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Adam Schiff

Article of Impeachment

Banning Porn

IG Report

FBI Lied to the FISA Court



















  • Nadler – important and powerful committee, President Trump called him out on Twitter, publicly lied about the President.
  • This is a complete circus and has zero truth to it.
  • Never Trump from time to time – The Wall Street Journal
  • Carter Page

HEADLINE: The IG, Nunes and Schiff by The Editorial Board

AUDIO: Adam Schiff – It has taken us 8 months (The Federalist)

  • Adam Schiff is using the FISA court to spy on Congressional members and reporters!
  • “Why not let him cheat one more time, one more election?” – Adam Schiff
  • I have never heard anything like this in all my life.
  • What is it about President Trump that they are willing to publicly lie and cheat in an attempt to remove him?
  • Behind the scenes President Trump is dismantling parts of the surveillance Deep State and they are panicking. 
  • What would happen if the Republicans did this to Obama?
  • Imagine if the Republicans did this with Obama’s birth certificate?

HEADLINE: Schiff: Only Impeachment Will Ensure A Free And Fair Election by Tristan Justice

  • The President should sue the pants off of Adam Schiff.
  • It is difficult to maintain decorum when you know these things are straight up lies.
  • How far does dignitary immunity go?

HEADLINE: The IG, Nunes and Schiff by The Editorial Board

HEADLINE: FBI Spying Ruined My Good Name by The Editorial Board


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1h8m HEADLINE: Small group of Democrats floats censure instead of impeachment by Sarah Ferris and Melanie Zanona

  • Congress men and women don’t pay FICA because they have the Federal Retirement System. 
  HEADLINE: Can We Impeach The FBI Now? by Peter Van Buren 
  HEADLINE: Marvel debuts first transgender superhero: 12-year-old “Mighty Rebekah” by Daniel Payne

QUESTION: Who Owns Marvel?

ANSWER: Disney

1h41m HEADLINE: Porn Is Demonic, Says Top Occultist by Rod Dreher
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Special Guest Brother Andre Marie host of ReConquest only on the Crusade Channel

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  • We translate to the ‘ruin’ but it is ‘seeking the damnation/perdition’ of souls in the true Latin form of the prayer.
  • Father Luke on Friday night gave a wonderful homely and he quoted from the 3rd Summa Question 78. St Thomas meditation/explanation of the 9 Crucifix sequences in the Mass.
  • Fundamental basics that we must know, they wonder why the Priests makes signs of the cross over Our Lord and they go from greater to lesser.
  • The answer is – what the Priest is doing is something derived from Ciceronian Rhetoric. 
  • rubric (n.) c. 1300, “directions in religious services” (often in red writing), from Old French rubrique, rubriche “rubric, title” (13c.), from Latin rubrica “red ochre, red coloring matter,” from ruber, from PIE root *reudh- “red, ruddy.” Meaning “title or heading of a book” is from early 15c. Related: Rubrical.
  • Heresy and any sin against faith, when it becomes a public phenomena it becomes a body of politic. 
  • The Muslims were openly conspiring with the Jews to take over Spain again after Ferdinand.
  • Inquisition was to check and see who the REAL converts were.
  • If you were a convert, you weren’t hauled into the inquisition Court. 
  • ***********Inquisitional Court had NO jurisdiction over un-baptized people, including Muslims. **************
  • You weren’t a citizen unless you were baptized.
  • These things were done as a direct result of some revolutionary deed, some a-front to Spanish Public Order!
  • AUDIO: Guillaume Dufay – Conditor Alme Siderum  VESPERS hymn all throughout Advent
  • What is that beautiful thing she is doing with her ‘r’s? She is just rolling her r’s.
  • Cord accompaniments  – everyone signs the melody but swaps around and improvises. 
  • AUDIO/VIDEO: Ave Maria Angelus Domini (Franz Biebl) – A Virtual Choir Multitrack

HEADLINE: Do, Re, Me and a Deacon’s Sore Throat by Brian Kelly

  • This music is important! Beautiful music can bring people to tears. I have attended many Masses with people tearing up b/c the music is so beautiful.

AUDIO: Barber: Agnus Dei

  • Trinitarian Heresy – The 2nd Ecumenical Council at the same time 
  • concupiscence vs irascible
  • Lecture Series on Mental Prayer
  • Episode 207 – Race Ideology and Catholic Identity 
  • Amazon Synod Final Document – 
  CrossTalk with Richard Barrett host of The Barrett Brief 
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