George Neumayr discusses The Amazon Synod with Mike Church

Written by on 10/22/2019

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Special Guest George Neumayr

Writer at the American Spectator 

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  • He took the Pachamama idols from Church of St Maria Transpontina. (gentleman in the video)
  • This is flat out idol worship that is being promoted in the Vatican.

HEADLINE: From the Pact of the Catacombs to the Amazon Synod by George Neumayr

  • The Church should be an arm of the United Nations. 
  • This is basically what the document stated. Promotion of socialism by the Church.
  • This was an anticipation for Pope Francis.
  • Dom Hélder Câmara, a Brazilian archbishop who served as the head of the archdiocese of Olinda and Recife from 1964–85.
  • The Church is being transformed into this socialist, humanistic type religion.
  • This happened 51 years ago! They have been playing the LONG game so to speak.

HEADLINE: ‘Symbol of life’ or ‘Pachamama’: Vatican and REPAM synod organizers divided on identity of mysterious statue? by Diane Montagna

  • This synod is supposed to be for evangelization. 
  • But what is happening is Pagans are converting Catholics to paganism.
  • We are seeing sage burning, we are seeing people bowing and praying/worshiping to idols. 
  • George and Cardinal Dolan – finishing up Mass in New York
  • “Smell the sheep that badly” – 
  • VIDEO: George Newmayr with Cardinal Dolan 
  • See the beauty of a Marian Shrine – National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in NYC.
  • USCCB in Washington DC – 
  • Go Fund Me Account for George Neumayr 

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