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Introducing The Veritas Radio Network, On-Demand Podcast Feed

today04/22/2016 17 12

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Mandeville, LA – The Veritas Radio Network’s Crusade Channel is now offering a RSS feed and Podcast Service for our Founders Pass members!

To access the Crusade Channel On-Demand App Follow these steps for a mobile device.

  1. If on an iPhone then we suggest you use the built-in “Podcasts” app, if on Windows Phone or an Android device you’ll need to browse the app store and choose an app that will meet your needs such as BeyondPod.
  2. Highlight this url, and copy it; it is the direct rss feed for the Founders Pass Members Only podcast channel:
  3.  On an iPhone open the “Podcasts” app, on an iMac or Macbook, open iTunes on an Android or Windows phone, open the app you plan to use for RSS feeds.
  4. Locate the My Podcasts My List or whatever your app uses to denote your personal Podcasts. In Apple’s “Podcast” click the My Podcast button.
  5. In Podcast click the + (plus) sign in the top left corner of the Podcast screen. On an Android or Windows phone click the same button or an “Add podcast” or “Custom URL” button and paste in the url above.
  6. Save your selection and IF prompted click or select “Subscribe”.
  7. Click to open the CRUSADE On-Demand app, your username and password, used to access the Founders Pass is the Username and Password the app is now asking you for.
  8. Click OK.
  9. Enjoy the shows!

Written by: TheKingDude

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I just signed up for the founders pass. I have an iPhone with the podcast app. Do I have access to founders pass content via the podcast app or only the “preview” downloads? I do not see a way to log-in to my founders pass account via the podcast app. Thank you for all you do! God bless you.


Working like a charm! I downloaded the Podcast Addict App on my Kindle Fire. Choose the option to “Add RSS Feed, YouTube Channel, Soundcloud url” button. Type in the url provided above and click on the box for Authentication. Enter your Founder’s Pass credentials, and you’re in!

Love it, Mike. Thank you!!

I’m a little late reporting back YES it works great! Thank you so much! I strictly listen via my podcast App while driving. This is HUGE! Thank you and God bless!

Using Podcast Republic, clicked the “+”, entered the url, clicked authentication and entered my founders pass login info, PRESO BLAMO! Very pleased! Thanks KD!

Yeah! You wouldn’t believe the amount of members who will benefit from this little tutorial AND we get a “PRESO BLAMO!”

I’ve been using this for a few months now and absolutely love it. Thanks King Dude for making it so easy.

Please help spread the word, our RSS feeds are simple to use and loaded with great, ORIGINAL, Truth-filled talk-radio!

This worked perfectly on the iPhone 5s. My wife recently presented me with an upgrade; which is the iPhone 7 and when I enter the address in and click subscribe it gives me a popup that says: Unable to subscribe. The provided link is not a valid Podcast.

Has anybody else had trouble with the iPhone 7 or this popup? Thanks

How do I find/search for an old show? Im looking for a Suzanne Option show when she interviewed a doctor who spends her time curing kids from mis-diagnosed psycho drugs and battling the pharmisutical industry

Outstanding podcast app!! Thank-you.

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