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Mike Church Show-The Time To Choose Sides Is Here: Its’s Either CoronaDoom Or Our Constitutions

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    Mike Church Show-The Time To Choose Sides Is Here: Its’s Either CoronaDoom Or Our Constitutions LoneRhody

Time  Red Pill Topics & Headlines
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  • Dr Fauci says he cares about your freedom but COVID is more important so lockdowns and mask mandates are necessary.
  • COVID-19 Updates
  • Oregon statewide mask mandates
  • DeSantis does battle with cruise line over COVID passports
  HEADLINE: Ontario now tracking vaccine status of COVID-19 patients in hospital. These graphics break down what’s happening by Ivy Mak

  • 52% of all COVID hospitalizations have had 2 doses of the ‘vaccine’ or experimental jab.
35m HEADLINE: Here’s the latest data on deaths related to breakthrough cases in Mass. by Steve LeBlanc

What have we been telling you all along?

  • Who are the most susceptible to COVID-19? 
  • The 100 deaths represent a tiny fraction — about 0.002 percent — of all fully vaccinated individuals in the state.
  HEADLINE: Oregon to resume statewide indoor mask mandate as COVID hospitalizations break records by Aimee Green 

  • The governor’s announcements came on the day Oregon set new records for daily cases, at 2,329, and people hospitalized with COVID-19, at 635, including a record 164 people in intensive care.
  • These ‘cases’ are out of control.
  • We all know that CASES don’t mean anything.


AUDIO/VIDEO: Dr Fauci on Morning Joe – “I’m sorry I know people must like to have their individual freedom..but I think we’re in such a serious situation now, that under certain circumstances, mandates should be done.”
  HEADLINE: Biden ‘checking’ if he can overrule states and order universal masks in schools by Samuel Chamberlain and David Marcus
  HEADLINE: Democrats’ $3.5 Trillion Budget Resolution Would Transform The U.S. Economy As We Know It by Rachel Bovard

Highlights of the  $3.5 trillion Infrastructure Bill 

  • Amnesty for illegal immigrants
  • Rewrites Medicaid statutes to bypass the Hyde prohibitions on federal funding for abortion
  • Universal pre-kindergarten for 3 and 4-year-olds
  • Paid family and medical leave
  • Tuition-free community college
  • Medicare expansion for dental, hearing, and vision
  • Expansive climate change programs
  • Language similar to the PRO Act, which is a card-check program for labor organizing, making it easier to unionize
  • Expansion of the SALT deduction
  • Empowers the IRS with more enforcement capabilities
  • Does not include an extension of pandemic unemployment benefits
  • Does not include a debt limit increase, which sets up a September showdown
  • Up to half of the $3.5 trillion is financed with new debt
  • Increases taxes on corporations and those making more than $400,000 a year; decreases taxes on those making less
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   HEADLINE: Federal judge sides with Norwegian Cruise Line in fight with Florida over vaccine passports by Politico Staff

Pope Francis Motu Proprio

YouTube video from yesterday – Dr Anthony Stine YouTube page 

AUDIO/VIDEO: The Vatican Actually Thinks Trad Catholic Podcasts Are The Problem by Dr. Anthony Stine (Return to Tradition) 

HEADLINE: “Eucharistic Concelebration: Theological, Historical, and Liturgical Aspects” — Guest Article by Bishop Athanasius Schneider and Peter Kwasniewski

  • Jesus said to even pray for our enemies. He told us to pray for EVERYONE.
   AUDIO/VIDEO: Joe Biden Speech Yesterday – 

Reporter – Why haven’t you named an FDA commissioner yet? 

Biden – We are working real hard on passing that.

   AUDIO/VIDEO: 70% of the world is immune suppressed b/c we are Vitamin D deficient

  • A healthy immune system does not occur if you don’t have Vitamin D in healthy levels.
  • 4-5 months of the year the above the 35th parallel doesn’t get enough Vitamin D from Sept 21 you can’t make enough Vitamin D.
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   AUDIO/VIDEO: MSNBC Senator Ed Markey – “The Green New Deal is in the DNA of this infrastructure bill. Everything we wanted in that deal and didn’t get, it’s in there now.”
   AUDIO/VIDEO: Senator Lindsey Graham – “If you haven’t been vaccinated regarding the COVID problem, you need to get vaccinated. I’ve been vaccinated and I got COVID anyway. I know it would have been worse had I not been vaccinated.”

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Legenda – to be read

LEGEND on a map

HEADLINE: Saint Laurence 258 by The Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary 

HEADLINE: On ‘Traditionis Custodes,’ Keeping Calm, and Carrying on by Brother Andre Marie

  • From the Crusader Stadium – St. Petersburg was renamed Leningrad, and has now been changed back.  Volgograd was formerly Stalingrad, formerly Tsaritsy
  • Saint John Vianney 
  • You can’t just dismiss St Philomena 

HEADLINE: Saint Philomena: A Challenge to Modern Minds by Sister Marie Therese, M.I.C.M.

  • You’d have to be a biblical moron – natural law written on mans heart.
  • God gave Israelites the gift of explicitly writing the 10 commandments but before that there was natural law.


 HEADLINE: How States Could Constitutionally Assume Abandoned Responsibilities of the National Government by John C Eastman and Stephen Balch

  • Jefferson was working against his own administration.
  • Article of Interposition 
  • James Madison went so far to give us the best ‘r’ democratic form of government explanation what powers it will always retain and never transferred. 
  • Report of 1800
  • Foundation – what is an alien friend and what is an alien enemy. 
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Written by: LoneRhody

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