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Mandell Kramer Presents, Sherlock Holmes In: The Haunting of Sherlock Holmes

today04/25/2019 101

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Mandeville, LA  – Mandell Kramer presents another exciting Sherlock Holmes Radio Classic and presents all the episodes particulars, fun facts and trivia!

Sherlock Holmes is suffering from complete exhaustion when Dr. Watson recommends a holiday; what happens next is our mystery this episode: The Haunting of Sherlock Holmes.

About: The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes starring Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce.

The CRUSADE Channel has announced their recent acquisition of the complete collection of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes’ radio dramas starring Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce. These 220 classic episodes originally aired from 1939 to 1945 on NBC radio, then the Mutual Broadcasting System and are generally recognized as being the best of the genre. Rathbone is predominantly recognized as the iconic Holmes because of the 14 films where he paired with Bruce as Dr.Watson.

Basil Rathbone Nigel Bruce as Holmes and Watson

The CRUSADE Channel continues to be the ONLY place to find real no-nonsense 24/7 radio for everyone. The Adventures of Holmes is just one more example of what we provide. Who doesn’t want a good mystery and a reason to avoid the cable crap? CRUSADE Channel founder and veteran radio host Mike Church said, “Before the Kardashians jump into the radio mystery game, we should beat them to it. Besides, the only mystery they have left is why does anyone care what they do?” Grab your Houndstooth for “The game is afoot”!

About: Mandell Kramer, host of CBS Radio Mysteries & The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.

A lifelong fan of radio mysteries, horror and drama, Kramer combines this extensive knowledge of the genre with a passion for the art, innovation and talent that went into making these radio gems. You’ll consistently be surprised by the superstar guests who directed, wrote and starred in these classics and Kramer delivers it all with a 1970’s, FM is new, Album Rock DJ style, big, radio fun for the whole family!


Written by: jadechampagne

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