Kevin Gutzman’s Politically Incorrect Guide To The Trump Presidency – The Mike Church Show

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 Mike Church Welcomed in Dr. Kevin Gutzman. Watch the Video Now! 

Special Guest Dr. Kevin Gutzman – 

Follow Dr. Gutzman here: @KevinGutzman

  • Virginia Dynasty – working on new book
  • The 9th circuit has changed from being a Circus so we have that going for us.
  • On the other hand when it comes to the debt and spending, we are full speed ahead.
  • If we are supposed to be ‘conservative’ what are we conserving because it isn’t spending.
  • *********
  • Thomas Jefferson – 
  • Woodrow Wilson – Virginia Dynasty book will cover : 3 consecutive Virginia Presidencies 
  • Jefferson, Madison and Monroe – they regarded the 3 as on continuous Presidencies.
  • Electoral Votes – the idea the state legislatures cannot determine is absurd. 
  • Washington’s 1st election – they just had state leg that stated our electors will vote for Washington. They didn’t actually get a “vote” per say. 
  • South Carolina didn’t have a popular vote until 1868.
  • Papers discovered in the hands of John Locke – if you were a Catholic you couldn’t go to Cambridge, Oxford or run for office. 
  • This was one of the main influences of Thomas Jefferson so it effects us here in the US.
  • The entire Locke manuscript, no one knew there was such an essay by Locke.
  • European depositories are simply not looked at in Europe which is a shame.
  • Biggest Slave Insurrection Scare in the USA.
  • There were as many as 1,000 men prepared to participate.
  • Vice President Jefferson and Governor Monroe have written correspondence b/w them over this slavery insurrection. 
  • Next time we will discuss why Kamala Harris is NOT eligible for the Presidency.

Written by: Corey Clark

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