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Mike Church Show-The Texas-Mexico Border “Crisis”: A Prime Example of Why Secession Must Proceed

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    Mike Church Show-The Texas-Mexico Border “Crisis”: A Prime Example of Why Secession Must Proceed LoneRhody

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41m  HEADLINE: The Western Crimea by Annoymous 

  • Infighting, accusations, betrayals while the opposition solidifies their grasp on power.
  • The Bolsheviks succeeded, and the Volunteer army crumbled. This forced the rest of the Whites to the sea, where they prepared to make their last stand, or escape by any means. General Wrangel, who had commanded a section of the Volunteer army, returned from Constantinople to command the remnants, and to attempt to solidify their hold on the region.
  • There is nothing new under the sun.
  • Demons have memories that span generations.
  • General Wrangel didn’t live to see it, but he knew that the Bolsheviks wouldn’t be satisfied with controlling only 1/6th of the globe, he knew what monster had been unleashed, and that it would not stop until it had total control of every human on the planet.
  • 3 Things You Need To Know Now – They are at the gates, some are inside, they have no fear of you
  • American and Chinese Communist Parties
  • Islam
  • Black Mass Satanism 
  • What is the answer?
  • In the South we have at least 95-100 men ready for service.
  • This is where we are folks.
  • It is right in front of us. 
  • They want to rally behind the flags and the Constitution. 
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AUDIO/VIDEO: Tucker Carlsonreveals a powerpoint from the US Army justifying vaccine mandates w/ a slide that says ‘How many children were sacrificed to Satan for the vaccine’?

  • This is called PROJECTION!
  • Why does the government think our ‘supposedly super fit killing machine’ military needs to get a jab to keep them from dying?
  • Aren’t they supposed to be the best of the best?
  • Also aren’t we sending them to their deaths in most situations anyway?
   AUDIO/VIDEO: Jason Whitlock and Shemeka Michelle“How do you destroy a culture? You destroy the community. How do you destroy the community? You destroy the family. How do you destroy the family? You destroy the man. And that’s what we’ve been doing.” 
   HEADLINE: If Brian Laundrie Had Done Any Of These 5 Things, He’d Already Be In FBI Custody by Elle Reynolds 

Dad Instructions When Daughters Travel:

  • Call me when you are at the airport before you leave.
  • Text or call when you arrive so I know you arrived.
  • Then do the reverse when coming home!

HEADLINE: A timeline of 22-year-old Gabby Petito’s case by Christina Maxouris

1h43m  HEADLINE: Angelo Privilege by Julie Ponzi 

SOME OF HIS BEST WORK – America’s Ruling Class—And the Perils of Revolution 

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   TWEET: The Romanian government has CLOSED all vaccine centres because 70% of the citizens won’t get the jab. Coercion did not work!
2h22m  AUIDO/VIDEO: Australian women getting arrested for simply wearing a sandwich board in protest of government overreach.  

  • What have we become as a human race that this type of behavior is okay.

F.I.S.T. Movie – the fictional Federation of Interstate Truckers union

  • Sylvester Stallon when he was making decent movies.



















Special Guest Brother Andre Marie

Host of ReConquest heard only on The Crusade Channel Radio

The Fraternity of Saint Peter was proud to open a new apostolate in Guadalajara called the Parish of St. Peter in Chains w/ Fr. Jonathan Romanoski and Fr. Daniel Heenan. Additionally, a new house of formation for young men discerning has opened called Casa Cristo Rey. The need for a place of priestly formation in Latin America is urgent. – 

HEADLINE: On Wrath and Wine: How Virtue Can Surprise Us by Brother Andre Marie

  • So does this mean the Catholic church began in 1968?
  • Well that is absolutely impossible!
  • We know that Christ began the Catholic church.
  • They think they can legislate reality into existence. 
  • That gutted 80% of the missal that came before it. 

The whole concept of Lex Orandi – 

  • There is a pedigree to that term, you can’t rewrite its meaning.
  • The Pope has a lot of power but not that much power.

HEADLINE: Lex Orandi Lex Credendi by Brother Andre Marie


  • Brother discusses what has actually happened – Cardinal Archbishop 
  • I know Novus Ordo people are contacting us that what the Pope is currently doing just doesn’t feel right.
  • Sympathy and not Pity – 
  • It helped us to get the message out.
  • Our community rallied around us at what we were facing.
  • I’m told on good authority in Rome the entire atmosphere is of an immediate preconceive church.
  • It’s a brand new day – as Charles Coulombe would say – 
  • He just had half his colon removed and he only has one lung really.
  • The power of WRATH – so we could use it in accordance w/ reason.
  • Stand up to someone who is being tyrannical and evil.
  • Anger to accompany and assist fortitude is a good thing.

HEADLINE: VENERABLE HENRIETTE DELILLE, 1812 – 1862 “SERVANT OF SLAVES” by the Sisters of the Holy Family in New Orleans 


HEADLINE: Paenitemini On Penance – Papal Encyclicals Online – by Pope Paul VI 1966


HEADLINE: What Does Saint Thomas Say About Immigration? by John Horvat II 

HEADLINE: When Love of God IS Love of Neighbor by Brother Andre Marie

  • He is both your God and your neighbor.

Tonights ReConquest: “The Multifaceted Mystery of the Holy Cross” by Brother Andre Marie

HEADLINE: Mother Henriette Delille, New Orleans Native, Declared Venerable by Elenore Villarrubia 

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Written by: LoneRhody

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