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The Mike Church Show-On My Xmas List: The Glorious Defeat Of The Unprecedented, Great Reset

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  • Do not ever read comments under news stories on social media
  • Trumps new social media platform
  • Is social media necessary?
   Social Media is Ruining Humanity 

  • We live our lives by memes now.
  • Do we even know how to have a conversation anymore w/o them?
  • To some people it is a second language. 
29m HEADLINE: Unprecedented by Michael Anton 
   HEADLINE: Elon Musk says ‘civilization is going to crumble’ if people don’t have more children by Sam L Shead 

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  • “It’s completely the opposite,” Musk said, urging people to look at the data. “If people don’t have more children, civilization is going to crumble. Mark my words.” 
  • Of 18,000 couples in China last year showed that climate change, and particulate pollution specifically, was associated with a 20% increased likelihood of infertility.
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HEADLINE: Only 18% Of American Households Are Families With Married Parents by Ben Zeisloft  

  • Among the 130 million households in the United States, only 17.8% feature married parents with children — down from over 40% in 1970, according to the Census Bureau.
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 HEADLINE: Unprecedented by Michael Anton 

  • Our listener – Cezary is a legal American citizen.
  • He can cook American, he can speak English he has ASSIMILATED.
  • Let us reflect, first, on the fact that the United States has not merely abandoned but utterly repudiated the traditional understanding of assimilation, which is now denounced by all elite opinion as “racist” and evil. Not only does no American institution encourage (much less demand) assimilation, they all foment the opposite. Immigrants to America are exhorted to embrace their native cultures and taught that the country to which they’ve chosen to immigrate is the worst in world history, whose people and institutions are intent on harming them, and that their own cultures are infinitely superior. In this respect, one supposes, immigrants are encouraged to “assimilate”—to the anti-Americanism of the average Oberlin professor.
  • Inner city blacks have not assimilated, they claim to not be American even though they were born here by American black parents.
  • Assimilation works best among peoples with some common underlying similarity, whether political, linguistic, ethnic, religious, or cultural (preferably a combination of all these). Its effectiveness declines as the differences among the disparate peoples increase.
   AUDIO/VIDEO: Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer‘There are anti-vaxxers here in the Senate, they are like the people 500 years ago that didn’t believe in science & believed the Earth was flat.’

CHUCK – before Galileo insisted the world was round, the Infant of Prague had what in His hand? A saucer? NO – a GLOBE that depicts the EARTH.

  HEADLINE: Mexican Flowers on Mediterranean Waters by Carlos Perona 


  • We are watching the government wage a war on our children and we are sitting by telling people to just #VoteHarder?
  • The solution isn’t voting different letters in office.
  • It is time to stand our ground and bring the fight to them.
  • They are targeting children now with this experimental jab.
  • MSM is promoting it.
  • ANYONE on this side cannot be friends w/ us.
  • George Floyd – Above all, we must confront the painful fact that Floyd did not, according to moral standards that for centuries were taken for granted, live a life worthy of admiration, much less of veneration. Yet our society treats him as a saint, if not something higher. The pagan gods were not always well-behaved, to say the least. But has any people ever chosen such an undeserving object of worship?

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 BACK to headline: Unprecedented by Michael Anton 

  • The modern economy that technology enables is anti-human.
  • Nothing will be solved by you tuning into FOX or CNN ever single morning.
  • The change has to be w/ your personal life.
  • We must w/draw and be prepared to fight if encroached upon.
  • THE ‘You Must Update Your Software’
  • The grift is there and it is constant.
  • The company called ProTools – at one point you would use a very low impact digital analog converter – audio in, converts to digital etc – then like everything else they started demanding payment for updates.
  • This program worked like a charm….then they SOLD the company.
  • What happened after they sold the company?
   AUDIO/VIDEO: Iconoclast one to one Melissa Cuimmei – they want your children Time: 2:54  Why do they have to reset?

  • The theory of general relativity couldn’t be proven, ever.
  • The theory of special relativity has been ‘theoretically’ proven.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Iconoclast one to one Melissa Cuimmei – they want your children Time: 24:06 So from what it sounds like….

  St Augustine – City of God
   AUDIO/VIDEO: Senator John Kennedy on raising the debt ceiling‘To do this Build Back Better they have to borrow money, then they threaten us w/ faulting on Americas debt. We can’t borrow our way into prosperity and they can’t do that, I won’t be apart of that.’

AUDIO/VIDEO: Elon Musk on Government‘Government is simply the biggest corporation w/ the sole monopoly on violence’.

3h38m HEADLINE: Obsessing Over ‘The Health Of The Nation’ Conjures Some Very Dark Places by Maureen Mullarkey 

  • Call it malice. Hatred of vaccine dissidents—even ones in pain or despair—expresses itself first in marginalization and demonization. Then it advances to punishment of the non-compliant. We are in the early stages of coercive retribution. But the Society’s vindictive decision hints at a larger end game that has little to do with public health.
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