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Free Farm Friday-Up In Smoke! How Did 18,000 Milk Cows Spontaneously Combust?

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Free Farm Friday

Farmer Brian K from Texas 

Farmer Dan M from New Jersey

  • There is a 3 prong attempt to kill us all.
  • Starve us our or let us die of thirst. 

Question: How much ground can 18,000 cows cover?

  • Based on the size of an average adult cow, 18,000 cattle standing 3 to 4 feet apart could cover 26 football fields. 
  • Gfeller said malfunctioning farm equipment may have caused the explosion. Texas fire officials were investigating.
  • Castro County is the second-highest-producing county in Texas, with 15 dairies yielding 148 million pounds of milk a month, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. 
  • You can thank environmental regulations for pushing these dairies out in Texas.
  • North of Austin and SW of Fort Worth they were high producing milk area.
  • Late 1990’s they tested the water and they decided to start regulating the elements in the water
  • They forced these small dairies to sell to the government, close down or move.
  • Smaller dairies couldn’t keep up w/ the regulations thus you get this super large dairy places where they house 18,000 cows.
  • Regulations actually make a worse environmental issue b/c it makes BIGGER farms that are out of scale and they actually pollute MORE than a smaller in scale local farm.
  • They can’t use mass grave per Texas Commission regulations, so where and how will they dispose of all of these cows?
  • There are a lot of things that have to be done to a remains but can the remains be used for dog food. 
  • You have a few other things that they feed, some grass additives and other things.
  • These are just milking cows and sometimes they do go dry.
  • If you are finishing beef or milking your grain rations come in.
  • 180,000 lbs of grain a DAY was used to feed these animals.
  • This grain was being transported by rail to this farm.

Written by: Justin Redman