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The Early Show

The Mid-Day Show- Don’t Take Your Citizenship For Granted

Shamima Begum has learned a valuable lesson about citizenship. Nine years ago she ran away to become an Isis bride.  She would learn that her decision had dire consequences and when she discovered her mistake it was too late.  When she finally escaped she learned she could not return home, because her English citizenship was revoked.  Since then she has fought to regain her citizenship, but to no avail.  Fiorella […]

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Parrott Talk-Around The World: The World Is Getting Rounder

Our world is getting rounder.  Well, the people of earth are getting rounder.  A new study shows there are more obese people than those who are under weight.  However, you can not say anything about these obese people. You can not shame them like we do with smokers.  In fact corporations like airlines are bending over backwards to accommodate the horizontally challenged. Of course Big Pharma, and Big Food love […]

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The Mike Church Show

The Mike Church Show-How WW II Myths Gave Us Transmania

SPECIAL GUEST  Frank Wright Follow Frank via Substack - https://frankwright.substack.com/ Follow Frank on Twitter - @frankwrighter  Burning books - done by the Nazis. They weren’t burning books on Marxism they were burning books on sexual revolution and the book created by Magnus that coined the term transgender. They were sexual extremists. Genital mutilation was a highlight in their works. HEADLINE: TransFormation by Frank Wright  1897 - First Gay Rights Movement  […]

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The Early Show

The Mid-Day Show- The One With Grudges

Do you hold a grudge?  Fiorella was watching a show about wrestlers who finally resolved their decades old grudge. This show made her wonder about the grudges that she holds and if in fact they are grudges.  A few chatters from the CRUSADE Radio Network Chatroom revealed their grudges and if they resolved them.  Fiorella also reveals why some people avoid high school reunions due to said grudges or people […]

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Parrott Talk-The Ugly Fantasy Of The Transgenda

Libtards and their transgenda has done more to set back women's rights than any other Conservative agenda.  Male athletes who can't beat other males, claim they are women so they can win.  Male convicts know they will can hang in a male prison so they claim to be trans, and force them to be placed in a female prison.  Fear and incompetence are not the only reasons why males would […]

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Parrott Talk-Now Here’s A Word From Our World War III Sponsor, The C.I.A.

The next President of the United States will not start World War III, that privilege belongs to the C.I.A.  The secretive intelligence agency is once again the middle of a controversy.  A new report shows they have 12 bases in Ukraine, and the bases have been there since 2014.  Mike Parrott breaks down this report and he exposes why the bases are there. He also reveals why people like Lindsey […]

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The Early Show

The Mid-Day Show-How Do We Create Regulations For New And Future Drivers?

Lawmakers in England are pushing for a drastic change in the Road Traffic Act.  If they get their way, any driver under the age of 25 can not have a passenger in their car.  Sharron Huddlestone has pushed for this radical change in the law when she lost her daughter in a traffic accident.  Huddlestone and others say that young drivers do not have the experience necessary to handle wet […]

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