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LGBTQ and Sex-Trafficking 

HEADLINE: Part 3: How Did an Accused Child Rapist Adopt Two Children? by Mia Cathell 

HEADLINE: Part 4: What’s Jail Like for Two Accused Child Rapists? by Mia Cathell 



















Jaime Lee Curtis Art Scandal 

Natly Denise TwitterJamie Lee Curtis had this up on her instagram a few days ago. When people took notice of the photo hanging up on her wall, concerns started to arise. Is this a child stuffed in a box? 

  • The photographer is a woman named, Betsy Schneider. This photo is of a naked girl in a container of water from her series, “Sweet is the Swamp 1998-2014”
  • Do you all know what a Sex Machine is?
  • Sex Machine – Naked Lunch – William S Burroughs – 
  • Steely Dan III – name of an oversized steam powered strap-on sex device.
  • This gives a whole new meaning to the band Steely Dan does it not?
  • Deacon Blue, FM and Peg
  • Is this all making sense now?
  • It is the culture itself that was destroyed in the 20th Century that had some Christian parts to it, has been replaced by Satan worship.

HEADLINE: A Massive Effort at Moral Rebuilding Is Necessary by Anthony Esolen 

  • Sadly this is all legal in the eyes of law but it doesn’t carry weight b/c it goes against God’s teachings but still non-the less, legal. 
  • Jamie Lee Curtis Responds – Last week I posted a picture of some chairs that included a photograph on the wall by an artist that was gifted to me 20 years ago. I understand it has disturbed some people. As I have said, I am a truth teller so here’s the truth. It’s a picture of a child, taken by her mother, of her playing in their backyard in a tub of water. Nothing more, nothing less. I took down the post b/ I didn’t want to keep something up that upset anyone. 

HEADLINE: Virginia Teen Sex-Trafficked Twice After School Hides Gender Identity From Her Parents by Laura Bryant Harford 

  • After the 14-year-old was found being sexually assaulted in another state, a judge kept her from loving parents because they questioned her transgender identity. Then she was trafficked again. 
  • Sage’s Law aims to shut that door in three ways. It would require schools to notify parents if their child asserts a gender different from his or her sex; it prevents school counselors from withholding or encouraging minors to withhold information about a child’s gender identity; and it clarifies that raising a child according to his or her biological sex, including decisions about a child’s mental and physical health, may not be construed as abuse.

HEADLINE: Part 2: Just How Big Was the Operation Led by the LGBTQ Couple Who Abused Their Adopted Sons? by Mia Cathell 

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AUDIO/VIDEO: Tucker Carlson on Richard NixonHe was truly the peoples choice, he was the most popular president but was replaced by someone no one voted for.

  • How did Hollywood cement into the minds of the American people that Richard Nixon was an evil man?
  • How did they do this?
  • They made a movie – Dustin Hoffman and Robert Redford – All The President’s Men
  • Codename he went by is Deep Throat.
  • The most popular porn film around that time was a film by the same name.
  • Linda Lovelace – Lovelace died in Denver, Colorado, on April 22, 2002, of injuries sustained in a car accident on April 3 of that year.
  • We are taxed for the privilege of living in our ‘free’ society.
1h33m AUDIO/VIDEO: Joe BidenHere’s the deal, what quite frankly bugs me is that we have a serious problem here we’re talking about. We’re talking about what’s going on & American people don’t quite understand why you don’t ask me questions about that.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Joe BidenWe found a handful of documents and we immediately handed them over to the archives department. I have no regrets about how I handled this.

The Untouchables – That is basically the Biden Crime Family

  • The documents were misfiled. 
  • He didn’t say they weren’t supposed to be there.
  • He didn’t say he shouldn’t have taken them.
  • He goes on to say I regret nothing!
  • Biden was in the Senate during Nixon stuff, he would have had a vote on that.
  • Let that sink in, that is how long Biden has been in politics. 
  HEADLINE: No Happy Endings in Transland by Austin Ruse 

  • This is a for profit money cult.
  • They are raking in billions in drugs and surgeries, treatments and psychologist. 


