryland 

HEADLINE: POPE SACHS CHURCH: Vatican Embraces United Nations Goals by Michael J. Matt

  • Sustainable Development Goals –
  • AUDIO/VIDEO: Laudato Si’ animation for children | CAFOD
  • This video is basically an attempt to indoctrinate our children w/ global warming lies.
  • Dr Chester Middlebrook Pierce – He was a Senior Psychiatrist at Massachusetts General Hospital, where he spent much of his career. He was also a psychiatrist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for almost 25 years. Dr. Pierce was revered by his many students of all backgrounds and ethnic groups as a brilliant, scholarly, kind, and humble professor who brought great dignity and honor to his profession and the Harvard community. He was a visionary pioneer in the field of global mental health. His wisdom continues to guide us today.
  • Pagan practice of Earth worshipping.
  • Amazon synod – widespread adulation for this Pachamama idol.
  • Pope Francis – Amoris Laetitia 
  • Father Kenneth Allen Twitter – “No one’s demanding the accompaniment envisioned by “Amoris Laetitia”.  We’re already doing that. The entire thing needs more thought and prayer.”
  • John Zmirak Tweets – “ Time to ditch the ambiguous, now politicized “Magisterium.” We want the Deposit of Faith, passed on from the Apostles, not some Moscow Party Line that erases the past, imposed by the Ministry of Truth.”
  • Mike Church covers the USCCB recent elections – 
  Cross Talk with Richard Barrett – host of The Barrett Brief 
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