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Mary Mahoney surviving ‘Children of God’ cult: “We don’t know what we don’t know”

today10/14/2016 237

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Mary Mahoney: Coming to Grips with my 30 years in a Cult, her Salon.com article: My life in the cult: How “serving God” unraveled into sex abuse, child neglect and a waking nightmare she sits down with Kurt Wallace to discuss a detailed account of being involved in the religious cult Children of God now called The Family International. She shares how at age 16 she was enticed into the organization. She explains the mind control and the eventual use of sex to control its members. She describes experiencing psychological tactics through information repetition, isolation, media control, conspiracy theories and the us versus them “specialism”. Mahoney then details how she eventually was able to leave because of her son’s influence and the  aftermath of cult deprogramming. Today she is spearheading an effort to inform people of the dangers of falling into cults based on the science of neurology, psychology and behavioral economics within belief systems.

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Written by: Mike Church

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