Special Guest Aaron Barker 

The Barker Breakdown

Saturday LIVE show 

  • Tucker Carlson clip on Richard Nixon – 
  • The CIA comes along invents WaterGate and takes him out.
  • Jimmy Carter and unknown peanut farmer.
  • When Reagan ran for office he would never have anyone from the Trilateral Commission and then he had Bush in his group.
  • The Deep State and CIA have had their fingers in all of the elections for many many years.
  • George H W Bush was the director of the CIA, many people forget.
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HEADLINE: How Sam Bankman-Fried’s ties with the Clintons helped him dupe investors by Lydia Moynihan 

  • At the over-the-top tropical shindig, the ex-US president along with former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair were famously photographed onstage next to Bankman-Fried, who appeared wearing shorts and a T-shirt. 
  • Shortly thereafter, Bill and Hillary Clinton invited the 30-year-old Bankman-Fried — known as “SBF” in crypto circles — to speak at their annual Clinton Global Initiative in New York — an effective endorsement of the former FTX CEO that played a pivotal role in elevating his reputation among politicians and deep-pocketed investors alike.
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Tony Blair at WEFWe need a digital infrastructure to monitor who is vaccinated and who hasn’t been, some that will come down the line will be multiple shots.

  • So you already know there is a new vaccine in the pipeline that will treat a new pandemic that will require more than one shot?
  • How is this even possible?
  David Wemhoff Interview

Earlier this week we had him on and he discussed the Chat GPT?

HEADLINE: If you still aren’t sure what ChatGPT is, this is your guide to the viral chatbot that everyone is talking about by Sindhu Sundar 

























Free Farm Friday 

Brian and Melissa from Wild Aster Farm

Brian K from Texas


Wild and Free – New Segment on the Crusade Channel

1st Segment will be on Rose Hips – January/February and March one of the most available herbs during the dead of winter can still be found.

  • You are both really great behind the microphone, I wouldn’t have guessed you have stage fright. 
  • Wild and Free Herb Report!
  • Heavily regulated FDA area in North Carolina – you can do them but if they find out they will heavily come after you.
  • You can’t say a certain plant lowers your blood pressure.
  • You can say it but they will come after you.
  • There are instances that they will come after you and take your farm.
  • People who sell herbs or supplements the FDA will come after you and they will leave you absolutely nothing.
  • Dr. Mercola and FDA warning letters – 
  • You can’t link CLAIM to COMMERCE. 
  • They assume you are making a claim about your product so you can’t even link the two on your website.


  • I haven’t had anything like that happen to me personally but I don’t technically sell my produce. 
  • I barter w/ the neighbors etc and we don’t like the FDA and those alphabet groups.


  • You can’t say Eczema or COVID, vaccine or the flu or they will automatically come after you.
  • They create the problem and then create the medication that they prescribe to you for your problem.


  • The price of eggs – some is inflation but there was a high demand too.
  • 4-5% increase for inflation and demand.
  • In a chicken cycle they slow down in production due to the winter.
  • Then you had the Avian flu where they culled 44 million birds.
  • There is a combination of inflation etc so it isn’t JUST inflation with egg prices.

HEADLINE: John Deere gives U.S. farmers right to repair equipment by Darryl Coote

  • U.S. manufacturer John Deere has agreed to allow American farmers the right to repair their own equipment, according to a U.S. agriculture industry lobby group.
  • The AFBF (American Farm Bureau Federation) usually sides w/ the big company but this time they sided w/ the farmers.
  • When you get that big it tends to create other problems.
  • When you get too big and out of scale you have to buy more equipment from the big companies to help harvest and you are then officially out of scale.
  • Farmer Brown should give up on the idea of selling your produce out of state.
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