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The Early Show

The Mid-Day Show-Something Is Afoot In England

Despite the angst towards the pro-life movement and Christians, there is a surprising rise in conversions.  Fiorella reveals there are pro-life groups across England that need extra security just to meet on university campuses across the country because of the threats made toward their groups.  There also numerous groups who want to strip away a pro-life's right to free speech.  Given these threats Fiorella is noticing an awakening as people […]

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Parrott Talk-The Cult Of Death Is Not Joking. They Are Here For Your Children

The jokes about children found in iconic shows like Friends are not so innocent.  Throughout the course of the show, Ross Geller makes jokes about sex and children. In some cases the jokes could be considered pedophilia.  Were they harmless jokes because Ross is an insecure man. Who's wife left him  for another woman and they happen to have a little boy together? That could be the case, but Mike Parrott […]

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The Early Show

The Mid-Day Show-JK Rowling Dares The Scottish Police To Arrest Her

The Scottish government passed a new hate speech law.  This law would protect the trans community from any speech deemed hateful, offensive and threatening.  However, author JK Rowling is having none of it.  She is known for standing against the transgender community and over the weekend she issued a challenge to Scottish Police.  She dared them to come arrest her.  Fiorella breaks down Rowling's challenge and she reveals that she […]

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Parrott Talk-The Shadow Of Pope Benedict XVI Looms Over Pope Francis.

The validity of Pope Francis' papacy is marred by the continuous speculation of Pope Benedict XVI's resignation.  These speculations undermine the universal acceptance of Pope Francis, because the faithful question the nature of Benedict's resignation.  Did he properly resign? Why did he unexpectedly resign? Is Pope Francis a heretic?  Catholics point to all the recent actions of Pope Francis to support their claims that Francis is not the legitimate Pope. […]

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The Early Show

The Mid-Day Show-A Good Pair Of Jeans Will End Communism

Communism's kryptonite is not Democracy, but a pair of good old fashion jeans.  The fabled article of clothing is known for their ruggedness and are generally a symbol of masculinity. However there are many who do not consider this attire appropriate for the gentleman. That is probably the only thing fashion experts and North Korean censors can agree on, because to the censors jeans are symbol of freedom.  Which is […]

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The Mike Church Show

The Mike Church Show-The Incredible Story Of The Making Of Cabrini

SPECIAL GUEST Mike Parrott Host of Parrottalk heard only on the Crusade Channel. Producer of the Cabrini film. Who’s idea was this? The man who financed the movie - it’s larger than the Passion and it is the biggest of any non-Hollywood film.  If you go to Sacred Heart Catholic Church in New Orleans - there is a statue of Mother Cabrini. Christine Nile - Scandal We got the film […]

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Parrott Talk-The Daily Wire Tells Employees, Support Shapiro or Get Canceled.

Whistleblowers reveal the Daily Wire held a secret company wide meeting about Candace Owens.  The Daily Wire told their employees, if you don't get with the program you can join Candace Owens in the unemployment line.  The news company held a secret town hall meeting with their employess.  The executives did not allow cell phones, cameras or any other "memory" catching device into this meeting.  The subject of this meeting […]

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Parrott Talk-The Chief MAGA Makes Religion Great Again

Donald Trump wants America to pray again.  In an advertisement for the God Bless The USA Bible, Trump said the lack of religion is why our country is going hay wire and the only way to correct our course is to make religion great again.  Mike Parrott and Alberto break down Trump's latest product.  Mike reveals what is in this bible and who this bible is for.  Here's a hint, […]

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The Early Show

The Mid-Day Show- Make Way For The Hot Tick Bun

An English supermarket faces backlash after it decided to replace the Hot Cross Bun with the Hot Tick Bun.  Iceland, the supermarket not the country, said the cross was offensive so they decided to replace it with a tick mark.  For American audiences, a tick mark is a check mark.  Fiorella breaks down this story and why Christians are furious with the supermarket.  Fiorella also asks what makes Christianity so […]

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