Why Catholics Should Smile Every Time A “Hail Mary Pass” Is Thrown

Written by on 10/15/2019

Why Catholics Should Smile Every Time A “Hail Mary Pass” Is Thrown

12 October 2019 – The Saint Benedict Center – Richmond New Hampshire

The KingDude gives you an insight into the True meaning of Roger Staubach’s 1975 “Hail Mary” pass and the incredible amount of Catholicity hiding in plain sight in almost every sport imaginable!

The date was December 28, 1975.

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This is the NFL play that came to be known as “The Hail Mary” pass.

VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZEZKpY8t4EQ

The man throwing the ball was Roger Staubach the man catching the ball was Drew Pearson.

A few years ago, while addressing students at a Catholic school’s career day in Dallas, Staubach encouraged those present to remain strong in the faith through any adversity.

“Life has its twists and turns… The important thing is having the perseverance to maintain…I could have said the ‘Our Father’ or ‘The Glory Be.’ It could be the ‘Glory Be Pass’… The Blessed Virgin is very proud of me. We have a great relationship because of that…”

This is an epic, inspirational talk from The KingDude, Mike Church!


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