If You See Something, Say Something: Millennials Are Now Officially A Dangerous Threat To Peace and Civilization – The Mike Church Show

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If You See Something, Say Something: Millennials Are Now Officially A Dangerous Threat To Peace and Civilization

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Kanye West Conversion

Nancy Pelosi

Pope Francis

Millennial News

Transgenderism and Female Sports











HEADLINE: 70% of Millennials say they are likely to vote socialist. by Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation 

  • Millennials are absolutely going to kill off us old people.
  • Were you a socialist when you were their age?
  • I certainly wasn’t.
  • This story is published by VICTIMS of COMMUNISM.
  • QUESTION: What has happened in the interim? 
  • ANSWER: PUBLIC schools and daycare at basically one week after birth.
  • Welcome to our “Woke New World” folks.
  • QUESTION: What does Communism promise?
  • Mitter Chur tells story of first work neighbor who’s parents fled from Cuba- Cuba Ice-cream Cart w/ Communist Officer coming into classroom. (God vs Castro)
  • Matthew 6 – [26] Behold the birds of the air, for they neither sow, nor do they reap, nor gather into barns: and your heavenly Father feedeth them. Are not you of much more value than they? [27] And which of you by taking thought, can add to his stature by one cubit? [28] And for raiment why are you solicitous? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow: they labour not, neither do they spin. [29] But I say to you, that not even Solomon in all his glory was arrayed as one of these. [30] And if the grass of the field, which is today, and tomorrow is cast into the oven, God doth so clothe: how much more you, O ye of little faith?
  • God can be seen in ALL living things.
53m Caller Timothy Williams from South Carolina

HEADLINE: Joe Biden denied Holy Communion at Florence church by Matthew Christian 

  • Timothy was at the Catholic Church when Joe Biden was denied communion.
  • It was done very tastefully, the Priest didn’t make a big deal of it as to embarrass Biden, he simply refused him.
  • #FeeneyitesUnite
  • Joe Biden kept switching communion lines. He kept trying to NOT be in the line w/ Father Robert E. Morey b/c he knew this Priest wouldn’t administer communion to him.
  • We need to pray for Father Morey b/c the Bishop is definitely going to come down on him for this.
  • He left right after being denied communion.
  • Now that he has been told he cannot receive communion, he will have to think about this every single day now.

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 Special Guest Matt Gaspers founder of Catholic Family News

Follow Matt Gaspers here: @MattGaspers @cathfamilynews

  • Benedictine Monks up at 3am every day for morning prayers and very strict diet.
  • Amazon Synod –
  • The final document of the synod is written in Spanish.
  • Deacon = Service
  • Angelus Press Conference – St Mary’s in Kansas City

HEADLINE: Sr. Jacinta Marie The Life of a Daughter of St. Francis in Modern ‘Muricah! by Mike Church

  • The final document doesn’t formally request a female diaconate, but it does leave a door open for such things to happen.
  • FROM THE CHATROOM: If the BVM, St. Mary Magdalene were not in sacred tradition, priests then it would preclude it, because no one would have more authority to teach in the name of Christ than his Holy mother and she who was the witness of His death and first witness of His Resurrection.
  • Many Bishops at the synod were in favor of female deacons and that is why the final document has these mentions of female deacons and ordination. 

HEADLINE: Papal interviewer: ‘So many bishops’ disagree with Francis but are ‘afraid’ to say so by Jeanne Smits 

  • Canon Law clearly states there cannot be women Priest.
  • Do not be despondent about what has happened in the Amazon synod.
  • Mitter Chur tells story of what happened to him on Sunday Mass at St. Jane de Chantal.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Synod final Mass: no Pachamama statues, Pope slams critics

Fr. Z: Father Zulsdorf Preaching The KingDude’s CRUSADE!

  • “We were born to live at this moment at this time…the chance to become saints!” Heard many times from the Mike Church Show is now heard loud and clear from the heavenly horn of Father Z! I will repeat what I have written before. God chose us from before the creation of the cosmos to live in THESE days.   It is an honor to be witnessing the crazy stuff going on.  But it is incumbent on all of us now to buckle on the spiritual armor God offers and take places in the lines of the Militant Church of which we are members.

HEADLINE: The #AmazonSynod and what happened AFTER the Golden Calf Incident  by Father John Zuhlsdorf

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  HEADLINE:  Gutzman, Church – Samuel Chase Impeachment Trial, Part II

  • Conviction of Treason
  • Bribery and other high crimes and misdemeanors 
  • High Crime and Misdemeanor – not something you could be indicted for that was a low crime.
  • James Foley












 Special Guest Michael Hichborn founder of the Lepanto Institute

Follow Michael Hichborn here: @MichaelHichborn @LepantoInst

  • The Foley family were practicing Catholics.
  • He was a graduate of Marquette University.
  • Catholic Relief Services – 
  • CRS has its headquarters in Baltimore under Archbishop William E. Lori
  • Propositions that were passed, they cannot implement them.

HEADLINE: Get Ready to Duck the Synodal Wrecking Ball by Chris Ferrara 

  • Brazil is a country, it isn’t a colony.
  • These indigenous people had land but decided they wanted to go back into the forest. This started land disputes. 
  • This is a communist dispute. They are trying to put a wedge between these people.


  • We should be handing out this information in the Church parking lots about these CRS type groups. 
  • Catholics do not know!


  • Eve dialogued with the serpent in the garden and lost!
  • We don’t always need to have dialogue. 
  • I only go on Easter and Christmas – Cafeteria Catholics
  • QUESTION: What do you say to someone that says…I don’t have to go on All Souls Day according to the Vatican? It has been deemed not a Holy Day if it falls during the week.
  • Blessing your children and spouse every single night. This displays the fatherly and husbandly duties. The power and authority can also assist in bringing blessings to your family.
   Special Guest Donna Sue Berry author of Veronica’s Veil

Today’s Topic – Soul Cakes

  • The red clay of Oklahoma – our fountains are red b/c of the clay.
  • QUESTION: Why do we have soul cakes?
  • ANSWER: The poor souls in purgatory.
  • The children would sing soul songs and go from door to door and sing these songs. The people would give them “soul cakes” in exchange for the childs promise to pray for the soul of a family member.
  • So this is how the tradition of “trick or treating” as we do it today.
  • Everything you celebrate today has Catholic roots.
  • AUDIO/VIDEO: Around the Year with the The Von Trapp Family 
  • Plenary or Partial Indulgences –
  • 1st 8 days in November you leave the Mass, go to a cemetery and pray for the release of a soul. Pray a Hail Mary and an Our Father.
  • Letter of Good Standing from our local Priest so we can come down to Louisiana – Shrove Tuesday to speak. 
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Written by: Corey Clark

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