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Mike Church Show-The Only Thing Woke ‘Muricah Is “Exceptional” At Is Stupidity, And It’s Showing.

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    Mike Church Show-The Only Thing Woke ‘Muricah Is “Exceptional” At Is Stupidity, And It’s Showing. LoneRhody

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 18m HEADLINE: Van Morrison claims blind obedience to Covid lockdown rules is like a ‘cult’ and those blasting his scepticism are attacking free speech by Chris Hastings
HEADLINE: Most Mass Shooters ‘Dad-Deprived Males’: Author Warren Farrell by Zachary Stieber and Jan Jekielek 

  • Remember the Mandalay Bay shooter?
HEADLINE: Slow-Motion Suicide of the West by Roger Kimball 

  • Some people thought James Burnham’s identification of liberalism with civilization’s suicide was hyperbolic. In light of American institutions’ embrace of anti-Americanism, what would they say now?
HEADLINE: Home Prices Soar 18% To An All Time High; A Record 58% Of Houses Sell Within Two Weeks Of Listing by ZeroHedge
HEADLINE: Florida McDonald’s Paying People $50 Just to Show Up for Job Interview, Still Struggling to Find Applicants by Jack Phillips
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 HEADLINE: Why Illinois Is In Trouble – 122,258 Public Employees Earned $100,000+ Costing Taxpayers $15.8 Billion Despite Pandemic by Adam Andrzejewski 

  • Congressional “bailouts” made it possible. The recent $1.9 trillion American Rescue Act provided an additional $13.5 billion to Illinois state and local governments.
  • Public schools (40,000) – Last year, nearly 24,500 educators earned a six-figure salary while more than 15,500 retirees received six-figure pensions. Most Illinois schools were not back to fulltime, in-person instruction as of March 2021.
1h13m  Caller Kelly in Florida –

  • Her husband owns a small business and simply can’t find any workers.
  • That PPE COVID loan has to be REPAID!
  • They continue to change the restrictions etc on this loan we got.
  • We were told just take the loan and we wouldn’t be required to pay it back at any point.
  • $8 trillion in twelve months have been printed and pumped into the economy.
  • You can remake the whole thing in some other image w/ this type of influx.
  • Not so much a ‘skill’ but you have to get a license.
  • It isn’t something he can do by himself.
  • They do NOT deal w/ Medicare because it is private.
  • This won’t be alleviated until the crash.

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HEADLINE: Signs, Signs Everywhere… by Jim Quinn via The Burning Platform

Nature says this bubble has to be corrected, right? 

“The herd will surely be separated from their money when this everything bubble bursts. The concept of risk has been bastardized and ignored, for now. Greed will surely turn to fear and no one sees it coming. The “experts” will continue to declare “buy now or miss out on the riches”. I’m sure these bubbles will burst, but I have no idea when. It could be next week or they could grow for another few years. I don’t pretend to know, but I will not participate in the madness. Becoming debt free and more anti-fragile is my sole focus as these bubbles grow.”

  • Stocking up on intrinsic worth items. 
  • Learning to preserve the food you grow.
  • Financial madness – 
  • Baseball card collection – sold it for THOUSANDS
  • $97,000 for one baseball card
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 HEADLINE: Slow-Motion Suicide of the West by Roger Kimball 

Burnham wrote in Suicide of the West

“does not offer ordinary men compelling motives for personal suffering, sacrifice, and death. There is no tragic dimension in its picture of the good life. Men become willing to endure, sacrifice, and die for God, for family, king, honor, country, from a sense of absolute duty or an exalted vision of the meaning of history. . . . And it is precisely these ideas and institutions that liberalism has criticized, attacked, and in part overthrown as superstitious, archaic, reactionary, and irrational. In their place liberalism proposes a set of pale and bloodless abstractions—pale and bloodless for the very reason that they have no roots in the past, in deep feeling and in suffering. Except for mercenaries, saints, and neurotics, no one is willing to sacrifice and die for progressive education, medicare, humanity in the abstract, the United Nations, and a ten percent rise in Social Security payments.”

  • QUESTION: Why was a Crusader willing to go to the Holy Land and fight the Mohammedan and die?
  • QUESTION: Did he have something to die for?
  • ANSWER: Yes of course


 HEADLINE: The Confirmation Slap by Joseph Shaw 

  • “At a news conference, the Very Rev. Aime-Georges Martimort, an official of the Vatican department in charge of divine worship, said that the reform also dropped the comparatively modern usage of giving the person being confirmed a slight blow on the cheek. He explained that the ritual recalled the conferring of knighthood by a symbolic stroke with a sword”.
  • Why is knighting important?
  • It comes w/ a code of conduct.
  • It is a special obligation not of violence but of the Faith.
  • You have an obligation to the higher order.
 AUDIO/VIDEO: Brandon Tatum (former police officer) on BBC World News 

PART ONE: this conviction did nothing for our country, this was the swiftest justice I’ve ever seen in my life. This isn’t monumental, he didn’t get a fair trial, they paid the family our $27million before the trial. 

PART TWO: President Biden is an idiot in my opinion, he spoke at a KKK members funeral, he is the epitome of White Supremacy and racism.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Marcellus Wiley BLASTS LeBron James for posting then deleting tweet about police shooting in Ohio – 

2h44m HEADLINE: ‘I don’t think it gets any better:’ UFC thrills sellout Jacksonville crowd, plans to return by News 4 JAX

  • Jacksonville hosted its biggest night of combat sports since 1996, and perhaps ever, on Saturday night, a sold-out crowd of 15,269 for the star-packed UFC 261 at VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena.
HEADLINE: Fully open Texas and Florida are reporting fewer new cases per capita than Michigan, Pennsylvania and New York where mask mandates and other COVID-19 restrictions are still in place by Valerie Edwards
3h12m  HEADLINE: Why the District of Columbia Should Not Be a State by Rob Natelson

2012 the Washington Post column – How DC Became a District of Corruption 

QUESTION: What are we told we have to have?

ANSWER: A Mortgage

  • This is one of the GRANDEST fleecing schemes to ever be concocted by the banks.
  • Is there no other way to build a home w/o a mortgage?
  • You could be your own banker like our financial guy David Simpson says all the time here on his show The True Money Show.
  • Contractors – 2nd scam, they are basically a middle man.
  • The usurious mortgage market.
  • How can the average American stare down $340k commitment?
  • Is there really that much put into that home?
  • Macgyver skills – can you do the trim work yourself? 
  • We are looking at this through the wrong lens.
  • The #DebtKing on your street.
  • Where are all these people coming from as we know the birthrate isn’t rising?
  • These are people that truly can’t afford a home but the banks are writing them loans anyway.
  • This bubble will crash…
HEADLINE: Inside the growing underground network of parents fighting ‘anti-racism’ in NYC schools by Dana Kennedy 


HEADLINE: Virginia Eliminates Accelerated Math Courses Because Equity by Evita Duffy

  • What or who benefits from this really?
  • The average politician.
  • They want to ensure the average American doesn’t understand how much $1 trillion is in you know, real life.
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Written by: LoneRhody

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