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The Mike Church Show-Men & Women Of Good Will: Muricah Has Become The Mistrial World Of Kyle Rittenhouse

Written by on 11/19/2021

Time  Red Pill Topics & Headlines
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  • 2 COVID shots plus a booster now = fully vaccinated
  • Dr Fauci admits the vaccine isn’t 100% saving lives
  • Free Farm Friday
  • Austria, Netherlands and other countries going back to full lockdown

  • Where did the news coming from Israel at?
  • We saw they were seeing massive spikes and they were on their 3rd booster.
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  Israel and COVID – 

  • Where are the numbers from Israel?
  • Why haven’t we had any new numbers from Israel since September?
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Dr Fauci on hospitalizations on the rise w/ vaccinated people – should we be anticipating a surge after this holiday season? 
59m AUDIO/VIDEO: Reporter to DeSantis 

Reporter – aren’t you worried you are doing more to harm the country than Biden’s vaccine mandate?

DeSantis – first it’s the united STATES of America w/o the states there would be no America.

FOR THE FIRST TIME – I’ve never heard a politician talk about the STATES being the ultimate decider.

  • It isn’t up to the Federal Government.
  • There are NO Federal police.
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Demon Says – “He’s About to Take My Power Away” – Father Ripperger 

  • The oppressive narrative
  • Once you commit and go down that road, you legitimize their taunt of ‘you are racist’.
  • Don’t address the ABUSE, address the PERSON that is throwing the abuse. 
  • You need to have your sacramentals too folks.


HEADLINE: Kyle Rittenhouse Is America by Bruce Bawer 

  • Did Kyle really need to bring a gun?
  • At the event horizon moment what was behind Kyle?
  • His home, his town, his people.
  • He was facing the attacker.
  • Turns out he did need to bring a gun, he was undoubtedly attacked.
  • He was chased down.
  • He had family in Kenosha.
  • What about the rioters? 
  • Did they have a ‘right’ to be there?
  • Remember they told us, main stream media, that Nick Sandmann didn’t have a right to be there.
  • The media framed HIM as the one that shouldn’t have been there.

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  BEE GEES Friday Super Medley 
2h25m HEADLINE: “This Is Like Nothing I’ve Experienced Or Seen Before” – Supermarkets Alter Layouts, Use Decoys To Fill Gaps Left By Shortages by Market Trading Essentials 
2h32m HEADLINE: Without Notifying Parents, Loudoun High School Asked Students If They Are Transgender And How Much They Have Sex by Elle Reynolds

  • Who did this?
  • Where is the district attorney?
  • Get the Sheriff in and get them arrested.
  • If the school won’t do it, then take it upon yourself to get the police involved and get it done.
  • This was AFTER the sex book in the library and AFTER all the hoopla at the school board meetings CRT.
  • The parents extend their parental rights to these teachers while under their care.
  • Did they get the parents authority on THIS?
  • Did they ask if SEX was off limits?

Farmer Brian in TX

Farmer Mundy in NJ 

  • Maine – the Maine Farm Bureau is the main proponent for this bill!
  • People are now starting to challenge some of these big agricultural companies.
  • Why do the sheep need a lobbyist in MORDOR?
  • Do the goats have the same right as the sheep?
  • Why are large farmers or farming companies hiring lobbyists?
  • The big companies are squeezing out the small local farmers.
  • Without the food supply chain, the people in NYC will die!
  • All major cities like NYC will starve to death.
  • They grow absolutely NOTHING there.
  • Everything they eat, consume is shipped to them.
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