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Andrew Klavan

The Mike Church Show

Yes! Andrew Klavan, Christ Is King And You Are No Friends To Little Ben Shapiro

SPECIAL GUEST Brother Andre Marie Follow Brother on Gab and Twitter - @Brother_Andre Host of ReConquest heard only on the Crusade Channel AUDIO/VIDEO: Daily Wire host Andrew Klavan - on ‘Christ is King’ being shouted or spoken to Jewish people.  He would lose his position “in this world”. The idea that there is something wrong w/ saying that is anti-semitic is ridiculous. It isn’t that you have insulted my ‘tribe’ […]

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The Mike Church Show

Kat Willams Was Right And Puff The Nasty Rapper Appears To Be Rap’s Epstein

SPECIAL GUEST  Richard Barrett AUDIO/VIDEO: Katt Williams Predicts the Raid on Diddy Back in January - All of these big d*ck deviants is all catching hell in 2024. It’s up for all of them. It don’t matter if you Diddy, or whoever you is. All lies will be exposed in 30 years. I’ve done nothing but collect information, knowledge and your secrets. I know so many things I shouldn’t know, […]

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Parrott Talk-The Feds Raid Puff The Nasty Rapper’s Home

The Feds raided the homes of Sean P Diddy Combs.  The raids are related to the current legal issues of the rapper, which include sex trafficking. Agents stormed his homes in Los Angeles and Miami and they were looking for cell phones and computers.  Mike Parrott discussed the legal issues of Puff The Nasty Rapper, but this raid takes his charges to an all new level.  Mike reveals why the […]

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Parrott Talk- Ireland Wakes Up

The Irish are awake, and they are done with progressive ideology.  They are done with forced immigration, they are done with the attacks on their culture and their thoughts, but most of all they are done with people like former Prime Minister Leo Varadkar.  They are fed with the people  like Leo who wants to control what they eat, how they think, what they say, where they live, how they […]

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Cross Word-The Dreyfus Affair

Welcome to Crossword, where cultural clues lead to the truth of the word. Michele MacAloo discusses the life of Alfred Dreyfus with author Maurice Samuels.  Maurice is the author of five books and he is interested in the literature and culture of 19th Century France.  He investigates the origins of cultural modernity and traces new forms of subjectivity and new ideas about history, politics, race and the novel following the […]

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Parrott Talk-The Cabrini Interview

Critics of the Cabrini movie are based their criticism and skepticism on the trailer. Instead of watching the movie like most critics do, they are simply reacting to carefully selected clips of the movie.  Mike Parrott sits down with Catholic Family News and they discuss why people should watch this movie. Mike is a producer of the film, and he has deeper insights about how the movie was made, who […]

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Parrott Talk- The Battle Of The Minds

The interview of Elon Musk by Don Lemon did not go the way Lemon hoped for.  The former Communist News Network host accused the CEO of X, Tesla and Space X of the normal buzz words. Lemon tried to paint Musk as a racist, and when that did not work out, he accused Musk of being a sexist.  As the interview went on, it became apparent that all Lemon wanted […]

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Parrott Talk-Immigration The Solution For Declining Populations

The United Nations has the solution for aging and declining populations.  In fact, the U.N. implemented the solution over twenty years ago. To see this solution in action look at the U.S. southern border.  See that massive horde of people trying to enter the country, that is what the U.N. wants for the rest of the world.  Mike Parrott breaks down a white paper that is several hundred pages long.  […]

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The Mid-Day Show

The Mid-Day Show-Heroic Teacher Saves Students From Knife Attacker

Last March, a teacher at St. Joseph's Catholic High School stopped a would be attacker.  The teacher noticed a suspicious man walking around the campus.  While the school was in lockdown Ciran Stapleton confronted the man who appeared to be carrying a firearm.  The brave actions of the teacher saved countless lives but the teacher feared the attacker had more than just a gun.  Fiorella recounts the story of this […]

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