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The Mike Church Show

Our Demonic Descent From Household To Nation

The descent began when we allowed homosexuality into our homes. The line was people should be free to love to who they want. Instead of accepting this, we should have pushed back. Mike Church breaks down an eye-opening essay. This essay talks about how the people should have done more than just push back on this ideology. They should have rejected it out right. They should have stood up for […]

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Parrott Talk- The USSA’s Top Secret War On Americans Part 3

The riveting conclusion to the top secret document found on a copier machine.  Mike Parrott takes the lessons learned in parts one and two and puts it all together. He will reveal the final plan and the plan's execution. Mike also compares this document to everything we are experiencing today. The actions the elites took to enforce Covid mandates, resemble the plan. The great divide, also a part of this […]

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The Mike Church Show

The Mike Church Show-The Biden Inquiry Is Not A Shampeachment, It’s A Mercy

Time  Red Pill Topics & Headlines 6:03am cst Welcome to the Mike Church Show on www.crusadechannel.com Call the show  844-5CRUSADE   Did you miss yesterday's LIVE Mike Church Show? Worry not, you can listen to all previously aired shows at the new CRUSADE MAX - https://podcasts.crusadechannel.com   HEADLINE RUNDOWN   Meatball Looting in Philadelphia  She live streamed herself looting a liquor store, an Apple store and a Foot Locker. She was […]

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The Early Show

The Early Show- Brits Are Smarter Than Muricans

There's a perception that the British are smarter than their American cousins. This is due to language. The British use words that are intellectually stimulating while their cousins across the Atlantic use slang and common speak. Fiorella discusses the differences in the ways Americans and British speak the same language. This may or may not include how the two spell the same words differently. The only way to find out, […]

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The Mike Church Show

Heroes, Incompetents And Goats of GOP Debate And 2022 Campaign with Mahgdalene Rose

SPECIAL GUEST  Mahgdalen Rose Political Reporter  We are all good people and it is all okay, Vivek kinda’ came across as a ‘friendly’ way. That might play out as a bad thing for his campaign. QUESTION: Who made the biggest gaff of last night? ANSWER: I have seen a lot of memes and talk and social media buzz over it. It has kept him in the media cycle which might […]

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Parrott Talk-The USSA’s Top Secret War On Americans Part 2

The USSA's quiet revolution was launched decades ago. According to a manual found on a printer, the USSA is using government organizations, industry and other means to social engineer Americans into complete obedience.  Mike Parrott revealed in part one the insidious plan thought of by American and global elites decades ago. He analyzed how the elites intend to enact their top secret war on Americans. On this episode, Mike breaks […]

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