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Mike Church


Mike Church The Founder Of The CRUSADE

The Mike Church Show is a 3 hour daily romp through the political and cultural events of the day as seen through the eyes of a witty, unapologetic, Christian conservative. Mike draws on his vast knowledge and love of both ’Murican history and modern pop culture to present the day’s news and explain why it matters to listeners and just for fun, what they should think about it. Mike asks listeners

“to take 8 weeks of daily doses of The Founding Fathers Red Pill, sprinkled with a few drops of holy water, to unplug the matrix cable from the back of your head, reclaim your critical thinking skills and become members of The self-governing people of These United States. It’s not a job folks, it’s a way of life!”

And has been and still is for millions of listeners across 32 years of daily broadcasts. An American Original, The Mike Church Show is unlike anything on radio today. As Mike says, “addiction to this show isn’t a problem, it’s part of the cure!”

Mike does it all without being abrasive and shrill yet he is on top of the most controversial topics of today. Mike has the rare ability to connect with new, younger “tradition minded” listeners, while still appealing to the core talk radio demo of Rush Limbaugh. 

Host of the Mike Church Show on the completely independent CRUSADE Radio Channel I founded for the last 7 years. Previously I spent 13 years as either afternoon or morning drive host on The SiriusXM Patriot Channel. Matter of fact, my 13+ years of daily broadcast on Sirius are record no-one can ever break (because of the merger withXM). Prior to that, for 11 years, I was a local Talk Show Host on some of the best talkers in the U.S. including 1150 WBT in Charlotte, 610 WIOD in Miami and B-97 in New Orleans. In total I have been performing daily, talk-radio shows since 1992, that’s 29 years!

I have produced 7 Full length Films and Audio Dramas including the award winning Road To Independence The Movie and the Spirit of ’76 Film and audio drama!


Which brings me to the CRUSADE Channel, LIVE! Talk Radio The Way It Should Be! Our Journey to Restore Men of Good Will to Radio Broadcasting Began in 2015. This restoration is necessary because we currently do not have anything approaching a free press; on the CRUSADE Channel, there is a true, free press. President Trump coined the term “Fake News”. The CRUSADE Channel is on a CRUSADE to shine the light of Truth on the Fake News & provide our listeners with the best, family friendly radio experience there is. We do it because chasing profits & share prices cannot be the main thing that drives media: Truth is.

We hope that you will listen…for the Truth will set you free.

Pre CRUSADE Channel Biography

The Mike Church Show is the world’s only feisty, fearless and philosophically solid LIVE! Talk Radio Show. Mike does it all without being abrasive and shrill yet he is on top of the most controversial topics of today. Mike connects with younger “trad” listeners, while still appealing to the core talk demo of Rush Limbaugh. Mike is in his 33rd year of hosting daily, LIVE Talk Radio shows, making him the longest running, long-form, continual (never interrupted of off air) Radio Talk Show anywhere on earth.

The Mike Church Show was the first-ever produced talk show exclusively on Sirius Satellite Radio and today is still the longest running show in Satellite Radio’s history (beginning March, 2003). A radio talk show host, author, filmmaker, and singer/songwriter, Mike Church is best known for his fearless ability to skewer liberals and fake conservatives with searing, in‐depth analysis based on scholarly research into the history of the United States and what he calls [r]epublicanism.

His positions are backed by his engaging historical knowledge, which has earned him regular speaking and panelist stints at events including Ron and Rand Paul’s LPAC, the Yearly Scholars Conference at the Ludwig Von Mises Center, The Saint Benedict Center’s Annual Conference and the American Academy of Philosophy Arts & Letters.

Church has been lauded on a number of industry ‘best of’ lists over the years. Not only has he been honored as an “Up and Comer” by “The Hollywood Reporter,” most recently, he was named “The Most Radical Man On The Radio” by “The American Conservative.” Still, his devoted fans know him best as “The King Dude.”

What Is The Crusade Channel?

The CRUSADE Channel, The Last LIVE! Radio Station Standing begins our LIVE programming with our all original CRUSADE Channel News hosted by 28 year radio ace, Stacey Cohen. Coupled with Mike “The King Dude” Church entertaining you during your morning drive and Rick Barrett giving you the news of the day and the narrative that will follow during your lunch break! 

We’ve interviewed over 400 guests, seen Brother Andre Marie notch his 300th and 200th broadcast of Reconquest; the The Mike Church Show over 1600 episodes; launched an original LIVE! News Service; written and produced 4 Feature Length original dramas including The Last Confession of Sherlock Holmes and set sail on the coolest radio product ever, the 5 Minute Mysteries series! We are the ONLY outlet to cover the Impeachment of President Trump from gavel to gavel! 

The Crusade Channel is an open forum for the great thinkers of our time, those who accept the REALITY that Truth is higher than opinion and are willing to speak it with clarity, courage and charity. 

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