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siege_of_malta_on_black_for_email-recoveredMandeville, LA – Siege of Malta ebook FREE to Founder’s Pass members PLUS Mike Church’s Telling of the Siege of Malta, Audio Edition-FREE to Founder’s Pass Members! The story of the Siege is interwoven with the tale of two adversaries, the aging Grand Master Jean Parisot de la Valette, and his contemporary, the Barbary corsair Dragut Reis who commanded the fleet of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent. It is also the story of thousands of lives of Maltese Islanders, men at arms to the Knights of St. John.

I discovered this book while researching a screenplay I want to write for an audio production on the event. The author is not known but I have inquired to the Order to see if they have any knowledge of who he was. I searched for and and added the 5 illustrations in the book and touched up the St John’s Cross and “Finis” images from the scan of the original work. The cover design is a collage of a pair of contemporary maps depicting the siege each with it’s own charm and artistic flair.

Readers of all ages are going to enjoy this little book and best of all, if you’re a Founders Pass member it is FREE! If you’re not a founders Pass member but would like to own the eBook it is available for download in the Founders Tradin’ Post here and will be available at amazon for the Kindle very shortly. Stay tuned for progress reports on the audio production too!

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Written by: MikeChurch

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Had they not strayed from the reservation in 2005, I would have joined the Knights of the SOSJJ (the true O.S.J., not the Vatican’s impostor “Knights of Malta”.

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