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The CRUSADE Covid Chronicles-A History of 2020 As It Happened

today 02/13/2023

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In this one-of-a-kind year long feature project, The CRUSADE Channel takes listeners back to the horrid year that was 2020 in a way only we can: through the daily broadcasts of The Mike Church Show as The CoronaDoom™ dawned and turned into the life ruining, lockdown hell on earth that it became and then through the s0s0 stolen election and the Biden coup that came after it. Mike Church, a then 29 year Talk Radio vet was not fooled for a minute by any of the Covid deception that is still wreaking its political, cultural, economic and spiritual destruction.

Buckle up, the horror begins with a the February 13th, 2020 show that picks up shortly after Shampeachment 1.0 was just concluding and the Doom was making its Great Reset march, as planned, through every institution in ‘Muricah save for The CRUSADE Channel.

Begin 02/13/2023 H 12:00 pm
End 02/27/2023 H 3:00 pm